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Derek Peterson
By Derek Peterson
April 2, 2013

Whether you are looking to try your first cleanse, or are a seasoned detoxer, using a gentle product can make all the difference. So when Lichi Super Fruit Total Body Detox promised to be milder than competing products, I was immediately interested.

But are the ingredients in Lichi Super Fruit Total Body Detox actually gentler, and does it work? Let’s take a look.

What Is the Lichi Super Fruit Total Body Detox?

Also called the 6-Day Cleanse, the Lichi Super Fruit Total Body Detox is a six-day detox and cleansing program. Its natural ingredients are not only supposed to flush water and waste from your body, but harmful toxins and additives as well. This is supposed to invigorate your cells and enhance overall health.

Lichi Super Fruit Total Body Detox comes with six pre-mixed detox drinks, and you consume one per day for six days. For best results, manufacturers recommend drinking the detox shots in the morning on an empty stomach.

Inside the Detox

Many detoxes have similar ingredients. Let’s see if the Lichi Super Fruit Total Body Detox ingredients can stand out and are effective.

Lychee Juice Powder: Lychee is a fruit packed full of potassium, vitamin C, phosphorus, and other vitamins.

Fat Burning: In one study, lychee improved insulin resistance by decreasing fat, body weight, and abdominal measurements. [1]

Milk Thistle Extract: An anti-inflammatory and antioxidant, this plant also detoxes the liver. This helps the body process foods more efficiently during a cleanse.

Slippery Elm Extract: This plant is used to treat both diarrhea and constipation, along with a variety of other health issues. It is also used for weight loss, though there isn’t exact reasoning behind why.

Detox: Slippery elm binds waste, like fatty acids and excess sugar, together and prevents them from absorbing into the body. It also helps carry waste out of the body more efficiently. [2]

Dandelion Extract: Dandelion is a natural diuretic, so it carries waste through the body quicker than before.

Alfalfa Extract: Alfalfa increases urine flow, which helps eliminate toxins more quickly during a detox. It also treats stomach aches.

Green Tea Extract: The naturally high caffeine content in green tea makes it a great calorie and energy booster. Green tea activates thermogenesis, which requires the body to burn more calories.

Weight Loss: A published study performed on overweight and obese adults showed that green tea extract lowers abdominal fat and total body fat percentage. [3]

Burdock Extract: Burdock root is a healing plant used to detox the blood. It is also a diuretic, though its main purpose in detoxes is to rid the blood of toxins.

Fennel Extract: Fennel plant extract treats bloating, intestinal gas, and other digestive problems. It can counteract the unpleasant side effects of the laxative ingredients.

Ginger Root Extract: Ginger root calms upset stomach and relieves nausea. As a spicy root, it also enhances thermogenesis and suppresses appetite.

Black Cohosh Extract: Black cohosh is an herb traditionally used to treat menopausal symptoms, including hot flashes. Some people claim it is also a weight loss aid, but there is no evidence to support this. In fact, there is evidence showing the opposite.

Weight Gain: According to the University of Maryland Medical Center, black cohosh can actually thwart weight loss efforts and actually cause you to gain weight. [4]

Whole Leaf Aloe Vera Juice: Aloe vera juice is used to treat constipation. This is advantageous in a cleanse because it can help move bulk waste form the body more efficiently.

Inner Fillet Aloe Vera Juice: This is the juice from another part of the aloe vera plant, and it is also used as a laxative to relieve constipation.

Should You Exercise with Lichi Super Fruit Total Body Detox?

Typically, when you do a cleanse you consume fewer calories than you do otherwise. And unless you are on a restricted very low-calorie diet while using Lichi Super Fruit Total Body Detox, exercise is recommended. If you are experiencing too many digestion/bowel issues while doing a detox, take a walk. You don’t have to get crazy at the gym.

Will You Be Running to the Bathroom All Day?

Natural diuretics in Lichi Super Fruit Total Body Detox like dandelion and burdock, will most likely increase urination. When combined with natural laxatives like aloe vera juice, you will definitely use the bathroom more than normal.

Fortunately, though, the laxatives and diuretics in this cleanse are indeed gentler than other detox ingredients. This means most users can continue with their normal lives with a few extra bathroom breaks.

Thoughts from Real Users

There aren’t a ton of reviews for the Lichi Super Fruit Total Body Detox online. And of those few, the reviews are mixed. Here is a sampling of what real users are saying:

Users Who Loved It
“For the first time, I have a product that doesn’t cause me to have awful side effects.”

“It’s gentle, tastes great, and goes down quick…It is so gentle and doesn’t make your body go crazy.”

Users Who Hated It
“This product didn’t taste good, nor did it seem to do anything. I feel I wasted my money.”

“The taste? Horrible…I shudder at the thought of consuming it.”

Getting the Best Deals

Each pack of the Lichi Super Fruit Total Body Detox comes with six drinks, one for each day.

• $19.99
• $16.31
• $17.88
• $13.59
• $17.99

You can also buy a 3-month supply on for $50.99.

Does the Lichi Super Fruit Total Body Detox Work?

While many of the ingredients in this detox drink are clinically proven, there is no guarantee it will work for you. Some users see success, and others can hardly gag down the drink and see no results at all.

One ingredient, black cohosh, may actually thwart weight loss efforts and make you gain weight. It’s unclear why it is included in the Lichi Super Fruit Total Body Detox.

There are some positives, including the low price for this detox. Any weight loss you see with Lichi Super Fruit Total Body Detox is just water weight, which isn’t permanent. Instead, look for more proven cleanses with more convincing user reviews.


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