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Derek Peterson
By Derek Peterson
March 8, 2010

One of the first liquid capsule weight loss supplements is Lipo 6. Because it uses a revolutionary delivery method, this product is supposed to be absorbed more quickly. Although fast absorption is a plus, what this product really needs is a powerful weight loss formula.

What Are the Ingredients in Lipo 6?

Lipo 6 uses five popular weight loss ingredients. The first one, Synephrine HCL, is known as the safe alternative to Ephedra; an ingredient that was banned a few years ago. Synephrine HCL is supposed to suppress your appetite, burn body fat, and preserve muscle. Because it can be effective, this ingredient is used in some of the best weight loss supplements.

Synthetic 99% Guggulsterones is the second ingredient in Lipo 6. It is used because it should increase your metabolism. Although Guggulsterones is known for promoting weight loss, synthetic forms of the ingredient are not what we like to see.

Yohimbine HCL has the ability to inhibit your Alpha 2 Receptors. Since these tell your body to stop burning fat, shutting them down should enhance the effectiveness of Lipo 6.

Another ingredient that is commonly used in weight loss supplements is Caffeine Anhydrous. It has been proven to promote thermogenesis (fat burn), suppress appetite, and increase energy levels.

The final ingredient in Lipo 6 is Bioperine. This patented substance promotes thermogenesis and enhances your body’s ability to absorb the other ingredients.

The Facts About Lipo 6

Most of the ingredients in Lipo 6 are good weight loss ingredients. With the exception of the one synthetic ingredient, all the ingredients are naturally derived. Some of them have been clinically proven to produce results. However, even proven ingredients can only work when a large dose is used.

The largest ingredient in Lipo 6 is Caffeine Anhydrous at 200 mg per serving, which is an effective dose. However, none of the other ingredients are used in amounts higher than 20 mg, so they may not be very effective.

With so much caffeine in Lipo 6, this weight loss supplement is more likely to cause side effects. Common side effects from caffeine are jitteriness, restlessness, insomnia, headaches, and dizziness. If you are sensitive to caffeine, you are even more likely to experience side effects from Lipo 6. Synthetic 99% Guggulsterones may also cause some side effects.

The price for Lipo 6 is $44.95. If you buy two from the official retailer, you can get one free. You can also take advantage of the 30 day return policy.

Our Opinion

Caffeine Anhydrous is a good weight loss ingredient, but it is not the best. To be highly effective, Lipo 6 needs to have more of the best weight loss ingredients. It also needs to have the clinically proven amounts of each ingredient.

We do not recommend that you try Lipo 6. Based on customer reviews, it has helped some people lose weight. But we cannot guarantee that this product will help most people lose a lot of weight. The chances of this weight loss supplement causing side effects are high too.

We suggest that you try a top-rated weight loss supplement. They have clinically proven, all-natural ingredients in the clinically proven amounts.

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3.5 / 5.0


Lindsey | December 1, 2012
works if you are healthy

I am a 25 year old female. I am 5’4 and my normal weight range is 115-130lbs. After a bad breakup I used food as comfort and ballooned up to 164lbs. I started exercising 3-5 times a week which includes 1 hour or cardio and 45mins of weights each day. I lost 10lbs in two months (It took me longer then expected because I was not 100% committed at the time.) Once I became more strict Iost 5 more pounds in a couple weeks and was stuck at a plateau of 149lbs. I had used Lipo 6 before and had some left over so I decided to give it a try. I started on 11/ with one pill in the AM (30mins before breakfast) and one pill in the afternoon (30mins before lunch)
Today is 12/1 and in 12 days I have lost 5lbs. I am very happy that I got over the plateau. I have NOT increased the dose (I only take 2 a day) and I still exercise 3-5 days a week and eat healthy. I recommend this product to anyone who is trying to lose weight just know this is not a miracle pill. You must eat healthy and exercise to get the best result and when you stop taking the pill you WILL gain the weight back if you don’t keep on track with your healthy life.

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Yvette | August 20, 2012

I felt like my heart was gonna jump outta my chest, couldn’t breathe and Dizziness. It gave me dry mouth with flu like symptoms!

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emma | November 5, 2011
fewer cravings, no weight loss

i have been taking it for nearly a week. i find im craving food alot less then usual. bowel movements are more frequent and suffered some stomach cramps. can sleep fine.minor headaches. no weight loss yet.

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Kristen | August 6, 2011
depends on your body or Frankie:
First off running is cardio, second as you burn fat your body tones and if you are building lean muscle that is burning fat, muscle weighs more than fat, I think you need to not worry about the actual weight you are but you waist size and if you are flabby. people put so much emphasis on weight when a person who is 5’6 can weigh 160 and be in better shape and thinner then someone who is 145, because they have more muscle. Fat weighs less. I am in the military and there is a girl in my unit who is the same height as me and build but I weigh more than her and she is twice my size (she is a fat ass and needs to be discharged for not meeting standards). I recommend doing cardio (running, elliptical, bike or stairs) 3x a week and the days in between doing some light weights.

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Frankie | April 13, 2011
please help

i’m an 18-year-old girl & summer’s almost here. im dying to loose weight. i run 4 days a week and do cardio twice a week but i dont loose weight, i just get toned. i read all of the reviews & i’d really like to try this but im scarred of the side effects. i read the reviews to Apidexin, which has no side effects, but lipo6 seems like it would work better. i’m also paranoid, so i don’t know if all these reviews are from real people or people paid to say this. if you’d like to personally tell me anything about it, please email me at

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Jay | April 6, 2011
gets better

Its really not that bad, the first two days i felt really warm and jittery but because i havent had caffeine in a long time, and now im used to the side effects, i feel like now when i take it i forget that i did because i dont feel the side effects anymore. I did have headaches but once again i was not used to stimulants but now i feel great first week i lost 3lbs!! eat right, stay hydrated, most of this stuff just plays with your mind.. i bet you if everyone read all the positive reviews they wouldnt feel the side effects…but when people complain about the side effects the reader will feel it too….thats psychology for you!

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Sarah | March 16, 2011
anxiety attacks

I took the product for one week and had to stop. I started getting anxiety attacks after just taking 2 a day one in the moring and one in the afternoon. I would often feel light headed and feel like I would pass out. I didn’t notice any help when working out either, instead I found it very difficult to breath and my chest was very heavy. As soon as I quite taking the product I fetl better.

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roch | March 12, 2011
can anyone help me

i just got to know not drinkin coffee while taking lipo6 ..
but i also want to know if i can smoke ? will it have any effects while taking lipo6 ? plz help

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Phylicia | March 6, 2011
great fat loss but i was in the hospital

Hello Everyone,

When I started this product, I was very happy with it. I was shedding fat and perhaps lost about 10 lbs. I drank a ton of water as well. I started to get headaches almost everyday, no matter if I drank a gallon of water or more. I thought it was just the effects of the caffeine. Well, it kept progressing, and the last day I took them (I only took one in the mid-morning) I started to lose my vision, it seriously went blurry and I was seeing white spots. My head was pounding so bad. My body seemed like it was shutting down, I was literally crying as I fell to the floor because I couldn’t stand up anymore and my head hurt so bad. I had my boyfriend call the ambulance (but I didn’t want to deal with the charges when they came so I signed their pad to get them to go away and I had my boyfriend drive me to the hospital). I was there all night having to get all these shots to counteract Lipo6. Despite the great fat loss I had with it…I realized it wasn’t worth my I stopped obviously. and the little weight I lost came back too.

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Shelly | March 1, 2011
Works for sure

After taking this just over a week, noticing results. I have lost 5 pounds, but more importantly, my clothes are getting looser by the day. In the mirror I can see my defnition more. My friend told me my legs looked “so toned” and she was in shock. I would say this diet pill is not really for someone who has a lot of weight to lose. It is for the end when you don’t care if you lose weight or not, but want to tone up. Or if you have 10 or less pounds to lose.

It did not supress my appetite.
The first 2 days of side effects were brutal. I almost quit taking. I was jumbling my words, and getting headaches.
I did get some soft stools and/or diarrhea occasionally.
Did notice weird heart beats

Current weight (after one week on) 143 pounds, 5’6, 31 yr old female. Would like to get to 130-135 depending on how my toning looks.


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James | February 21, 2011
works but too many side effects

Took one bottle exactly as directed and did see some good results. I was very lean and vascular before I started taking it but I bought the product to get more striations in my arms and help my abs come fully out. After taking it I did get stomache aches and this pill made me very hungry all the time and would give me random head aches if I didn’t eat after taking it. At the end of the two weeks I didnt lose any weight but I did drop down to 6.5% body fat. I would not buy it again though just because of the way it made my body feel. Just bought Apidexin and we’ll see how that one goes.

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Rich | February 15, 2011
worried about yohimbe

I’ve only popped one of these Lipo 6 caps & the effects are insanely potent! I can literally feel each of it’s effects hit me throughout the day. Some good, some bad.

Good: I feel REALLY energetic, focused & ready to workout. This product seems to suppress appetite very well & increases body temperature dramatically. I can particularly feel the effects of the Synephrine HCL because of it’s decongestant benefits – My sinuses are clear as a whistle now.

Bad: I also particularly feel the effects of the Yohimbe – a bit too much, which kind of sucks because this is the only ingredient considered to be negative when it comes to long term health. Just by taking one capsule I’m experiencing discomfort peeing & it kind of comes out slow… really weird. I wouldn’t be worried about this but Yohimbe is known to cause kidney disease, which of course could be why it’s affecting my peeing. So I’m a bit concerned about this side effect.

Does anyone know if this is merely just an effect of Yohimbe or is it going to cause permanent problems if I continue using Lipo 6? Considering I’m experiencing this with only one cap imagine what a whole 20-30 days could do to my kidneys?

A lot of people think they can rely on a fat burner to dramatically burn fat without working out, which isn’t true – but I believe Lipo 6 can give you the get-up-and-go to get into the gym, do it & do it well! So in effect I’m sure you’ll lose fat with this product… depending on how much you like your kidneys of course.

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