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Derek Peterson
By Derek Peterson
May 24, 2011

M-Drol is a prohormone product that still seems to be in circulation. Most prohormones experience a short shelf life due to their propensity to cause side effects. M-Drol seems to have avoided that fate for now. Its formula is designed to supply the body with precursors that are just a few metabolic steps away from becoming testosterone. By raising levels of testosterone, M-Drol is supposed to help make it easier to stack on massive gains in muscle. Let’s see if M-Drol can really yield these kind of benefits safely.

The main ingredient in M-Drol’s formula is a compound called 2a,17a di methyl etiocholan 3-one, 17b-ol. This prohormone has been shown to be effective at boosting protein synthesis to stack on more muscle mass. Many of the customer reviews we read showed that it could help users stack on as many as 10 to 20 pounds in just one cycle. Are these results too good to be true?

Yes. While M-Drol can help its customers quickly stack on muscle, the gains it provides are very low quality. After a cycle of M-Drol many men have reported that the muscle begins to fade almost immediately. If they gained 20 pounds, they end up losing 15 pounds shortly afterward. This means that M-Drol only provides temporary results.

With its effectiveness only lasting so long, M-Drol’s benefits do not outweigh its side effects. As a prohormone, M-Drol can cause spikes in estrogen levels. This is why it needs to be followed up with an extensive post-cycle-regimen. M-Drol must be stacked with anti-aromatase treatments to make sure it doesn’t cause gyno, acne, or other estrogen related side effects.

Aside from messing with hormone levels, M-Drol methyl chains are also harmful to the body. Anabolic compounds with methyl chains are a dead give away that the formula will cause liver strain. To avoid liver damage while using M-Drol, it is necessary to stack it with liver supplements.

The little benefit M-Drol actually yields is not worth the hassle of buying several additional supplements just to tame its side effects. Overall, it just isn’t cost effective enough to be worth considering. We recommend checking into other testosterone boosters.

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