Magnum Blood-Flow Sexual Peak Performance

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Magnum Blood-Flow Sexual Peak Performance
Derek Peterson
By Derek Peterson
February 14, 2012

Sexual dysfunction doesn’t have to define you. You can take control, prevent erectile dysfunction, and even protect your prostate with a natural supplement. Of course, you have to base this on your body and your needs, but Magnum Blood-Flow Sexual Peak Performance is based on some promising approaches.

This particular product is not a male health supplement; rather, it is exclusively designed as a sexual enhancement supplement. However, that may be exactly what you’re looking for. So what does Magnum Blood-Flow Sexual Peak Performance actually do?

Nitric Oxide & Male Enhancement

According to recent studies, nitric oxide has two uses: to fight erectile dysfunction and reduce muscle soreness and fatigue. Nitric oxide increases blood flow by relaxing and widening the blood vessels. This approach will not only temporarily reduce blood pressure, but it can increase the flow of nutrients to where your body needs it most. Because Nitric Oxide is so effective, a growing number of muscle supplements have actually switched out the typical creatine surge with Nitric Oxide producing ingredients.

Magnum Blood-Flow Sexual Peak Performance uses an ingredient called l-citrulline, which definitely increases nitric oxide production. This may be an indirect approach to male enhancement, but like caffeine, it is essential. Erectile dysfunction has been associated with a lack of blood flow to the extremities, and caffeine and nitric oxide enhancers like l-citrulline just happen to address this problem.

More Conventional Approaches

Like any effective natural male enhancement supplement, Magnum Blood-Flow Sexual Peak Performance also uses ingredients like epimedium (horny goat weed). This ingredient is considered to be one of the best natural aphrodisiacs and has been used for centuries to stimulate libido and treat reproductive issues. Epimedium is considerably safer than aphrodisiacs like yohimbine, while still providing consumers with the same applicable benefits.

Product Price

One of Magnum Blood-Flow Sexual Peak Performance’s most appealing features is its price. Currently this product can be purchased through reliable sellers such as Amazon for less than $20 a bottle.

Is the Magnum Blood-Flow Sexual Peak Performance Formula Enough?

Magnum Blood-Flow Sexual Peak Performance uses caffeine based supplements such as Korean ginseng, which promotes a feeling of wellbeing, nitric oxide enhancers, and more conventional aphrodisiacs. Truth be told, this blend of ingredients meets all of the basic requirements, so it would appear that Magnum Blood-Flow Sexual Peak Performance should provide some reliable results.

We do have our doubts, however, because Magnum Blood-Flow Sexual Peak Performance uses a proprietary blend. At first, this may sound mysterious and even exciting, but the problem is that a proprietary blend of any size hides the actual doses of each ingredient. You need to know the dose of every ingredient to know if you are actually getting the clinically proven amounts.

Of course, Magnum Blood-Flow Sexual Peak Performance could still give you what you need. Based on our experience though, we believe that this product is more likely to be honest if the curtain is pulled back. So far, we are skeptical, but hopeful about the possibilities for Magnum Blood-Flow Sexual Peak Performance.

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Community Rating:
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Dh | September 3, 2012

I am a woman so I have not tried this however my boyfriend was actually prescribed this from his dr. He went in because he was having problems staying hard and he is only 28 and claims this has only been an issue a few times. The dr before this gave him anti depressants without checking his blood pressure so now the dr who prescribed the magnum checked his blood pressure and said it was high and due to his 43 lb weight loss in 2 months. I’m not too sure that these are working. He gets hard more often but it seems it’s only when he is asleep. Or when he wakes up. It takes awhile to get him hard and isn’t full power before sex. I would have to say that he lasts a lot longer and that’s a plus but he’s still continuing to take them and it’s only been a wk so maybe I’ll keep you up on the details.

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