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Magnum Opus
Derek Peterson
By Derek Peterson
April 3, 2012

If a sales person at your local Apple store tried to sell you the original iPad at the same price that the new iPad3 is selling at, there is no way you would take him up on his offer.

But yet, many supplement consumers are spending way too much money on products that contain ancient formulas and blends. That said, as you search for an anabolic- and energy-promoting supplement, make sure to find those that contain blends which are backed by the latest scientific research and study.

Is this the case for the pre-workout supplement called Magnum Opus?

Product Specs

By taking a brief glance at this product’s contents, you’d quickly notice that it contains two propreitary blends, named Instabolic pHuel and Opus Hydrating Energy Blitz.

As its name suggests, the former blend is designed to regulate a user’s pH levels in order to promote anabolic growth. Likewise, the latter blend’s name also suggests that it is designed to enhance muscle cellular energy.

In addition, Magnum Opus has also been designed to increase blood flow and circulation, and to ensure that a user’s body is being hydrated properly.

As for the ingredients found in this pre-workout supplement, here are a few names that you may recognize, including:

Alpha-Ketogluatare, Malic Acid, Citric Acid – All three of these ingredients are considered Kreb’s Cycle intermediates. The Kreb’s Cycle is the cycle that each of our body’s go through in order to create muscle cellular energy. In other words, all three of these ingredients are known for their ability to promote muscle cellular energy.

Instantized Beta Alanine – This ingredient is capable of activating enzymes in our bodies which stimulate muscle contractions. In turn, the higher the rate of contractions, the faster muscles can build mass and strength.

L-Leucine – This essential amino acid is also considered a Branch-Chained Amino Acid, or BCAA. BCAA’s are known for their ability to enhance muscle building. In fact, studies have shown that Leucine can combat muscle tissue breakdown and promote muscle protein synthesis.

All in all, there are 20+ anabolic agents found in Magnum Opus. In order to get a hold of this product, you’ll have to pay $69.95 for a 48-serving/scoops tub. Its suggested that users under 200 pounds take one scoop of powder with water before working out. For those who are over 200 pounds, two scoops may be more effective.

Also, Magnum Opus comes in a fruit punch flavor.

What We Like About This Product

Moving on, we appreciate the fact that Magnum Opus contains a bevy of muscle cellular energy enhancers. That said, most users of pre-workout supplements will want as much muscle energy as possible in order to increase the intensity and frequency of their workouts.

We also enjoy the fact that Magnum Opus has been equipped with agents that can regulate a user’s pH levels – a unique aspect of this supplement that is not shared by many of its competitors. Studies have shown that acidic pH levels can decrease muscle mass and gain.

Lastly, Magnum Opus contains a 100% all-natural blend that should be relatively safe to consume.

What We Dislike About This Product

On the flip side, Magnum Opus contains no creatine-based ingredeints. Not only is creatine the best at promoting muscle cellular energy, but it can also protect muscles from fatigue and breakdown.

Also, we found this product to be a little pricey at its listed price of $70 – especially for consumers who are over 200 pounds since they’ll be taking two servings per workout.

Overall Impression

In closing, Magnum Opus seems to be safe. But its formula is not as comprehensive as we had expected due to its omission of creatine. Also, Magnum Opus is not nearly as affordable as some of its counterparts.

With all this in mind, we wouldn’t consider Magnum Opus as one of the best pre-workout supplements on the market today…

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