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Mango Thin
Marissa Taylor
By Marissa Taylor
April 1, 2012

You’re a critic—we’re critics—and most people should be critics when it comes to weight loss supplements and fat burners. After all, there is an abundance of them for sale both online and in-store, and only a handful actually aid your weight loss efforts.

Mango Thin is a weight loss aid which utilizes the power of popular appetite suppressant and weight loss supplement African Mango to normalize your blood sugar, stop the production of fat cells, and prevent over-eating—as well as giving a wealth of health benefits.

Found in the Camaroon rainforests of Africa, African Mango has been used by the locals for centuries as a way to sustain and cleanse the body. Since its discovery and popular endorsements on shows like Dr. Oz and Oprah, African Mango has become a sensation akin to Acai Berry.

But did you know many African Mango products do not provide the correct quality or quantity of fruit required to aid in weight loss? Is Mango Thin one of them—or can you rely upon it?

That’s what we’re here to find out on

What’s Inside Mango Thin?

Mango Thin contains only one ingredient–African Mango. African Mango works in the following ways:

1) It swells inside you, giving you a feeling of fullness before you eat so you do not consume more food than you need.
2) It clears out toxins and cleans the digestive tract, improving health and immunity.
3) It delays the emptying of your stomach, so you remain fuller for longer.
4) It regulates blood sugar so you can avoid sugar “spikes.” Increased blood glucose can lead to elevated hunger levels and food cravings.
5) And finally, the best benefit of all—it boosts Leptin, a hormone which stops the body from making more fat cells.

Yes, African Mango provides tremendous benefits to dieters, providing the dosage is correct—and there are no fillers used.

What is Correct Dosage?

You need to receive at least 150 mg of African Mango per capsule, and recommended dosage as used in clinical trial is one capsule before meals, three times daily.

Take products like Mango Thin about 15 to 30 minutes before eating with warm water to help promote absorption. The African Mango will suppress your appetite and leave you feeling satiated before you eat. And it will also deal with lessening cravings for high-starch foods.

Does Mango Thin Provide Correct Dosage?

Here’s the rub; we don’t know. We could not find the product label for Mango Thin anywhere online.

CVS Pharmacy sells Mango Thin—you may want to walk in and look at the label, ensuring you’re receiving “Pure African Mango” without fillers—before buying.

Mango Thin Purchasing

Buy online at, or from CVS (those are the only retailers we could determine carry Mango Thin), and shop for the best price.

We found Mango Thin for only $13.98 for 60 capsules—which should be a one-month supply.

Mango Thin Bottom Line

Clinical study supports African Mango as a proven appetite suppressant and fat deterrent, but not Mango Thin itself.

We are leery at the lack of product information online, an official website, a money-back guarantee, and testimonials.

Yep—we’re critical. Go figure.

A top-rated weight loss supplement or fat burner will provide you with African Mango and so much more. Find yours here at!

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