Men’s Liquid Soft-Gel 12-in-1 Multi

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Derek Peterson
By Derek Peterson
December 29, 2011

What Makes Men’s Liquid Soft-Gel 12-in-1 Multi Unique?

Men’s Liquid Soft Gel 12 in 1 Multi is not just another multivitamin. It contains specific herbs, minerals and nutrients that deal with men’s health issues. Men’s Liquid Soft Gel 12 in 1 Multi contains blends that zero in on specific male concerns such as; cardio health and prostate health just to name a couple.

Applied Nutrition designed Men’s Liquid Gel 12 in 1 Multi because some important nutrients are lost because of men’s lifestyle or age. Men’s Liquid Gel 12 in 1 Multi contains ingredients that help increase energy, improve memory, improve digestion, cardio health, prostate health and immunity.

Another thing that makes this supplement unique from others is that it comes in a liquid gel capsule. This makes it easier and faster for the body to digest and absorb. A pill or tablet just takes longer to get in the bloodstream according to Applied Nutrition.

What’s in Men’s Liquid Soft-Gel 12-in-1 Multi?

Just about every vitamin known to man is listed in this formula. It also contains proprietary blends that focus on men’s health issues. The amount of vitamins and minerals are listed, but the blends do not have an individual ingredient amount. That really tells us nothing about how potent this product really is. Some of the top ingredients ‘for men’s health issues’ are:

• Saw Palmetto: for prostate health, may help decrease the chance of prostate cancer.
• Lycopene: for prostate health, it is absorbed into the testes and prostate, and is a great antioxidant.
• Pumpkin Seed Oil: for prostate health, helps prevent enlarged prostate, which can make urination difficult.
• Green Tea Extract: used to improve mental processes, used as a stimulant, diuretic, astringent (to control bleeding and help heal wounds), reduce body temperature, blood sugar, and promote digestion.
• Marine Lipid Oil: another name for fish oil, it’s where you get your Omega 3 fatty acid. It can help reduce blood pressure, reduce the chance of having a heart attack or stroke.

What Do Customers Have to Say about Men’s Liquid Soft-Gel 12-in-1 Multi?

I read a couple reviews from men who have used this product, the consensus is…. Men’s Liquid Soft Gel 12 in 1 Multi helped their clarity and did not upset his stomach like some multivitamins do.

Men’s Liquid Soft-Gel 12-in-1 Multi Overall Value

When you shop around on line, you can find Men’s Liquid Soft Gel 12 in 1 Multi for less than $8.00 for a bottle of 60 capsules, a month’s supply. The Applied Nutrition website sells it for $16.99 but I don’t think there is a money back guarantee. So shopping around a little will get you a better deal.

Men’s Liquid Soft-Gel 12-in-1 Multi is reasonably priced compared to other multivitamin supplements for men. Plus it has the added blends for male health issues. Although, there is no amount of ingredients listed in these blends, which means that there is no way of knowing how powerful these blends really are.

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