Met-RX Meal Replacement

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Met-RX Meal Replacement
Brian Green
By Brian Green
February 6, 2010

Met-RX Meal Replacement is a “complete protein blend to help build lean muscle.” The label says it shouldn’t be used for weight reduction, but then gives usage directions for dieters. Confused? Me too.

However, whether you are trying to build muscle or lose weight, a high-quality meal replacement shake can help. Is Met-RX Meal Replacement the best pick, or should you keep looking?

What Are the Key Ingredients?

Met-RX Meal Replacement contains 25 minerals and vitamins, which are usually lacking in protein shakes. This is why it can be used as a meal replacement. Calcium, zinc, chromium, iron, and vitamin C are just a few nutrients in the shake.

Besides the minerals and vitamins, these are the key ingredients:

Metamyosyn® contains milk protein concentrate, calcium sodium caseinate, L-glutamine, whey protein concentrate, and egg white.

These are good proteins, but not the highest quality available. L-glutamine isn’t a protein at all; instead it provides amino acids, which are protein building blocks.

Milk protein concentrate, L-glutamine, and whey protein concentrate digest quickly. As a result, consumers receive nutrients faster. Calcium sodium caseinate and egg white digest slower and take longer to release nutrients.

Protein is essential for muscle growth and recovery. It also reduces hunger and increases energy production.

Maltodextrin is a carbohydrate that increases energy. It breaks down quickly and causes blood sugar levels to increase. In fact, if you take too much maltodextrin, blood sugar levels may spike, then drop. The results are increased fat storage and cravings.

I don’t know how much maltodextrin Met-RX Meal Replacement contains. But the product has 17 g carbohydrates per serving. As long as you exercise regularly, this amount shouldn’t be a major problem.

The only other ingredients are artificial and natural flavors, preservatives, sweeteners, and anti-clumping agents.

The Nutrition Facts

Met-RX Meal Replacement comes in convenient packets with a serving each. One serving is 72 g and contains these amounts:

• 240 calories
• 2.5 g total fat
• 20 mg cholesterol
• 370 mg sodium
• 1,290 mg potassium
• 17 g carbohydrates
• 3 g fiber
• 2 g sugar
• 38 g protein

The product label also discloses quantities for all the vitamins, minerals, and amino acids.

Getting enough protein throughout the day is beneficial. But quantities need to be optimized and spread out. 38 g protein is too much to take at once. Most people are unable to digest this dosage completely. It’s better to consume protein in 15-25 g dosages.

If you consume too much protein, digestive issues and side effects could result. In addition, the undigested protein gets flushed from the body; not utilized.

Best Times to Take It

The company suggests 4 times to take Met-RX Meal Replacement:

Immediately After Exercise
The fast-digesting protein gives muscles nutrients right away to enhance growth and speed recovery. The slow-digesting proteins provide extended amino acid release.

With Meals
Taking the shake with a meal increases protein content and quality, and suppresses appetite.

In Between Meals
Between meals, Met-RX Meal Replacement curbs cravings and continues supplying muscles with nutrients to prevent breakdown.

Before Bed
During sleep, the body isn’t receiving as many nutrients. The product’s slow-digesting proteins prevent muscle breakdown by providing “time-release” amino acid delivery.

Add 1 packet to 16-20 oz. milk, fruit juice, water, or skim milk. Mix the shake in a shaker cup or blender. For best results, drink 2 shakes (2 servings) a day.

The Flavors

Consumers get to choose from these flavors when buying Met-RX Meal Replacement:

• Berry blast
• Cake batter
• Chocolate peanut butter
• Extreme chocolate
• Original vanilla

Nutritional values vary slightly from flavor to flavor. For example, berry blast has 3 g sugar per serving and all the other flavors have 1-2 g. Extreme chocolate has 240 calories per serving and the other flavors have 250.

Do Consumers Like It?

More than 60 users left feedback for Met-RX Meal Replacement on I was impressed by the ratings.

• 5 stars – 42 users
• 4 stars – 6 users
• 3 stars – 5 users
• 2 stars – 4 users
• 1 star – 5 users

In negative reviews, users complained about the taste, mixability, and price. They said the flavors — mainly cake batter — aren’t very good.

Several people said the mixability is poor. The powder is clumpy and thick. Adding more fluid didn’t seem to help. A few people thought the product was too expensive.

As you can see, positive reviews were the overwhelming majority. Most users liked the taste and the formula. They didn’t have any problems mixing the powder, but I couldn’t tell what they did differently.

Many people said Met-RX Meal Replacement reduces hunger and makes weight loss easier. It’s also a great shake for exercise enthusiasts.

Where to Buy

Met-RX Meal Replacement comes in 2 sizes: 18 packets or 40 packets. It’s sold at 7-Eleven, GNC, Sam’s Club, and the Vitamin Shoppe. Visit to find a nearby store. Or, you can buy the product from these online retailers:
• 20 packets – $53.59
• 40 packets – $107.19
• 20 packets – $34.99
• 40 packets – $68.99
• 20 packets – $32.99


On the plus side, Met-RX Meal Replacement provides many important nutrients. Most users give positive feedback about the taste, mixability, and results. It is pricey, but satisfied users thought the results made up for the cost.

On the down side, Met-RX Meal Replacement doesn’t contain the highest-quality protein. So, I was confused by the expensive price. In addition, the formula may have too much protein per serving.

Met-RX Meal Replacement is slightly-above average in its rankings, but it’s not the best pick. I recommend buying a meal replacement shake with high-quality ingredients that match the price.

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Community Rating:
2.7 / 5.0


junaid chohan | October 13, 2010

its not effictive for youngster….its for builders…..and this suppliment only make size and do nothing else……..

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flip of North Carolina, USA | February 17, 2008
great to wake up to

I have been using this product for about 2 months, and I truely love it. I just don’t have time for breakfast and this is the best way to get everything I need to keep my anabolic composition in check. I will keep purchasing this product.

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Matthew of Texas, USA | January 25, 2008
MET-Rx Review

This product is awful tasting. I am not sure what kind of effect it had on my workouts because I became ill and could not work out and returned it for a refund. Though I am sure it has to be pretty good for you to taste so awful. I think Id rather eat 12lbs of raw meat a day though for my protein then to drink this stuff.

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