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Meta Ignite
Marissa Taylor
By Marissa Taylor
January 25, 2012

Ready to take the gym by storm?

The time for weak performances and pathetic results is passed. It’s time to really take action and accomplish your goals!

Meta Ignite is a diet pill that claims to bring everything to the table. Meta Ignite’s formula has been designed to not only help increase your metabolism and have you shedding the fat, but to also give you more energy, help you power through even the most intense workouts, and even promote lean muscle growth.

Does that sound good to you? Well, maybe you are ready to give Meta Ignite a try -but first, let’s learn a little bit more about Meta Ignite and if it can really deliver.

Meta Ignite Ingredients

Meta Ignite combines 4 blends of ingredients to help you achieve maximum weight loss and muscle building results: Tri-Pepper Blend, Physio Metabolic Pump Blend, Fatty Acid and Energy Metabolizer Blend, and Metabolic Igniter Blend.

So what exactly is in these Meta Ignite “blends”?

Caffeine, Capsimax, and Black Pepper- Promotes an increase in thermogenesis, boost your metabolism, enhance your energy levels, and curb your appetite.
ResVida Resveratrol- Helps dilate your blood vessels to improve circulation and nutrient delivery to your hard working muscles.
White Willow Bark and Cinnamon Bark- Increases core body temperature to burn more calories throughout the day.
L-Carnitine- Enhances lean muscle growth.

Well, Meta Ignite is sure sounding good so far, right? But, there is one little problem. Meta Ignite doesn’t tell us how much of each ingredient they are actually using. If Meta Ignite doesn’t have these ingredients in their proven amounts, they might as well not be in the Meta Ignite mix at all.

Side Effects of Meta Ignite

Meta Ignite uses some stimulants to boost your metabolism and your energy. Some customers have complained that Meta Ignite left them feeling jittery, “wired”, and unable to fall asleep.

In most cases any side effects from Meta Ignite should be pretty mild, but you probably shouldn’t take Meta Ignite too soon before going to bed.

Does Meta Ignite Work?

Meta Ignite promises that their energy and metabolism enhancing formula will be exactly what you need to bust out intense workouts and see the unwanted weight come off, while the ripped, lean muscles come on. Additionally, Meta Ignite has some great ingredients that, if used in the right amounts, should be able to help you achieve your goals.

What if Meta Ignite doesn’t work for you? Are you out your money?

At about $60 a bottle, we are glad to see that Meta Ignite isn’t just going to take your money and run. If Meta Ignite doesn’t deliver, you can return it within 30 days for a full refund, minus shipping. Although we aren’t super thrilled about the incomplete ingredient list and the unknown ingredient quantities in Meta Ignite, if you want to try Meta Ignite for yourself, you can do it risk free.

However, we feel that there are definitely more reliable and more effective formulas on the market that don’t hide behind a proprietary blend. Feel free to look at our top picks here.

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Community Rating:
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misty | January 26, 2015

i have lost 30 pounds a year ago back on it and i am dropping a few pounds every day i love this with my workouts gives me energy all day long and i can push past my usual routine and go a bit longer will continue to see results also i reccomend anyone who uses it to only take 2 a day not past 3 espessially if u are on vitamns because it will keep u up all night lol anyways i love this product

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lia | June 8, 2013

So thats me↑↑. And i actually weighed 300pds. And i took the 1 bottle out of 3. and i have tonsay im prone to gaining.but the 1at day i did 2hrs of INSANITY so now i weigh 280 and losing:p

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the-over-weight-child. | May 12, 2013

well today im doing a before review. so monday im starting fresh im 290 my goal is to lose 100+ pounds so im going to keep posted daily.. ttyl

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