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Derek Peterson
By Derek Peterson
February 6, 2010

Sometimes you need a boost to work out at your peak, and MRI Black Powder could potentially provide that for you by giving you more strength, focus, and endurance. With these results comes faster muscle growth and better performance.

But can MRI Black Powder really give you all these results? The answer lies in the formula and customer reviews.

The Formula of MRI Black Powder

MRI Black Powder consists of several workout enhancing blends. The first blend for size and recovery uses two forms of L-Arginine. At 3000 mg per serving, this should significantly increase the levels of nitric oxide in your blood.

The blend for strength and power has two types of creatine and three phosphates. Creatine is an excellent ingredient for heightening the synthesis of energy in your muscles. Though this ingredient is also known for causing side effects like bloating, MRI Black Powder uses advanced forms of the ingredient, which could potentially cut down on the side effects.

Beta-alanine is one of the ingredients in the stamina and endurance blend; it is recognized as one of the best ways to help people workout harder and longer.

The other blends in MRI Black Powder enhance muscle energy metabolism, neuro-modulators, and insulin sensitizers. Although they play an important role in MRI Black Powder, the first three blends are the key to results.

Customer Reviews of MRI Black Powder

For a pre-workout supplement, MRI Black Powder has a very mixed collection of user testimonials. Of course, we expect every supplement to have both good and bad reviews, but the reviews for MRI Black Powder seem to be at opposite ends of the spectrum.

Some people said that it took two hours to feel the effects of MRI Black Powder. Others said that they felt the effects quickly, but then their energy levels crashed after only 35 minutes.

People who liked MRI Black Powder said that it increased pumps, energy, and focus. Those with negative opinions said that the pre-workout supplement wasn’t worth what they paid for it. Overall, customers gave this product an average rating of 7.8 stars out of 10.


MRI Black Powder definitely has some great ingredients for improving muscle strength, endurance, and recovery. We would prefer that the ingredients weren’t included in proprietary blends because this prevents us from seeing individual doses. However, most of the blends only have a few ingredients and large total doses. This increases the likelihood that MRI Black Powder will be effective.

The customer ratings of MRI Black Powder are lower than we would like to see. They show that, although many people like this pre-workout supplement, there are many who didn’t get results or experienced side effects.

We prefer to only recommend those pre-workout supplements that disclose all their ingredient information and consistently receive positive customer feedback. Since MRI Black Powder does not meet both these criteria fully, we don’t recommend that you try it. Rather, we suggest that you take a look at a top-rated pre-workout supplement and see what it has to offer you.

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Community Rating:
3.9 / 5.0


John smith | February 14, 2015

Gives me the shits,caffeine and arginine are laxatives.
The product is ok but nothing close like the old good jack

No, I do not recommend this product

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Kevin | June 18, 2011
Worked for me

After taking black powder, I’ve had the best results. It works for up to 2hours. It increases energy and helps you really push to your max. If you want to perform on your workouts, I would recommend it.

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Crisca | May 26, 2011
It did not deliver

I think black powder was not very helpful. it didn’t seem to give me much energy. I never felt much of a pump or energy and or strengh and I could not focus. black powder is rather expensive too. I’ve had much better results from super pump250, mixed with jack 3-d also a combination with NO black and of course your instant protein right after the work out.

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Jon | May 18, 2011
good energy

I found this product to give me good energy but it becomes carbonated it made me feel really full and found it difficult to do cardio workouts without having the feeling of being bloated and wanted to vomit. Is a great product if you could take 30-40 minutes before workout.

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Austin | April 23, 2011

Black powder is pretty great, it will give you energy and your muscles will not get tired. But you will shit acid for the rest of the day afterwords

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rammi | April 13, 2011

its shit and it causes relationship break up

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alex | April 7, 2011
its awesome

used a few different workout drinks that made me get jittery/ upset gut/ tingly.

i did 120 days of P90X, with black powder, war, anabolic switch and pro-nos. i got RIPPED and LOVED how well it worked. A+

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Rick | April 6, 2011
06 April 2011

Well I echo the comment from “Mbeau” the Marine. I am 6Ft 1 180Lbs 40 years old and prior military as well. I am In good overall shape. I heard about super pump and several others from the younger crowd. Super pump gave me the shakes. so I tried Black Powder, and I enjoyed the results. However things took a turn for the worst. One morning I took 3/4 of a scoop began to work out and I realized something was going wrong. Massive anxiety had to be taken to the ER for irregular heart beat and high blood pressure. It did a number on me, issues with vision, hand and eye coordination and took several days for me to get back to normal. I enjoyed the gains but not at this cost. My concern is what’s it going to do to the 20 year olds over the course of several years… I can just imagine the heart conditions to come from this over time!

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jerrid | March 9, 2011
good stuff

love this supplement can start to feel it about 1 hour to 2 hrs great pre workout

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Stonewall | March 7, 2011
love it!

FLAT OUT works period spent four hours in the gym by mistake I LOVE this stuff GOOD lawd! Strength increase immediate!

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KP | February 28, 2011
Not so Good

As a women taking this it caused an onset of an abnomal menstral cycle to start. Immediate excessive vaginal bleeding for a couple of hours. Would not recommend if using a birth control pills. Scared me half to death taking it for 2 weeks with bleeding massively. I did feel much better working out so it works for it’s purpose but be careful if you do have an out of the ordinary cycle start STOP using! You will end up fatigued, chilled and not comfortable

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shane | February 1, 2011

Been trying to find a preworkout drink that is better than bp but cant. If u find it let me no. I remember the first time taking it. The weight i was lifting i an the speed not to forget my focus was cool as. I didnt want to go home that day from da gym. My hole body was pumped. Im getting it very soon again this time im getting war with it the post workout 1. Love this stuff but i say dont go mad with it an take it b4 5 so u sleep.

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