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Derek Peterson
By Derek Peterson
February 9, 2010

NO2 Hemodilator by the nutritional supply company MRI is supposed to work on a cellular level, with its “cell-signaling hemodilators,” allowing more blood to get to your muscles when they need it most.

But there are so many muscle-building supplements that promise to increase circulation and delivery of nutrients and oxygen to your muscles during a workout; is NO2 Hemodilator really the best choice?

Because NO2 Hemodilator promises to have advanced ingredients that increase your nitric oxide levels, we decided to take a closer look at this product to see if it could really live up to the promises that its manufacturer, MRI, made for it.

What Is NO2 Hemodilator?

Like other muscle enhancing supplements, NO2 Hemodilator is supposed to be able to increase the body’s production of nitric oxide, causing the blood vessels to dilate and facillitate the circulation of blood.

Although this is a very common promise for workout products to make, it is much easier said than done. This is because too much nitric oxide can cause cells to die and even decrease brain function so the body doesn’t want to produce too much NO.

That being said, even the smallest boost of nitric oxide can go a long way in increasing the productivity of your workout; helping you lift harder and longer. Your muscles rely on constant nutrition and oxygen to be delivered by your blood. This is why people with more muscle mass generally have larger, more noticeable veins — so that the blood can be more readily delivered to them.

Not only does this help you while you are working out, but increasing circulation can add to your body’s ability to recover from workouts, helping you build more muscle mass in response to harder, more intense workouts.

The main ingredient in NO2 Hemodilator is the amino acid Arginine. This is because it has been thought to increase nitric oxide levels for quite a few years now. In fact, there was even one study conducted on L-Arginine’s ability to help heart attack victims recover from heart attacks by alleviating the pressure on the heart.

Unfortunately, there is conflicting evidence that both supports and refutes the claims that L-Arginine can actually stimulate the production of nitric oxide and cause vasodilation in the body. And when L-Arginine was used to help heart attack victims, the case was closed early because 6 patients actually died instead of recovering more quickly.

How Do You Take NO2 Hemodilator?

NO2 Hemodilator is in caplet form, meaning that you don’t have to worry about mixing it into any shakes or adding it to your water bottle. This means that you don’t have to worry about any of the extra calories that sugary mixes can add to your workout, helping you build even leaner muscles.

Because it is supposed to help your muscles recover and rebuild themselves after a hard workout, NO2 Hemodilator is supposed to be taking after your workout.

Our Opinion

For the most part, NO2 Hemodilator seems like it measures up pretty well against other muscle-building supplements on the market today. However, there is also conflicting evidence that NO2 Hemodilator’s main ingredient might not be as effective as some research promises it to be.

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Community Rating:
3.4 / 5.0


zab | June 19, 2012

can you take no2 ay a same time no xplode

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JamesinTacoma | January 6, 2011
Pro-NOS makes you "Dizzy" 1st Time

I took just (1) cup of this product for the 1st time today, with cold water. 1 hour later, I started to feel “hot flashes” in my head. I also felt a distinct “Bubbling Feeling” on my tongue. I have not taken any training products in several years, and recognized MRI from various “Weight Lifting Magazines” so I thought it would be a quality product, like the EAS line.
That said…my somewhat allergic reaction to just “1 cup with water (instead of the 2 recommended in the dose mix)” has me saying…NO-GO to NO-NOS.

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jo jo from BAMA | August 14, 2010
Get it Got it..Good

Im reading all these reviews on what people are saying about it…Im thinking as far as the headaches go and dizzines…that yall get …well its probably because your not following directions….drink the water….its says it for a reason….I took NO2 for three months and i worked out very hard….Oh yeah i basiclly lived at the water fountian…..and i felt great after my workout…My family asking me how was i doing it…getting bigger in a short amount of time…when I first bought it.. i was curious.. but now im proud to say NO2…Is that needle in the haystack….

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scott of Florida, USA | August 28, 2009
A Must

I’ve been taking this product for about a month now with GREAT results. I think anybody who is into bodybuilding or physical fitness should try this product. i remember jus the first couple days of starting to use this NO2 i would feel energized and after a week or two results have been getting better and better. i recommend taking Creatine with NO2 as ive seen great gains stacking both. i went from maxing 260 on my bench press to 285 in just a couple weeks. just remember to DRINK LOTS OF WATER!! some people report headaches and dizziness and other side effects that may be from not keeping well hydrated. while taking this product be sure to eat healthy, lots of good proteins, clean carbs, and healthy fats and be sure to take at least a multivitamin every day.

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scott of Tennessee, USA | July 23, 2009
NO2 worked for me

I have been using MRI’s brand of NO2 for 4 years now. I love the stuff! It takes a little time for the full effect to kick in and you need to be patient. I Drink lots of water, eat right and work out hard and i feel like my muscles want to rip out of my skin, even on my off days! Like any other product on the market, individual results will vary, so this isn’t for everyone. My only real complaint is the sky high price of this product. I find cheaper products to work, but they seem a little less effective. I found it to be a good comprimise to take half of a serving with a half serving of a cheaper product.

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John of New Hampshire, USA | December 8, 2008
Danger Will Roberinson danger

58 years old, cyclist, lift 3-5 days a week, 145lbs 5’6″. Took 4 pills a within 2 weeks waking up at night with pins and needles sensation in my hands . I stopped taking the pills and I stopped waking up at night with the problem. No improvements in endurance, strength… A year later I tried again. I only took 2 pills a day maybe every 3 or 4 days. No improvements or side effects till one night when I took two prior to a weight workout. I had balance and equilibeum issues. I became dizzy and had trouble walking straight. I tried to do sit ups on a weight bench and after 5 I had to stop as I felt I had lost all balance and was going to fall of the bench. It was damn scary as I thought I was having a stroke or something. Out a total of $250 for two bottles of these things.

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Jason of Iowa, USA | November 22, 2008

This product is great. After the first two weeks your recovery time is significantly less. I was also gaining ten pounds on my squat per week. This product works!

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Angelo of Quebec, Canada | June 6, 2008
Dizzyness and Headache

I have tried NO2 in the past (4 years ago), and I remember the pumps were pretty, pretty good. I wanted to do a cycle of 2 months this time around, but for some odd reason, after day # 2, I started getting headaches. In the morning of day # 3, I was really dizzy when I woke up (talking about my world spinning as if I had drank a bottle of vodka)! I found that scary and weird, and I decided to stop it. I hadn’t drank alcohol, or done any drugs, or made any changes to my normal lifestyle; so pretty confident it was the NO2. Not bashing the product because it did work for me the first time. Just advising people that it isn’t for everyone…see how your body responds to it!

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david of California, USA | April 1, 2008
ok stuff

second time using this product,this time lifting heavier,noticed more muscularity and good recovery. strength went up some but nothing in size, pumps arent the best either. not worth another try to expensive!

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Matt of Arizona, USA | February 26, 2008
Solid so far!

I’ve been taking MRI’s NO2 stacked with CE2 the past two weeks and have really noticed a solid difference in my recovery and strength. All my lifts are consistently going up, some faster than others. I can see my vascularity becoming clearer everyday and that motivates me. The NO2 takes some time to kick in full force, usually 20-28, or so I’ve read. Overall I am happy and have noticed no negative side effects. Be sure to take twice daily on an empty stomach and consume 65-80 ounces of water a day to see it at it’s best.

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Brian of Virginia, USA | February 7, 2008

NO2 is the best supplemet that i have ever used. for all out the people that say they havent seen results i say did you drink water consistently? and did you actually workout 5 time a week? i have seen huge results in just my second week and cannot wait to see where this product will take me. it is very much so worth the money. Just keep an eye on your blood pressure if it gets to low you could bottom out and you need to come off NO2. This is Rare!

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Mike of Texas, USA | February 2, 2008
Worked for me

When I was first introduced to NO2 the first thought that came to mind was that it was too pricy. Once you try it out and take it like you should, keep a steady work out routine ( I go 4x’s a week)You will see results. I’ll admit I wasnt a gym rat before I started this. I was that guy that worked out for a few weeks, then gave up when I saw no results. To see my self go from no definition at all, to a great shape in 6-8 weeks, to me is well worth the money.. (lol I sound like a freakin commercial) My advise is to try out if your looking to try something new. Used with: creatine on work out days. Whey protine shakes. And lots of water! Good Luck.

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