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Muscletech Test HD
Derek Peterson
By Derek Peterson
September 6, 2013

Muscletech is blazing a trail by including a fully transparent label on its new product, Test HD. There are no proprietary blends in this formula, just straightforward labeling of each ingredient. This is a refreshing change in the supplement market, which tends to hide ingredient amounts in the name of protecting formulas from the competition.

Muscletech has our attention; can it keep it? A closer look at the ingredients will show us if Test HD deserves the positive opinion we’ve already started to form.

What Ingredients Are in Test HD?

Test HD is a testosterone-boosting supplement. It includes many of the most common ingredients of testosterone boosters.

Tribulus terrestris has been long studied as a treatment for erectile dysfunction. In a scientific study on primates and rodents, tribulus increases sex hormones. Testosterone increased by 25% in rats and by 52% in primates. [1]

If these results affect humans the same way, tribulus is a powerful testosterone booster. Test HD contains 250 mg tribulus. Primates were given 7.5 mg/kg tribulus, which translates to 680 mg for a 200-pound gorilla.

The study did not state if this is the only effective dose, nor did it claim to propose an effective dose for humans, so it is unclear if Test HD contains an effective dose of tribulus.

Shilajit raises sperm count in men who are technically infertile. Patients took 100 mg shilajit twice a day and experienced a 61.4% increase in sperm network. They also saw increased testosterone levels by 23.5%. [2]

Test HD contains 100 mg shilajit.

Boron citrate has been tested on rats. Rats given 250 mg/kg increased testosterone levels and testicular boron levels. To contrast, higher doses decreased fertility. Since the ingredient has not yet been tested on humans, it is unclear what dose is effective. [3]

Broccoli powder (diindolylmethane) prevents enlarged prostate. The correct dose depends on the user’s age, weight, and health condition. [4]

Test HD contains 50 mg, which might be an effective dose.

Stinging nettle contains chemicals that bind sex hormones, making them good treatment for symptoms of prostate cancer. Patients given 120 mg three times daily experienced beneficial results after 6 months of treatment. [5]

Test HD contains 50 mg stinging nettle, which is likely a less effective dose.

Mucuna pruriens improves semen quality and regulates the creation of steroid hormones. Sperm count and motility improved after treatment. The dosage information is not available in the abstract of the study. [6]

Test HD contains 50 mg mucuna pruriens, which could be an effective dose.

Do Consumers Recommend Test HD?

On, Muscletech Test HD earned a 10 out of 10 score. So far, there have only been 4 reviews, but all of them are positive. Here is an example of a review by a user:

“Was excited about this new product. I had used their AlphaTest before which was great but this seems to be better. I have a lot more energy (only been on it for a week) compared to other test boosts I’ve tried. Awesome part is you only need to take 2 caps a day instead of taking 5 or 6 like some of the others Price seems good for a quality product.” –KramerCos,

Is Muscletech Test HD Worth the Price?

One bottle of Muscletech Test HD costs about $60. Each bottle contains 90 caplets. Muscletech recommends not exceeding 2 caplets per day, which means the bottle should last about 45 days.

Many of the ingredients in Muscletech Test HD are scientifically tested to improve testosterone levels or sperm count, or both. However, some of the ingredients, including boron citrate and mucuna pruriens, may not be in large enough doses to be effective.

Consumer feedback is positive, leading me to believe Muscletech Test HD is likely effective, despite its questionable dosage. Those who have low testosterone should consult their doctor to see if Test HD is a viable option for them.


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