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  • Patented & Proven Forms of Creatine
  • Speeds Recovery while Reducing Soreness
  • Enhances Strength & Muscle Development
Derek Peterson
By Derek Peterson
February 7, 2010

We’ve seen a number of supplements come and go over the years, but few have the staying power of Myotein.

And it’s hard to really put our fingers on why, exactly, that’s the case. People seem to really love it. We’ve run into guys at the gym (who know we run this website) and they keep telling us they love the stuff. I turned one guy onto it and he won’t touch anything else.

We’re not the only critics who give it high grades. I randomly found these guys talking about it and perhaps this video might give you a little different angle on the stuff.

Our best explanation goes like this: Myotein works because it uses ingredients that work. That’s simplistic, but sometimes simple works best. Essentially, Myotein uses the six best forms of protein available.

Premium Protien?

Protein is the building-block of muscles. Without it, muscle growth and recovery are slower. With protein, you can build huge muscles; improve your strength; have more endurance; and recover faster after a workout. But all that’s nice in theory, but as many gym rats will tell you, if the protein isn’t good you’re just wasting you time and your dollars . That’s probably why Myotien gets so much love. It uses premium protein and other ingredients to enhance your workout performance. We can’t speak for everyone, but there’s a lot of people who have seen an increase in energy, focus, and stamina during their workouts – courtesy of Myotien.

Muscle growth will also be increased dramatically so you can build bigger muscles faster.

How Does Myotein Work? The Science

Put on your science caps. Let’s open Myotien up, and see what makes it tick.

Remember, there are many types of protein and your body may respond better to some than others. That’s why Myotein uses 6 forms of protein to optimize your body’s response to these ingredients. We call this the shotgun approach. The 6 different types of protein can cover a wide range of body types and muscle compositions. We assume this is probably why so many people with all types have seen results.

Whey protein hydrolysate, whey protein concentrate, whey protein isolate, Micellar Casein, Colostrum, and L-Glutamine are the proteins in Myotein. Although each one has a similar effect on muscle growth, there are some important differences.

Whey protein hydrolysate has an extremely high absorption rate. Whey protein isolate is the most pure form of protein. Micellar Casein digests slowly so it stays available in your system for longer. L-Glutamine prevents muscle catabolism.

Aminogen is not a protein but it breaks down protein to promote faster absorption. This and its ability to reduce side effects is the reason why Aminogen is used in Myotein.

Myotein also uses Coleus Forskohlii and 20-Hyroxyecdysone. This first ingredient is a fat burner that improves body composition. It has been clinically proven in multiple studies. The second ingredient boosts athletic performance and increases protein synthesis and muscle mass.

The Facts About Myotein

Myotein has the highest-quality ingredients, which is why it is the highest-quality product on the market. Using powerful doses of protein, Myotein enhances muscle growth, energy, focus, and endurance.

Besides being highly powerful, Myotein is very safe. It does not have harsh stimulants or chemicals. All its ingredients are natural and most of them have been clinically proven or patented. The only people who might experience complications while using this product are those with milk allergies.

Myotein retails for $89.95; but if you purchase it from the official Website, you can get it for $59.95. The official retailer also offers a great 90-day 100% money back guarantee so you can try Myotein risk free.

Our Opinion

With powerful ingredients, an affordable price, and a 100% guarantee; Myotein has definitely earned its spot as the top workout supplement. If you expect great results from a product, you will get them when you try Myotein.

We highly recommend that you give Myotein a shot. In the unlikely event that you aren’t satisfied, the money back guarantee ensures that you have nothing to lose and everything to gain with this leading supplement.

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dennis | December 15, 2012
Best Protein Out There

i really dont know what all this people are talking about, taste and all that, i think myotein is the best protein out there. when i started using it i was 195 lbs, now i am 205. muscles definition. fat is gone. i feel great… try it

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Eric | August 5, 2012
Lost 15 Pounds

I’ve taken GNC products and experienced soreness the next morning after an intense workout. Once I switched to Myotein I lost about 15 lbs, gained strength and reduced my morning soreness. If you take it in combination with a post workout vitamin you will get the best results. At $40 per container you can’t beat the price. Do yourself a favor and try it!

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joe | July 25, 2012
myotein review

i have been taking myotein for about a month now and i have seen results. I do alot of cardio and weight lifting and myotein seems to help with my focus. but for some reason it makes me sweat excessively when i sleep. If anyone is having a similar problem i would like to know. overall myotein is a good product. if other people are experiencing a similar side effect i would like to read about it.

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Jj | September 14, 2011
Worth a shot, tastes ok

Im on 4 different protein supps myotein is my post so far average taste chocalate and for results ive gotten stronger somewhat lean since i dont do any cardio cant complain and the price isnt as bad as muscle tech or muscle milk Worth giving a shot if you want to try a new protein i will continue the myotein for a couple more months ill be back on here let you guys know if its worth the try

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mike | August 10, 2011
works in a week

I read reviews about xpi myotein and then tried it. The people who are talking about the different flavors are not taking xpi myotein because it only comes in chocolate. I took it and notice changes in one week. Not in gains but in definition and cut but lean muscle so if u wanna bulk up i suggest xpi myoswell with the myotein. The taste is not bad so they must be getting the San brand of myotein but the xpi myotein does work.

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Moses | March 31, 2011

These people are mis-informing those who are looking to see XPI’s Myotein. This in no way should be confused with SAN Myotein, they’re bottle is black, and indeed does have horrific taste. XPI on the other hand completely different in taste and results. You gain everything from XPI Myotein. so please… write about the right protein that is in the artical. Thanks.

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billy | March 12, 2011

this is the best protien with a nasty tastr

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Kirk | March 7, 2011

Very effective! !!! Haven’t used a protein supplement that delivers this well since EAS PHOSPHAGAIN 2

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Davis | December 17, 2010
Taste bad

It’s taste is terrible but as long as it helps me build muscles i gotta try it!

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tez | October 28, 2010
awful taste

I think this product is of excellent quality,however the taste is kinda hard for me to stomach. I would prefer a vanilla or strawberry flavor

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Jim Dale | October 27, 2010
I Hope it Works Better Than it Tastes

I bought Myotein because of the ingredients thinking that I could get over its reported bad taste…well as it turns out, I might have been wrong. I bought the chocolate milk flavor and it starts out ok but then the aftertaste hits you like a freight train. It’s bitter, chalky, grainy, and just vile. I’ve drank some gross stuff (I once had jaegermaester and peach schnapps) but this was even worse. I’ll muscle through it but I’m hoping it’s worth the agony.

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Jason | February 18, 2010
Myotein by XPI Supplements Review

I would definitely use Myotein again. it works

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