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Derek Peterson
By Derek Peterson
February 7, 2010

While some pre-workout supplements have been marketed as a supplement for the average Joe who just wants to improve his workouts a little bit, most products are said to be an exclusive formula that is so powerful only professional bodybuilders can handle it.

Naturally, when we saw that Six Star Nutrition has marketed Professional Strength N.O. Fury as a pre-workout supplement only for elite strength athletes and bodybuilders, we didn’t think much of it. After all, over-the-top claims don’t necessarily guarantee a good product.

However, in order to find the best diet pill for the best price, we decided to look into Professional Strength N.O. Fury – just in case. Only by analyzing its ingredients and concentrations can we discover if N.O Fury is really as good as it seems.

What Does Professional Strength N.O. Fury Claim to Do?

According to Six Star Nutrition, Professional Strength N.O. Fury is supposed to be able to enhance your pumps, build more muscle and give you more energy – which, is fairly typical for this type of formula. However, Six Star Nutrition goes on to state that after using Professional Strength N.O. Fury for 12 weeks you’ll be able to see 94% more strength than if you were just working out on your own.

With Professional Strength N.O. Fury you’re supposed to have fuller and harder muscles that will “split your skin” in just one serving.

How Does Professional Strength N.O. Fury Do It?

Professional Strength N.O. Fury has a fairly short ingredient list that has some impressive components to it. One of these impressive ingredients is Creatine.

Anyone who is familiar with pre-workout supplements has heard of Creatine, but most people don’t know why it is so effective. Creatine is a nitrogenous and naturally occurring acid in the body and it is mainly responsible for delivering energy to tissues such as muscles. This means that Creatine can greatly reduce fatigue and can improve your strength levels by helping you workout longer and harder than ever before.

Consequently, when we saw that Professional Strength N.O. Fury contains not just one, but two kinds of Creatine, we were impressed and had much more confidence that this product can actually keep you going strong and significantly improve your workouts with just one dose.

However, you should always be cautious with creatine because it can cause a buildup of formaldehyde in your body that can cause lasting negative side effects. Studies have shown that prolonged use of Creatine can cause kidney and renal system failure.

Due to the fact that creatine can have such a powerful impact on the body, be sure to consult your doctor before adding it to your current workout regimen. Your medical history and current lifestyle may put you at additional risk, and the creatine in this formula may be too much to be safe for regular use.

Any Other Concerns?

Despite the fact that N.O Fury is potential dangerous when used on a long-term basis, it is so cheap that it may be worth trying every now and again. N.O. Fury can be purchased from a wide variety of sellers and online vendors for under $20 a bottle (some as little as $9). While we don’t recommend that you chug down the creatine every time you hit the gym, adding N.O. Fury to your current workout regimen may be able to give you better muscle gains and endurance.

N.O. Fury is definitely not the most reliable bodybuilding supplement on the market, but is is one of the better products available. Consumer reviews are fairly positive (though still mixed), and the ingredients are proven to work, so you may want to give it a second chance. Although it won’t give you the mind-blowing results that manufacturers claim, N.O. Fury does have some potential as a tool for sculpting a better body.

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kathaleen | March 21, 2015

Its great for my workouts..gives me a ton of energy..thats alll i care about.ill do the rest!!!

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jeared | March 24, 2014

idk if drank this 3 times and I think it would be a great product to help meth addicts quit meth. this stuff makes my heart want to pop out of my chest and my stomach doesn’t really like it. almost too much energy but muscles still hurt and feel crampy a banana makes my muscles feel better with a little fish oil. idk im going to keep trying it but even the half dose makes me feel fluttery. if energy is all you need this is it like coffee on steroids.

Yes, I recommend this product

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Cody | March 7, 2010

Convenient and cost efficient. In my experience, you would be better off creating your own stack with 4 grams of arginine and 5 grams of mono creatine 30 minutes before you lift. Results will be similar.

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