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Derek Peterson
By Derek Peterson
February 9, 2010

When you hit a plateau, a good pre-workout supplement can make all the difference. Nano Vapor is supposed to improve workout performance and enhance muscle growth.

What Is in Nano Vapor?

Nano Vapor has more than a few ingredients. In fact, it has 6 proprietary blends.

Vasoprime – This blend actually has 11 ingredients. The most important ones are three forms of L-Arginine. Because it uses more than one form of this nitric oxide precursor, Nano Vapor should increase muscle pumps and vascularity.
Intervol – Creatine monohydrate and creatine phosphate are the key ingredients in this blend. They increase the synthesis of ATP (a type of energy) inside your muscles. This increased energy can give you more strength and endurance during workouts.
MyoGF – L-phenylalanine is the main ingredient in this blend. It is a building block of protein, which is something your muscles need a lot of.
Anaphex – The ingredients in this blend are known for speeding up muscle recovery and preventing muscle breakdown.
Infernogen – Thermogenesis is a fat burning process in your body. Nano Vapor uses Caffeine Anhydrous to stimulate thermogenesis. Besides giving you more energy during your workout, this ingredient can trim fat and improve muscle definition.
NeuroAMP – Using ingredients like L-Tyrosine and Choline Bitartrate, this blend should enhance your mental focus.

Does Nano Vapor Work?

The total of all blends and ingredients in Nano Vapor is 7952 mg. As a total dose, this is very strong. What we need to know is if the individual doses of each ingredient are strong too. Manufacturers have some good reasons to hide their ingredient amounts, but it makes it difficult for users to see what they’re taking. It also makes it difficult for us to determine if the product has effective doses.

A good way to know if a product is effective, if you cannot tell from the ingredients, is customer reviews. One site that we found has more than 900 reviews of Nano Vapor. The average rating that people gave it was 6.8 out of 10, which isn’t very high. It could be because the product is not very effective; or that it’s effective, but causes side effects.

Cost & Guarantee

You can purchase Nano Vapor as a powder or in capsule form. The price for 2 lbs. of powder ranges from $38.99 to $133.98. The price for 150 capsules is the same.

You cannot purchase this pre-workout supplement from the official retailer, and so you also cannot get a money back guarantee from them. Official retailers are usually the only ones who offer these guarantees.

Educated Opinion

We do not recommend that you try Nano Vapor for a few reasons. 1. Based on the formula, we cannot tell if the product will be highly effective. 2. From customer reviews, we see that this product does not always receive the highest ratings. 3. Since it doesn’t come guaranteed, you try Nano Vapor at your own risk.

We suggest that you look for a top-rated pre-workout supplement to improve your workout performance and enhance muscle growth.

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Clinton | May 22, 2013

first off, taste is not bad at all. the effects are faster than any other pre-workout I’ve tried and that’s quite a list. i didn’t even use the recommended amount. it’s been a week of use and the only complaint i have is that i had a couple of restless nights coming down. take in mind that it’s also due to the fact that i had some of the most intense workout sessions during these days as well. tingly feeling, yes. a little more sweating than usual too, but nothing extreme. did not experience any severe stomach problems, head aches, or anything to slow down, or worse, cut my workout short. feel bad for those who needed a bathroom asap. i would suggest trying out Jack3d and if you have no trouble handling that for a few weeks than go ahead and try a scoop of Vapor.

Yes, I recommend this product

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eli | April 30, 2013

Went from no xplode to this stuff. It works well, but it gives you really bad diarrhea. so now I’m resorting to drinking it 30 mins to an hour before my workouts. to compensate for pooping my brains out before I’m at the gym.

No, I do not recommend this product

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Josemm | March 27, 2012
It`s a energy drink

I have been using nano vapor for few months but not so much for the gym I mean I do but I started to use it because I have to wake up really early everyday so I use this product to wake me up since it has lots of caffeine etc and I would rather drink a scoop of this than take 3 cups of coffee which will make my stomach feel irritated.

Previously I used black powder just because all the hype around it and I was really disappointed to see I didnt got stronger or anything and same thing with nano vapor I dont feel any stronger with it, I dont get insane pumps either what I experienced with BPowder was a better recovery due to arginine which is not a big surprise but a nice thing same goes with nvapour

bottom line is this product does help to focus and feel ready to train and that`s it
I normally take one scoop to wake up in the morning and then I train a couple of hours later.

I do have used 2 scoops before training but yeah it feels like your head is gonna explode sometimes so for beginners I would not use more than 2, I have been using it every day and im not sure i would take 3 scoops since i didnt feel any super strong extra pumps from that.

sure everybody is different so not all will react the same to the formula so what may work for me not necessarily will work for you.

and about the pain in the stomach yeah is true and same happen to me with black powder but is not a surprise since all products with caffeine will do the same to you even plain coffee or tea like white tea for example if you feel extremely sensitive to this products you may want to check with your doctor if you dont have an ulcer or gastritis.

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ray | July 24, 2011
good product

its a pretty good supplement and i had great results but ive had even better results with this stuff called “slam” by advocare. Its safe for MEN AND EVEN WOMEN. No crash, no jitters, can take it for an evening workout and it wont keep you up all night. SLAM IS THE BEST SUPPLEMENT ON THE MARKET AND HEALTHIEST. Its not sold in stores but here is the email of the distributor i buy from(he gives major discounts on this stuff)

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Steven | May 29, 2011
It Works

It works as good as you would expect from something that is legal. You can get a head russ if you do a workout that has high reps, sometimes feeling like your going to pass out. I would not recommend running or doing intense cardio after taking this product, it will make you feel like you want to throw up. All the side affects that all the other reviews mentioned i didn’t have.

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David | May 18, 2011
Works very well

I began using this suplement when I was in Iraq. The only other supplement that I have ever used with any results at all is Creatine, but you have to take so much creatine to see any results.

NaNo Vapor gets into your system really fast. You get almost instant results from your first set. I was pressing more reps and then more weight. I never felt sick or all that jittery, but I did have to pee a little more than usual after using it.

I recommend anyone try it and see for yourself.

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fred | April 27, 2011

great energy, more reps, great taste, awesome pumps, kinda makes you jittery but ill take it over puking up No xplode anyday.

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Rob | April 13, 2011
Watch Out For Yohimbe !!!

This has Yohimbe HCL like Red Line (Shake and Burn) supplement. You get energy, but also nausea, shivers, and sweating. I’ve od’ed on Yohimbe (quite accidentally and too easily). I felt pretty dumb, but it doesn’t take much. Watch out for Yohimbe. Everyone’s system is different. This is like “speed”. Your heart will race, you’ll have chills, you’ll have gas, you’ll empty everything out of your body, usually through the rear. Take your chances or trust that I know. I spent about 20 hours in the hospital clearing out and getting my potassium level back up. It will tighten you up like a board, and you could pass out. I did and it wasn’t anything I want you to experience. I used to think Yohimbe was a miracle. Now I steer away.

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o.n | March 14, 2011

I tried nano bcause a friend recomended it he said it was better than jaked and mr1, so I bought a tub, taste it ok, felt ok on energy, good pumps, but 2 hours after holly shit the diarria f…kin unstopable, didn’t felt any nausia, headaches, just tought was gonna die from diarria so going back to MR1

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bornabejones | March 12, 2011

Muscle Tech makes some great stuff! I have just started on the NoVapor. I got the orange kind. Here is a tip, mix it with Gatorade and it taste great! Also Gatorade has electrolytes and that’s important. It’s also important to drink plenty of water!!! No side effects that I’ve noticed. My sex drive has increased!! Lol thanx for all of ur comments….. It helps

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Rick Marshbakns | March 7, 2011
This Stuff Works Well

I’ve been taking this for 8+ months now and have seen tremendous gains. It gives me energy during my workouts and afterwords, I do get that “pumped” feeling. Highly recommended.

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Timmy | March 3, 2011
Not a Good Choice

Within 5 minutes of taking it I felt extreme nausea, my weights were up at the gym but I felt extremely dehydrated throughout my lift. I got home and had extreme diarrhea. I would not recommend this product.

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