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Derek Peterson
By Derek Peterson
April 13, 2011

Drinking a warm glass of milk to help you fall asleep at night might as well be a myth. However, Nighty Night took the concept of a warm beverage before bed and designed a tea that promotes nighttime relaxation. By sipping Nighty Night before bedtime, the tea should begin to fill your system with beneficial sleep-inducing agents and relaxing ingredients to help reduce the time it takes you to fall asleep. As an added bonus, Nighty Night is capable of calming an upset stomach. However, is Nighty Night tea the right approach for the occasional sleepless night?

How does Nighty Night work?

Nighty Night tea blends organic herbs including passionflower, hops, and chamomile. Chamomile is known to help reduce restlessness while passionflower addresses nervous tension. Hops is usually more beneficial as a sleep supplement ingredient when combined with valerian root. The balance of ingredients in this tea is hardly strong enough to treat insomnia, but it can potentially help with mild sleeping difficulties.

The herbal dietary supplement Nighty Night needs to be brewed properly to encourage relaxation. For the best results, Nighty Night suggests your drink 2-3 cups of the tea later in the evening and one more cup of tea 30 minutes prior to your intended bedtime.

Should you use Nighty Night?

Nighty Night addresses one symptom of insomnia, tension. If you suffer from anxiety, stress, or overstimulation that keeps you up at night this tea will be a waste of time. Nighty Night may be a unique delivery system of common relaxing ingredients, but Nighty Night is far from convenient. There are far more convenient sleep supplements available with the ability to treat several symptoms of insomnia and provide faster results.

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