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NO Xplode
Derek Peterson
By Derek Peterson
February 7, 2010

If you’ve hit a plateau in your workout performance, a pre-workout supplement can make a big difference. Sometimes the difference is all in your head, but BSN NO-Xplode is designed to make a real difference. It should give you more endurance and stamina, and help you get faster results from your workouts.

BSN NO-Xplode Ingredients

The main ingredient in BSN NO-Xplode is L-Arginine. When this amino acid enters your blood stream it converts into nitric oxide. The more nitric oxide you have in your blood, the better. It improves nutrient delivery to your muscles and promotes vascularity so you can get maximum pumps. In short, L-Arginine improves your workout performance.

The ingredients that increase your muscle mass and strength are the creatines that BSN NO-Xplode uses. It has at least four forms of creatine plus creationol-o-phosphate; which is not creatine, but has a similar effect. Creatine increases the synthesis of energy inside your muscles which enhances both your growth rates and strength.

These ingredients are a small fraction of what you’ll find in BSN NO-Xplode. It also has dozens of amino acids and electrolytes that are supposed to improve your workout performance, muscle mass, and recovery.

The Pros of BSN NO-Xplode

• BSN NO-Xplode has received many positive customer reviews. From almost 4000 reviews, it received an average rating of 8.2 out of 10.
• This pre-workout supplement is easy to take. All you have to do is take 1-3 scoops mixed with 5-18 ounces of water 30-45 minutes before your workout. On non-training days, take 1 scoop of BSN NO-Xplode with 5-6 ounces of water. It’s best if you take the product on an empty stomach.
• BSN NO-Xplode comes in various sizes. You can choose a container that holds 10 servings, or 20 servings, or 50 servings. The price for these containers is affordable too. It ranges from $8.99 to $34.87.

The Cons of BSN NO-Xplode

• We cannot guarantee that BSN NO-Xplode use powerful doses of each active ingredient. These doses are hidden because the ingredients are combined into proprietary blends.
• You cannot get a refund for this product if you purchase it from the official website. They only issue refunds for products that are unused. The chances of another retailer offering a money back guarantee are slim.
• If you are sensitive to stimulants, particularly caffeine, you could experience side effects while using BSN NO-Xplode. If side effects occur and you want to keep using the supplement, reduce your daily dose by a scoop or two and see if that helps.
• If you have certain medical conditions, you probably shouldn’t take this product. Complete information about who should not take the product is listed on the label or online.

Our Opinion

BSN NO-Xplode is a good pre-workout supplement. Although it is not the best one we have seen, it is definitely better than most products you’ll find on the market. Based on the formula and customer reviews, we think that BSN NO-Xplode can enhance muscle endurance, strength, and growth. It may cause some side effects, but most people don’t experience them.

Chances are that BSN NO-Xplode will work; but if it doesn’t, you may not get a refund. Since there are other effective pre-workout supplements that come with money back guarantees, we do not recommend that you use BSN NO-Xplode.

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Community Rating:
3.7 / 5.0


Tony | August 26, 2014

I have tried the previous versions and many other pre workout supplements over years of strength training and bodybuilding. This is terrible. I’m not sure why BSN can’t understand that “if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it”. Product has gone down hill in terms of performance with every new formula. 2.0 was decent, but this is worthless. No energy, no pump, no focus. I had diahriah every day I took it. I could have mixed Hi-C and baking soda and achieved better results. Atleast I would have had a little simple carb energy from that. What where they thinking? Less than 900 mg l-citrulline in the pump matrix did not deliver even with the added Astragin. Biggest mistake they have made. It’s the least effective pre-workout I have ever used. Very disappointing.

No, I do not recommend this product

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Kris | May 31, 2014

I have the green apple, and just ordered cherry limeade. I mistakenly had been taking 2 scoops with 16oz of water before a workout! Talk about feeling like you are the Hulk! I now know better, but really had no complaints about the 2 scoops besides the crash. lol Amazing stuff!

Yes, I recommend this product

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brandon | September 2, 2013

Ok first time i tried N.O Explode 2.0 was when i was at work. Hard lifting work that u had to use your hands and arms constantly so just by me takiing that at work i got a decent pump from work. I started with one dose in 8 ounces of water. And i felt it a good 45 mins later. Not that i just got pumps from it i was SUPER!! TALKATIVE. And just jacked up like i was on coke. But do not DO NOT DO NOT DO NOT DO NOT. Drink a REDBULL or any energy or caffine drink. Yes i know i was a dumb ass for doing it. But the redbull enhanced and boosted the energy and just everything in my body. You can foucs so fucking good its not even funny. I felt like i was on coke or crack. Even tho i never tried that shit. 4 days half of my family thought i was either on coke crack or meth. Because i was so damn JACKED THE FUCK UP. And so wired and seemed like i was talking anywhere between 2 to 4 hundread words per mins it was a crazy experience for me. But thats only cuz the 4 times i tried it. I drank a redbull a hour later i was also a lot more moodier and snappy on this shit. If i fought someone with me being on that and a redbull. Id prob go crazy in the fight

Yes, I recommend this product

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Jeff | June 10, 2011
Jeff Personal Fitness Trainer

I’ve tried NO Xplode off and on for about a year. It’s great for a pre workout energy boost. Also gives you good blood flow, and pump to whatever muscle group you are working that day. One thing I recommend is carefully monitor how much you take. You can develop a tolerance to it very quickly. At first one scoop got me all jacked up. After a while I needed two scoops, after a while that stopped working. At this point it’s good to stop using it for a while and let your tolerance go down. Taking to much of this stuff, or two often is just asking for heart palpitations, irregular heartbeat, anxiety or other problems. If used correctly and in proper serving sizes, it can really give you a boost in the weight room.

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scooter | May 27, 2011

I just took my first dose tonight…2 scoops of this crap on a 280 pound 6′ 2″ dude does what it says it does…I didn’t have any side affects besides the gittery feeling but hey whas to expect with so much caffein…it does what it says….I noticed a difference in my reps… I had to add weight to my previous workout weight which was like a month ago… so it ef does help the upgraded weight factor…I can focus a hell of a lot more then before. It makes you feel like the damn teminator, like you never wanna stop lifting…ya gotta knw your limits….it gives ya the farts something terrible id have to say. Its an amazing product overall, id recomend it to anyone so far…I couldn’t give it a five cause I haven’t experienced any other suppliment out there…I just knw it does what it says on the bottle. The side affects really depend on yor body…don’t just look at the idiots posting their experiences with it…ya gotta experience it to rate it…try it its a good product…

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Eddie | April 3, 2011

I had just goten out of marine corps bootcamp and i was trying to get back to what i was lifting before. it made my reps and weight go up a little and put a little extra meet on me. but it also gave me the xloped shits. didnt matter on the amount i took… xplode shits i recomend some other suplement

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Chris | March 9, 2011
Not so great

This stuff was lacking. I don’t think that it’s that bad for people new to workout supplements but i suggest:
1.)Plasma Jet-Gaspar (I think)
2.)Alpha 325-Halobody

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Greg | January 1, 2011

I have been strength training for a while now, only taking protien. I started NO XPLODE about a week ago and have experienced all around improvement in performance, intense level of mental focus, explosive pump energy and stamina, extremely quick recovery time. Next day soreness is no longer an issue, but you have to remember to quit before you do too much, with the increased energy and stamina it is all too easy to overtrain and do more harm than good. Seriously, you will be surprised after your first dose of what you can do in the gym…….be smart…follow guidelines and recommendations from manufacturer and have happy pumps………….

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Gigantor Foreskin | December 28, 2010
With goods come bads

I suffer from anxiety. I was told to not use caffeine. I started using No Xplode and wow! I get an amazing rush of energy. I used to use meth and this is the closest legal thing you can take. Crack in a can. After a 2 hour workout on No Xplode I am not tired but can lift 25-35% more weights than without it.

I get alot of negative side effects though once I leave them gym. When trying to be idle while on this product I feel absolutly nuts. Cannot focus, feel terrible anxious and pee every 8-10 minutes.

Make sure that when you use this product you drink 1-2 gallons of water or risk organ damage.

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Gregory Sanford | December 26, 2010
What NO Xplode has done for me

I have been taking NO Xlode for 3 months now. I love the product but I have to use 3 scoops to make it work for me. I am currently in Iraq and it def helps with the long days and nights when you have no energy to do your workout. I would def recomend it if you are new to working out but my body has gotten use to the 1, 2, and starting to get nothing with 3 scoops. I started benching around 150 and now my max is 255 in 3 months mind you this isn’t an every day work out but for what I have done I def see that NO Xplode is great. Just remember your limits on the product cause at the begining at times I would feel like my heart was about to beat out of my chest but that feeling goes away don’t base your opinion on the first couple times you use a product. The more you take it the faster that feeling goes away. I am trying to find something that is a little stronger. any suggestions??? I just ordered NO SHOTGUN today and will give a review on that in a couple months

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jose | November 22, 2010
jose of texas

ok if your under aged and thinking of taking this product dont take it at all! this product is very amazing it gave me incredible gains but after you get used to it you start to feel wierd you get dizzy and lightheaded and a hard time to get breath , i had to go to the hospital and get rushed to the ER i got horrible chest pains dizzines heart pumping fast and felt like i was having a heart attack,soon after the did a ekg and checked my heart they said i was fine they said the product gave me a caffine overload and i got panic attacks from it, after a day i felt wierd my bones were hurting the ccaffine screwed up my bones it made them very weak , and i had a horrible time walking i am 15 and if your under aged avoid it!!! or you will get hurt or die, ok now for ya that think i was doing something wrong i wasent i drank a gallon and a half or more of water a day i took one scoop only i ate right and ate lots of protien and carbs.

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lance | November 3, 2010

it iz fuking azmazon ya should fuking try it it works in 3 days my bench went fm 675 to 695 n my squat went fm a 860 to 880 n dats kuz i use to tak steroids at da age of 14 like no bullshit n i quit taking it at 16 kuz the coach found out n i started taking no xplode n i will be setting a state record 4 da age of 17 n skool record n hopefully a national record LOVE IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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