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Derek Peterson
By Derek Peterson
February 9, 2010

Nutrex Vitrix is a male libido supplement that has been designed to give you an all natural elevation of testosterone levels in order to restore a powerful sex drive and improve your sexual function.

The makers of Nutrex Vitrix claim that it is superior to other all natural male enhancement supplements because of its inclusion of the “highest-grade form of Tribulus Terrestris on the market today, a full 1000mg of liquid German Tribulus Terrestris per serving.” This supposedly makes Nutrex Vitrix “unmatched by any other product in terms of potency.”

Also among the Nutrex Vitrix distributors’ promises are that this libido boosting supplement will work quickly and efficiently thanks to its liquid capsules and that it will provide a better boost to your sex drive than any other product can give you.

However, nearly every male enhancement product that we come across makes similar claims. How can we be sure that Nutrex Vitrix will actually provide you with the results that you need?

In order to make a valid conclusion, we decided to examine the Nutrex Vitrix ingredients.

The Contents of Nutrex Vitrix

The ingredients found in the Vitrix compound are listed as Liquid German Tribulus Terrestris (100mg), NTS-5 (500mg) with a Liquid Proprietary Phyto-Nutrient Blend of Vitex Agnus Castus, Avena Sativa, Epimedium, and Eurycoma Longfolia Jack. Inactive ingredients are listed as vegetable cellulose, glycerol, and purified water.

Tribulus Terrestris is believed by some to be one of the only sources of all natural testosterone promotion and has been used as such for hundreds of years. It has also been proven to increase the body’s stamina, boost libido, and even to combat the effects of erectile dysfunction. Nutrex Vitrix includes Tribulus Terrestris in a very high dosage, which is an encouraging factor since some supplements use the right ingredients but fail to implement them in high enough amounts for them to be effective.

Nutrex Vitrix’s inclusion of Epimedium, an all-natural extract also known as Horny Goat Weed, is also a positive thing, for this has been proven to increase your sex drive by increasing your body’s nitric oxide levels. This increases your energy and makes it easier to form and maintain erections.

Eurycoma Longifolia Jack is another important ingredient in the Nutrex Vitrix formula, for research has shown that this extract helps your body maintain the health of your reproductive system and your high testosterone levels.

Additional Information

The recommended dose of Nutrex Vitrix is to take six capsules once day–specifically, the product manufacturers recommend taking them between meals. They also say that taking your daily six capsules one hour before physical activity will maximize your physical performance and intensity.

Our Opinion

Overall the consumer reviews that we came across were very positive. Many individuals felt the difference within two to three days of starting a Nutrex Vitrix cycle. Additionally, most consumers reported that they really felt improvements during their workouts and in sexual encounters.

Nutrex Vitrix seems to be able to promote and maintain both your testosterone levels and your sex drive through all natural methods. The potency of this product will vary depending on each individual’s unique biochemistry, but since the reports have been generally optimistic, we have no problem recommending Nutrex Vitrix at least on a trial basis.

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Community Rating:
2.8 / 5.0


sankar | February 13, 2011
Worthless product

Do not waste yr money by buying Nutrex Vitrix. i wasted my hardearned money buying it. No sex booster nothing at all, worthless product. Instead get desicccated beef liver tablets to boost yr testosterone. they really do work.

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Avary | June 28, 2010
Hot Sh!t

I’m 38 and I have been wearing the misses out like I was 18 again! I have been on the stuff just 3 days and it definitely works? Just got off a cycle of Magnadrol and had no desire to even think about intimacy until I gave it a try. I don’t know the difference in this and the Extreme which is what I have but I am a wittness to the extreme. It works!

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Elton of Washington, USA | March 25, 2008
A lil' Impressed!

I am 6’2 210 lbs. I am willing to give supplements a trial, to see if they work. Nutrex is my first experiment into the “testosterone” department. I must say that I am a lil’ impressed, with it. The 1000mg of tribulus, the avena sativa, have all been proven to not create more testosterone, but to “free-up” testosterone, thats been tied up. Therefore increasing the amount of “free” testosterone. This product DOES work, when used as directed. I have been taking it for 1 week now. It just seems as if I am a machine. The ability to do more reps with about 15-20 lbs more weight, without needing a spotter! I have noticed it. Im gonna try Gaspari’s Novedex XT, & ill continue to cycle this product with Gaspari Superpump! Just remember people’s bodies are different & they DO respond differently to types of supplements & herbs!

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T Money of Colorado, USA | March 11, 2008
Save Your Coin

I am a pretty big fan of Nutrex’s Lipo 6, but I must say that this product is worthless. I never felt any boost in the gym or in the bedroom. Do yourself a favor and steer clear of this one.

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Steven of Florida, USA | November 30, 2007

This is a nice product i am 36 male it work well some days I felt more aggerssive than normal. I was always horny not really over horny more like just need some fast realise but always present. Really where i notice the best change was in sleeping I really slep hard and felt good in the morning. Lifting wise nothing more than just pushing my self

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John of New Jersey, USA | April 19, 2006
Waste of Money

I used this product for over a month while working out 5 days a week and eating healthy. I found it to be a total waste of money and time because I noticed no difference whatsoever. In fact, I would be willing to say the pills are nothing more than placebos. Total Joke!

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