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Olympian Labs DIM
Derek Peterson
By Derek Peterson
May 9, 2011

Olympian Labs DIM is a supplement aimed at raising levels of testosterone activity by diminishing the potency of estrogen in the body. DIM is an ingredient that has been used in several anti-estrogen products. It is the only active ingredient in Olympian Labs DIM. But even though it has been used in other supplements before, is DIM potent or effective enough to be used on its own? That’s what we wanted to find out for ourselves.

There is a quite a bit of research showing that DIM can be quite effective in helping suppress the effects of estrogen inside the body. Especially for men. Clinical studies have shown that DIM can convert estrogen metabolites into less-active forms. As estrogen becomes less active, testosterone can start to have a greater impact on one’s system. More testosterone activity can help bodybuilders experience more explosive gains in muscle mass, surges in strength and output, better metabolism and body composition, and other anabolic effects.

Since DIM can diminish the effects of estrogen, some steroid users have begun using it. They claim that it can help them eliminate acne, gyno, water-retention, and other steroid side effects. There is some anecdotal evidence to support this but more clinical studies are needed to be certain as to what effects DIM has on steroid users.

Olympian Labs DIM should be fairly effective. Especially for its affordable price. DIM is a great ingredient but at the end of the day, it may not be the most potent compound when used on its own. It may be best to use DIM when it is combined with several other testosterone-boosters and estrogen-blockers. DIM is effective by itself but you will see its best results when used in a more multifaceted formula. We recommend looking for a supplement with a more comprehensive blend.

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