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Brian Green
By Brian Green
March 28, 2012

OptimRx is a male enhancement supplement that claims to be a less invasive alternative to surgical penis enlargement.

The main claim made by OptimRX is to increase your penis length by 1 to 3 inches and 1 inch to girth. But, there are no tests that prove this can be achieved. If OptimRX works at all, it can only give you a temporary increase in the size of your erections. All a male enhancement supplement can really do is work with what you were born with!

OptimRx contains several herbs used in Chinese medicine that support many bodily functions such as liver and kidney, prostate, circulatory and cardiac health, energy, libido, and of course penis enhancement.

There isn’t an official website for OptimRX, which would be a good place to provide customer reviews, ingredient information, facts, and test studies. But unfortunately, this does not exist. OptimRX is difficult to find for purchase.

How Does OptimRX Work?

The dosage is three capsules a day. The benefits may not be noticed until the 12th week of taking OptimRX, according to some reviews. We don’t know how much each ingredient comprises in the formula. Therefore, we can’t tell how potent it may be.

Cuscuta Seed— provides support the liver and kidneys

Hawthorn Berry— supports the circulatory and cardiac systems

Korean Red Ginseng— is included for enhanced energy

Muira Puama— is used for its aphrodisiac benefits, treats impotency, and can prevent hair loss.

Catuaba bark— can have aphrodisiac effects.

Epimedium or Horny Goat Weed— helps increase sex drive and fight fatigue.

Saw Palmetto— used to support the prostate and urinary tract.

Ginkgo Biloba— helps promote the flow of oxygen in the blood, and improves mental clarity.

Is OptimRX Safe?

OptimRX is formulated with natural herbs and is safe and should not cause any harmful side effects.

With any supplement like this, even all natural, you are advised to check with your health care provider before taking it.

OptimRX Price

OptimRx cost is $59.95 for one bottle that contains 60 capsules (one month supply). A two month supply $109.95, three month supply $159.95, and a 5 month supply is $250.00.

These prices were located from an old site that used to sell OptimRX, but when you click to order it takes you to a blank page.

There is no information about a guarantee offered if OptimRX does not provide the promises that are made.

OptimRX Overall Value

It’s almost imposible to find a site that sells OptimRX, it may be a discontinued product, or at least not sold in the United States. One site based in China sells it, and there could be more from other countries.

You won’t find any product that has been proven to increase the size of your penis as much as OptimRX claims.

The only thing a penis enhancement supplement can possibly do is widen blood vessels and increase blood flow to the penis, which gives a larger, harder erection that is only temporary. It does not make your penis bigger permanently.

There is hardly any information about OptimRX that would make us believe it is worth looking into any further. There are however, many male enhancement supplements on the market with a website that provides important details about their product and usually offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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