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Derek Peterson
By Derek Peterson
January 21, 2011

If you are in the market for a supplement that will help you burn away your unwanted fat, you may want to learn more about OxyElite Pro.

USP Labs, the makers of OxyElite Pro, claim that their product has the ability to suppress your appetite and increase your focus and energy.

This dietary supplement also is advertised as being able to provide you with the energy you need to burn fat without a caffeine-induced crash that will slow you down afterward.

So far, OxyElite Pro sounds like a weight loss supplement that sounds almost too good to be true, so we decided to take a closer look at its formula and determine whether or not it can actually accomplish all of the things that it says it can.

How Does OxyElite Pro Work?

Here’s the deal with OxyElite Pro’s formula: many of the ingredients are all-natural but may not be very effective in your pursuit of weight loss.

The natural plants bauhinia purpurea and bacopa monnieri are used to adjust thyroid hormone levels and to control your appetite. These ingredients have no clinical evidence suggesting they assist weight loss.

OxyElite Pro also contains caffeine, which is included in most weight loss supplements for its ability to increase your energy levels, your mental alertness, and your overall mood. The makers of OxyElite Pro also claim that caffeine has “synergistic effects” with certain ingredients in the supplement’s formula.

One of the OxyElite Pro ingredients with which caffeine supposedly has that “synergistic” relationship is Cirsium Oligophyllum. Studies have shown that Cirsium Oligophyllum has the ability to help with the process of fat reduction–specifically targeting the fat on your body that you actually want to lose.

In some fat burners, Cirsium Oligophyllum goes after your subcutaneous fat, which is the fat that surrounds your muscles and makes you look soft and chubby rather than lean and toned.

The other type of fat in your body is your visceral fat mass, which is the fat that protects your body’s organs. You only need to worry about losing visceral fat mass if you are truly obese; however, most weight loss supplements do not differentiate between this type of fat and subcutaneous fat, thus risking eliminating fat that your body actually needs.

While this is an impressive ingredient to include in the OxyElite Pro formula, Cirsium Oligophyllum actually seems to be the only ingredient in this supplement that specifically burns fats.

This is not the only thing that worries us about the OxyElite Pro formula: we are also wary about its inclusion of the controversial ingredient 1,3-dimethylamylamine. Other weight loss products are taking great cares to take this WADA-banned substance out of their formulas and replacing it with all-natural substitutes, so why hasn’t OxyElite Pro followed suit?

Should You Use OxyElite Pro?

We are hesitant to recommend OxyElite Pro at this time. Its formula is not the most impressive one currently on the market–especially because it contains 1,3-dimethylamylamine, an ingredient that most other supplements have distanced themselves from.

Increasing thermogenesis is a beneficial step toward the body you want, but OxyElite Pro is not strong enough to give you real results. We think you should try a weight loss supplement that contains safer, more effective ingredients.

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Nikki | July 5, 2011

Love it – my first supplement and I would recommend it to anyone. Follow the directions or it could make you sick to your stomach. Lost a total of about 10lbs my first 3 weeks!

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Lexii | February 27, 2011

Honestly, I have never tried fat burners or weight loss pills before but this is great so far! Its still the first week but I have lost a total of 9 lbs already. Granted I am a girl who never went to the gym and skipped many meals and ate too much at the ones I did eat. However, I am not on a very strict low calorie diet and went to the gym 4 times this week for 40 minutes per session. My starting weight was 196 and I am down to 187. Hoping to get back down to my old weight of 145 and lose the college weight ive put on. I recommend that you try this! If not for a long term supplement at least to kick off a great new diet plan! (P.s a decent amount of energy which lasts about two hours and without any headaches or pains..just take it as suggested on the bottle and drink LOTS of water!)Good luck!

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