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Derek Peterson
By Derek Peterson
April 27, 2011

Several oral treatments for acne are glorified dietary supplements with vitamins. Pantothen is an oral treatment for acne that proposes a solution to the problem.

The manufacturers mention that, while other topical acne treatments do not penetrate deeply and can over-dry the skin, Pantethon works to fight acne from the inside out.

Other oral acne treatments have been known to have adverse side effects, but the makers of Pantothen assure consumers that those side effects will not be had with their product.

The formula takes a strategic approach toward a clear complexion by reducing excess oil that triggers acne. The all-natural treatment should erase existing acne and limit potential break outs.

Through the ingredients used, it should be easier to get results while avoiding the side effects that other types of acne treatments cause.

The easiest way to get rid of acne is to stop it before it even becomes a problem, but can Pantothen help you?

How does Pantothen Work?

One of the main causes of acne is excess oil production that clogs pores. Therefore, Pantothen helps reduce oil production to protect the skin.

Pantothen is packed with pantothenic acid that increases coenzyme A. Coenzyme A is responsible for breaking down oil, which eventually eliminates a big acne-causing factor.

Pantothen also provides l-cartinine, an amino acid that helps circulate coenzyme A in order to help ensure efficient oil break down.

Additional ingredients in Pantothen that help support strong skin include vitamins B12, biotin, niacin, and thiamin. These nutrients help give your body and skin the necessary strength to fight off acne infections.

Reviews and Guarantees

The reviews for the effectiveness of Pantothen were quite mixed. Some found that it worked really well for them while others were left disappointed. Overall, however, the majority of the reviews we found were positive. There were no reported severe side effects.

The manufacturers do provide a 100% money back guarantee, which speaks well for their confidence that the product will work for you. They do mention, however, that they can only refund money for empty bottles that are returned to them.

This money back guarantee may also help to increase your willingness to see whether this product works for you.
If you are not satisfied, be sure to hang on to the bottle so you can send it to them and get your money back.

Should You Use Pantothen?

After a week of taking Pantothen your skin should start to clear up. Visible results are usually seen in about one to two weeks. Pantothen doesn’t even have any negative side effects.

While looking online, we found Pantothen going for around $30-$50 depending on which site was selling it. This may seem a little expensive at first, but is actually around the same price as many other types of acne treatments.

The biggest concern with Pantothen is that it requires a commitment. You have to take Pantothen four times a day until your complexion clears. There are plenty of acne treatment alternatives that are less of a hassle than Pantothen that will be just as effective and have a simpler or one-step process.

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Rebekah | August 2, 2011

I have been suffering with acne on my face for just over a year and it just never seems to go. After reading all of the info about Pantothen I was sold to buying the product. But it has not worked for me at all. Am very disappointed as they are quite expensive to buy and as far as i read from the info they provided, it would clear acne up in no time! :O(((((( I am still continuing to take them but i feel i might aswell just flush them down the toilet!

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