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Derek Peterson
By Derek Peterson
April 5, 2011

I’ve heard about Phendimetrazine being the kinder, gentler, and cheaper version of Phentermine, and so I thought maybe I’ll try Phendimetrazine and see what it does for me. That plan was quickly thwarted when my doctor told me that I did not qualify. His reasons?

I was told that my BMI is not nearly high enough, I have a questionable medical history (a family history of heart disease), and he “just didn’t think it was right for me.” But in the process, I found someone else who did qualify, which was predictably hard once I found out about the medical conditions part of the deal. I tracked their weight loss on a weekly basis while simultaneously tracking their commentary on the Phendimetrazine experience, and this is what I got:

The Pros of Phendimetrazine

• This particular patient did lose about 2 ½ pounds per week on average
• Seemed to have more energy for workouts
• Side effects went away after discontinued use

The Cons of Phendimetrazine

• Racing heartbeat and increased pulse, sometimes feeling like her heart might beat out of her chest
• Problems sleeping and common problems with insomnia
• It wasn’t as effective as other weight loss solutions tried in the past
• Severe anxiety when patient was previously reported to be a “laid back girl”
• Felt like she was “another person” entirely
• Doctor only allowed her to take it for a few weeks citing a cessation in weight loss results
• Experienced problems with withdrawals when weaning self off of Phendimetrazine

The Average User’s Experience

After reading hundreds of reviews on Phendimetrazine, these side effects are not at all uncommon. If anything, the side effects this particular patient experienced seem mild, and of course, Phendimetrazine was combined with a doctor recommended diet and exercise program at this time, which could explain a lot of the weight loss.

Should You Use Phendimetrazine?

I’m not too worried about most taking Phendimetrazine because of all of the limitations, the fact that it’s a prescription, and the cost. The cost may be lower than that of Phentermine, but it’s still pretty daunting. But if you qualify and you have actually considered using Phendimetrazine, think again. Even for those who have no history of medical issues, Phendimetrazine can still cause nasty long term side effects.

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