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Pre Jym
Brian Green
By Brian Green
June 14, 2013

Pre Jym is a pre-workout supplement developed by Dr. Jim Stoppani, a popular workout guru. He is the owner of his own company, Jym Supplement Science. Pre Jym is one of the first products introduced by the company.

Dr. Stoppani’s philosophy is most evident in his refusal to use proprietary blends. He clearly labels the amounts of each ingredient in his supplements. He claims each ingredient is clinically proven to produce more energy and greater performance. Since each ingredient is clearly outlined, let’s check them out.

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Ingredients You Get with Pre Jym

One of the main problems with supplements is there is no way to know if the doses included inside are large enough to be effective. Pre Jym includes measurements of every single ingredient.

Citrulline Malate enhances athletic performance and relieves muscle soreness. According to one scientific study, an effective dose is 6 g per day. [1] Pre Jym contains 6 g.

In the study, subjects experienced a 34% increase in oxidative ATP during exercise and a 20% faster recovery rate after exercise. This indicates the increased ATP contributed to energy production.

In another study, athletes engaging in anaerobic exercise experienced a 40% decrease in muscle soreness 24 hours after exercise. [2]

BCAAs increase resistance to fatigue. They also enhance lipid oxidization during exercise, which means they increase the rate of energy burn, giving athletes more energy as they exercise. Scientific studies show effective doses depend on body weight. The lowest amount given in these studies was 7.5 g. [3][4]

However, since many supplements include doses as low as 6 g, the 6g dose included in Pre Jym is likely effective.

Creatine HCl increases lean muscle mass. In a clinical study, athletes were given a larger dose of 20 g per day for a 5 day loading period. They followed the loading period with a 6-week period in which they were given 2 g creatine per day. The loading followed by continuous dosing resulted in greater muscle bulk. Creatine was shown to be ineffective in increasing athletic performance or oxidative capacity. [5]

Pre Jym contains 2 g creatine, which is an effective dose for continuous muscle gain. However, most sources show a loading period makes creatine more effective than sustained use alone. [6]

CarnoSyn Beta-Alanine enhances high intensity training. In a scientific study, athletes were given 6 g per day beta-alanine. After 3 weeks, the beta-alanine group had significantly higher levels of peak oxygen utilization, total work done, and increased lean body mass than the group taking the placebo . [7]

Pre Jym contains 2 g beta-alanine. It is unclear if this dose is sufficient to maximize beta-alanine’s effects, since several studies did not include dosages in the abstracts. [8]

Betaine is linked to homocysteine metabolism. Homocysteine is a sulfur amino acid that, when present in large amounts, contributes to heart disease. A study shows a 3 g dose of betaine lowered homocysteine concentrations in blood of healthy volunteers, which significantly lowers the risk of heart disease. [9]

Pre Jym only contains 1.5 g betaine, which is larger than 1 g, an ineffective dose. However, the study did not observe any positive effects in smaller doses than 3 g per day.

Beta Vulgaris is shown in a scientific study to increase nitric oxide production. This beet root extract is rich in nitrate, which makes it an excellent nitrogen donor. The study showed beta vulgaris has promise as a nutritional supplement. [10]

The study looked at a supplement that included beta vulagaris in a proprietary blend. The total measurement of the blend was 420 mg. Since Pre Jym contains even more beta vulgaris, 500 mg, it is likely the dosage is effective.

Caffeine burns fat. It increases overall energy and energy expenditure in doses as low as 100 mg and as high as 400 mg. Pre Jym contains 200 mg, which is well within the safe and effective range. [11]

Alpha-Size Alpha-GPC increases fat oxidation and human growth hormone secretion in young, active adults, according to one study. After only 2 hours, the subjects’ plasma growth hormone secretion and free fatty acid increased significantly. Subjects were given 1000 mg Alpha-GPC. [12]

Since Pre Jym only contains 150 mg Alpha-GPC, it is unclear if the dose is large enough to be effective.

Consumer Reviews

Pre Jym has only been available to the public for a few weeks, and it has already garnered dozens of rave reviews on The overall score for Pre Jym is 9.9/10, an excellent rating. In taste, Pre Jym earned a 9.7/10 score.

Here’s what customers have to say:

“Great energy without the jitters. Was strong and focused. Had so much energy after the first use when I got home I cleaned out my garage.” – SanDanV,

“I’ve only recently started using supplements. The caffeine and other ingredients [in Pre Jym] have been keeping me alert and focused like none other. Cardio acceleration seems easier and I never knew what people meant when they said something gave them a “pump” but when I did biceps yesterday, I finally got it. My biceps were tight and strong when I was doing curls, and I can only attribute this to Pre JYM. I feel awesome and I’m certain this product will continue to be in my regular rotation. Oh, and while the product doesn’t taste EXCELLENT, it does taste VERY GOOD for a preworkout supplement. I would venture to say though that the palate linger is actually really nice! “ ThirdEye11,


Pre Jym can be found at for around $35. Each tub contains 20 servings, so it should last for as many workouts. Pre Jym is available in Cherry Limeade and Raspberry Lemonade flavors, which have both received high ratings.

Pre Jym will soon be available at more supplement retailers, so keep an eye out for the best price!

The Bottom Line

We applaud Dr. Jim Stoppani’s efforts to make a proprietary blend-free supplement. Knowing exactly how much of each ingredient is in Pre Jym is a huge pro in our book. We feel more confident recommending products when we know what’s inside them.

On the con side, some of the ingredients, especially beta-alanine and betaine, may not be in large enough doses to be effective.

However, the majority of the ingredients appear to be effective. Dr. Jim Stoppani has bodybuilding chops; his reputation alone gives us another level of confidence. Finally, there was not a single negative review to be found by any consumers. We heartily recommend Pre Jym to anyone looking for a boost in their workout.


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INMHO | November 23, 2014

Some people may never be happy, but as a veteran supplement buyer (15-16 years), I am not happy with the JYM Protein Powder. I know the article was for Pre-Jym never tried and never will unless I got a free sample. Anyways, what I didn’t like about the protein powder is the bag it comes in. It might just be an idiosyncrasy, but I prefer the tubs. Second the clasp that closes the bag is junk and broke off already and I still have half a bag left. Third, the ingredient list is atrocious, that is pure processed protein, unlike say ON 100% Natural Whey. I don’t like that sucralose is in it mainly, mono and di-glycerides, stuff like that makes me queasy. Only reason I bought it is the “rave” reviews and I was sold on getting a pure 24g serving of protein blend without it being nitrogen spiked. I got the chocolate cookie crunch and do not like it. I don’t get the cookie crunch pieces, they are pointless and I don’t like chewing my beverage, besides I’m not sure but unless they are made from protein I imagine they are just clumps of gluten, not sure though on that. Overall, I would not recommend to a friend. The only positive is the pure sources of protein blend and that it is not nitrogen spiked.

No, I do not recommend this product

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Jacob K. | October 31, 2014

I’ve been taking Jym Supplements for about a year now and I have gained massively in all areas of my workouts. The first two months I added 20 lbs to my bench. I used to make my own blend based on Dr. Stopanni’s recipes, however this makes it so much easier. As far as beta-alanine and creatine hcl you must take both Pre and Post Jym to get the full clinical doses of each. Taking that much beta alanine all at once would be hard for a lot of people to handle. Watch Dr. Stop’s videos he explains everything in detail. I like both flavors of the Pre and the watermelon for the Post. His Protein is top notch too! 10/10 from me.

Yes, I recommend this product

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