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Derek Peterson
By Derek Peterson
April 11, 2011

Pregnacare Conception contains an interesting blend of all natural vitamins and a few other compounds designed to provide the nutrition necessary to support a woman’s ability to conceive. As far as vitamins and minerals go, Pregnacare Conception has several great ingredients in sufficient doses to be effective. Folic Acid, Viatmin B12, and Vitamin E are all contained in great amounts. The US Department of Health recommends 400mcg of folic acid for woman trying to conceive. Pregnacare Conception has that exact dosage. Having specific and precise dosages is really what you want from any supplement. You can feel rest assured that you’re getting enough of the proper nutritents to provide results but not so much you’re body can’t make use of all of it. Correct dosages make a product much more cost effective.

Aside from vitamins, Pregnacare Conception contains L-Arginine, N-acetyl cysteine, and Inositol. From the research we’ve seen, these compounds have not been heavily tied to increasing the odds of fertilization. In fact, some studies have concluded that Arginine hurts embryo quality and reduces pregnancy rate. N-acetyl cysteine may have some application in supporting cervix secretions but not much evidence has upheld this claim. A few studies have shown that Inositol may be able to help woman with PCOS have better odds of conceiving but unless you have this condition, it may not be that useful.

At the end of the day, we don’t think this is the strongest option. Pregnacare Conception is probably not the most cost-effective prenatal supplement. Its vitamin content is rather extensive and for the most part complete. But some of its other ingredients don’t have enough evidence to justify buying them in a fertility booster. We recommend talking to a midwife or a doctor to see if there is a better fertility supplement that will work better for you than Pregnacare Conception.

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