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Pro-Nutra Green Coffee Bean Extract
Marissa Taylor
By Marissa Taylor
April 5, 2013

Green coffee bean extract is one of many diet ingredients touted as amazing by Dr. Oz. Although he doesn’t endorse any specific brand, Pro-Nutra Green Coffee Bean Extract fits Dr. Oz’s criteria for an effective green coffee bean diet pill. These criteria are:

• A pure chlorogenic acid extract
• At least 45% chlorogenic acid
• No fillers
• No artificial ingredients

Having met Dr. Oz’s requirements, Pro-Nutra Green Coffee Bean Extract is sure to attract a lot of customers jumping on the green coffee bean extract bandwagon. Is Pro-Nutra Green Coffee Bean Extract one of the best diet pills featuring this ingredient? I did some research to find out.

Green Coffee Bean Extract vs. GCB with Svetol

Technically, there are two versions of Pro-Nutra Green Coffee Bean Extract. Though they are very similar, a newer version called GCB with Svetol contains the Dr. Oz recommended 45% pure chlorogenic acid. The earlier version – Green Coffee Bean Extract – does not seem to use pure, brand name chlorogenic acid, which is probably why the manufacturers came up with the new formula. This review discusses the new version.

What Makes It Work

The only active ingredient in Pro-Nutra Green Coffee Bean Extract is exactly what you’d expect it to be from the name: green coffee bean extract. Green coffee beans are simply raw, unroasted coffee beans.

In their unroasted state, coffee beans contain high concentrations of chlorogenic acid. It is this chlorogenic acid that supposedly gives green coffee bean extract its potent weight loss powers.

Pro-Nutra Green Coffee Bean Extract credits chlorogenic acid with lowering the amount of glucose released into the bloodstream. Less glucose should mean less fat being stored and lower weight gain from eating carbohydrates.

The most cited study on green coffee bean extract and weight loss was published in early 2012. The 16 participants in this trial lost weight without major changes to their diet except the addition of green coffee bean extract. [1] Those results sound really enticing to anyone who wants to lose weight but hates dieting.

This study lasted 22 weeks, which is longer than many studies and likely yields more reliable results. In that time frame, the average weight loss was about 18 pounds. Collectively, that’s great, but over that period of time, it’s not impressive. Nutritionists generally believe that diet and exercise alone can yield one pound of weight loss per week.

Moreover, with only 16 participants, this study doesn’t have a large enough sample size to prove green coffee bean extract works for most people. And the scientists responsible for this study openly acknowledge that they aren’t sure how or why green coffee bean extract promotes weight loss.

What Consumers Say

Pro-Nutra Green Coffee Bean Extract has only one online review that I could find. On, the product’s one reviewer gives it five full stars and highly recommends it for weight loss. The discouraging thing about this review is that it doesn’t provide any specifics about how much weight they lost.

Plus, I never trust the opinion of just one reviewer. A product needs quite a few positive reviews before I believe fully in its effectiveness.

How to Use It

Pro-Nutra Green Coffee Bean Extract’s website has easy-to-locate usage instructions. The recommended dose is one capsule in the morning on an empty stomach. Apparently this one capsule works for a full 24 hours to regulate blood glucose and keep calories from storing as fat.

Pro-Nutra Green Coffee Bean Extract is not safe or recommended for pregnant or nursing women, probably because of the coffee bean’s caffeine content. People who have health conditions or who take medications should consult a doctor before using Pro-Nutra Green Coffee Bean Extract.

One capsule of Pro-Nutra Green Coffee Bean Extract contains 400 mg of chlorogenic acid. However, Dr. Oz recommends taking at least 1200 mg daily. Again, Dr. Oz isn’t necessarily the green coffee bean extract guru. But the vast difference in these doses makes me wonder what the true effective dose of green coffee bean extract is.

Also, the nutrition label tells people not to use this product for more than 8 consecutive weeks. I’m not sure why this is, since participants in the study took green coffee bean extract for much longer without experiencing adverse side effects. Still, it’s always better to follow instructions on a product when it affects your health.

Where to Buy It

Pro-Nutra Green Coffee Bean Extract can only be purchased at Even the Pro-Nutra website sends interested buyers to The price for a 30 capsule bottle is $49.99, or $39.99 with a GNC Gold Card. This bottle is a one-month supply.

How Pro-Nutra Green Coffee Bean Extract Stacks Up Overall

I have mixed feelings about Pro-Nutra Green Coffee Bean Extract. The results of the scientific test of green coffee bean extract seem promising, even if the study only used 16 participants. Green coffee bean might actually be capable of enhancing weight loss at a healthy rate.

But this product in particular seems overpriced and under-dosed. I’m not sure that one Pro-Nutra Green Coffee Bean Extract capsule a day can block the fat and carbs someone eats for an entire day. Even if it can, I bet there are less expensive green coffee bean extract diet pills available.

Overall, Pro-Nutra Green Coffee Bean Extract fails to earn my vote. If you want to try losing weight with green coffee bean extract, look for a less expensive product with a higher daily dose.


[1] Vinson JA, Burnham BR, Nagendran MV. “Randomized, doublel-blind, placebo-controlled, linear dose, crossover study to evaluate the efficacy and safety of a green coffee bean extract in overweight subjects.” Diabetes Metab Syndro Obes. 2012. Available from:

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