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Derek Peterson
By Derek Peterson
February 9, 2010

Pronabolin is a testosterone booster brought to you by the company A-D-S. This product is meant to give you increased hormone generation and the strength and ability that comes with elevated testosterone rates.

Pronabolin has been developed to give you the power of boosted testosterone and the aid of modern technology in the form of “multi-time released technology” as well as powerful boosts in both testosterone and growth hormone alike, so you can get more out of each and every workout.

We can’t help but appreciate it when a supplement takes a new approach to bodybuilding and weight loss, so naturally we were interested to see what Pronabolin could do. Let’s take a closer look at this “drug supplement hybrid technology” to see if it can live up to our expectations.

How Does Pronabolin Work?

Typically speaking, since most testosterone supplements are not time-released, they do not have the ability to boost growth hormone as well as testosterone, which is why Pronabolin manufacturers took a different approach when creating their new formula.

Pronabolin advertisements state that the only way for you to maximize the anabolic muscle building effect of a testosterone booster is by implementing a time-release formula to keep the body from absorbing the supplement too quickly, thereby ensuring the right combination of testosterone and GH, the two most vital hormones for developing lean muscle and strength.

Interestingly, Pronabolin uses a bi-layer tablet to achieve this effect, while also providing enough anti-estrogen to block the conversion of testosterone and keep the side effects to a minimum.

Ingredient Profile

The ingredients found in Pronabolin are listed as Testofen (600mg), Resveratrol (10mg), and N-Acetyl-5-Methoxytyptamine (0.5mg).

Testofen is a patented form of Fenugreek, a Mediterranean herb known to stimulate libido and treat reproductive disorders. Recent studies have shown that Fenugreek may even be able to help lower blood sugar and cholesterol levels, making it a potential tool in the fight against diabetes.

Resveratrol, on the other hand, plays an important role in the regulation of insulin sensitivity and energy levels, and many believe that this powerful antioxidant may be able to slow signs of old age.

N-Acetyl-5-Methoxytyptamine , more commonly known as melatonin, is a unique hormone secreted primarily at night that can created a mild feeling of drowsiness.

Although all three of these ingredients can improve you overall quality of sleep (which is always helpful in boosting testosterone and HGH), there is not enough clinical research to validate their performance as testosterone boosters, making us wonder the overall effectiveness of such a supplement.

What Consumers Think

Overall, the consumer reviews we have seen have been unfavorable. A lot of customers stated that this product was a waste of their time, money, and effort and that they would not be purchasing it a second time. A few said that they saw some results but that the results didn’t warrant the high price tag.

What We Think

As far as testosterone boosters are concerned we aren’t overly excited about Pronabolin. We realize that there is never going to be a product that gets only positive reviews, but a quality product should at least have two or three good reviews for every bad consumer review.

With Pronabolin the incident of poor reviews was much higher than for the positive and that means that it is probably going to be of little value to you as a testosterone booster. We do not feel comfortable recommending Pronabolin at this time.

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Community Rating:
3.4 / 5.0


Edmund Green - USN Guantanamo Bay, Cuba | December 19, 2010
Overall great product!

I was recommended this product at a GNC because i was told it was one of the only test boosters out their left which had decent naturally occuring substances without being removed from the market. I was kind of skeptical at first, but i decided to give it a try. I can’t compare it really to other test boosters because this is the only product i have taken. I definitely noticed a major difference though once i cycled into the product and my normal workout routine. Good dieting and routine is key to any workout and gaining anything from it, but this definitely had a dramatic impact on my performance. I usually go into the gym unmotivated or tired but i definitely felt like i had the energy to just get in their and lift especially with the great night sleep. I stacked this product with BSN products such as N.O. xplode and syntha6 but i’ve taken N.O. before and there was a major difference this time. I didn’t really gain major mass or anything but i did notice lean and denser muscle and more cuts. It coulda been because i was doing higher reps though, about 8-12 depending on the workout of the day. I was getting stronger, a lot stronger! i did put on mass though. i usually weighed around 150-155 pounds. I was about 153 when i took this product, and i can definitely say that i put on a good 5 pounds of muscle in a little over a month and i was getting pretty cut with little to no cardio vascualar excersize involved, just super setting. I definitely recommend this product but the price could definitely be dropped a little. 60 dollars is definitely where it should be at and considering i haven’t seen it sell on, GNC kinda racks up the price unless you got a gold card which is of course what happends with all GNC products and if you’re an experienced supplement buyer that kinda pisses you off too. Overall i rate this product a 4 out 5 for test boosters out there… i removed a star because of the price. knock the price down and i definitely 5 out of 5 it! thanks and i hope this helps peeps!

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michael | December 11, 2010
pronabolin pills

these pills are like crack,at first i didn’t feel anything so i took more than recommended then i felt it.started getting really cochy with people,slight mass increase,now i don’t want to stop taking them, i’ve only been taking them for 12 days now.yes i really take them they r light and dark brown and smell weird. no acne side effect ae all or sleeplessness.

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JimmyJohns | October 28, 2010
Response to "11 May 2010 - Corey"

This isn’t anything new and exciting but ADS is not exactly ripping you off as Corey would have you believe.
1) Resveratrol is not the same as grapes or grape juice-you have to buy japanese giant knotweed or unpasteurized red wine. Actual resveratrol extract is fairly expensive.
2) Testofen is not the same as buying fenugreek. It is a certain standardized extract that has shown to increase serum test levels. This is like saying you can just eat algae instead of buying penicillin.
3) The other ingredient makes you fall asleep faster. Test and GH are produced the most during REM sleep stage 3. So the longer you are there, the more test and GH you produce.

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pablo | October 20, 2010

Pronabolin seems to be working and I have actually noticed some growth. As for the test boost, I’m not too sure about the results from that. Over all and so far I’m happy.

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Nate | September 22, 2010

I do not believe pronabolin has too much effects on lifting. I have lifted on and off of this supplement and others and the biggest part of gains is dedication. I got just as good of results off of 20 dollar wal mart protein/creatine. Personally I’d say it’s all in your head and a complete waste of money to be spending on this product.

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L petta | August 4, 2010

Been on for a few weeks work out about 4 to 5 times weekly.In the gym yesterday I grabbed 225 like it was a warm up weight, wow I been goin hard but the pronabolin is workin. Feel the results.Energy is there but so is the acne and lack of sleep.I would reccommend this product but the key is diet and hard constant workouts.

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Ricky | July 22, 2010

The booster work but Guys something you have to understand Pronabolin is a natural booster if you looking for or pretend that give a lot power and gain muscles fast you never find something in the supplements and in the booster the only products do this are steroids but is something complete different.

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Matt | June 16, 2010
Not bad.

I’ve only been on this for a little over a week and I already am noticing differences from taking it. I sleep great, feel great during the day, and my lifts have increased by 10-20lbs already. I was weary about natural test boosters but I definitely feel this is working for me. Also I’ve noticed a decrease in bodyfat. This supplement coupled with a vigorous training routine and solid nutrition will produce results.

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james | May 14, 2010

im 19 years old i wanted to build muscle and gain weight without juice im 5’7 and weighed 155lbs when i started pronobolin, i hit the gym every day and took protein after every work out. im ending my four week cycle now and i havent noticed that much weight gain im 160 now but my strength has increased alot i maxed on bench 220 when i started and 3 weeks into my cycle i was gettin up 265 on bench, my arms and chest are much bigger and my abs are shredded even my girl back home is noticing. as for acne mine is actually going away and ive felt no affects of the extra test. i recomend this product.

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Corey | May 11, 2010
If you have money to throw down the toilet, try this

Alright, if you know anything about buying supplements…READ THE LABEL BEFORE YOU BELIEVE THE CLAIMS. Looking at the ingredients….
Testofen 600mg
Resveratrol 10mg
N-Acetyl-5-Methoxytryptamine 0.5mg

Testofen – more commonly known as fenugreek, it can easily be bought for an extremely low price by itself.

Resveratrol – An antioxidant found in red wine (grapes).

N-Acetyl-5-Methoxytryptamine – Although this looks like some huge scientific break through, it is (drum roll)…MELATONIN. Any sleep benefits you find are from this, a product that can be bought for almost nothing. This is the recipe for the huge HGH increases and Test. increases. I would rather throw my money down the toilet than buy this product…

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military training in nc | April 21, 2010
this is awsome

I’ve only been using the stuff for a week the amount of energy I have is crazy. I haven’t felt this good in years. I can run faster that’s for sure. Yea I’ve noticed the acne already and the sleepless nights but I guess I get enough sleep for me. I do recomend this stuff to anyone.

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Johnny Puerto Rico | April 11, 2010
i going to star tomorrow

i have 21 and i going to star using Pronabolin i all ready have a bit of acne i hope dont get worst…

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