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Re-Body SafSlim Belly Fat Transformatio
Derek Peterson
By Derek Peterson
March 18, 2011

Re-Body SafSlim Belly Fat Transformation is a liquid weight loss supplement designed with proven and clinically-researched ingredients. These ingredients are said to activate hormones that will suppress the appetite, mobilize fat, and improve insulin sensitivity.

With these results, manufacturers want you to believe that Re-Body SafSlim Belly Fat Transformation is capable of targeting fat around your abdomen, helping you trim your waistline and decrease the dangers that accompany belly fat.

Unlike other dietary supplements, Re-Body SafSlim even comes with recommendations from a study that showed that consumers of the product lost more than six percent of their belly fat over a sixteen-week period.

However, we know that it is impossible to target fat burning in a specific area of the body, so what does Re-Body SafSlim Belly Fat Transformation do that is so revolutionary? We decided to review the product for ourselves in order to find out.

What’s In SafSlim Belly Fat Transformation?

Re-Body has included five ingredients in the SafSlim formula to help you lose weight. Here’s a look at what they are and what they do.

Vitamin E (6 IU) is an essential nutrient that is said to help improve your exercise performance. It plays an active role in muscle health and athleticism, helping your body create red blood cells and more efficiently use Vitamin K. Deficiencies could lead to arthritis, muscle weakness, loss of muscle mass, and depression . In this way, Vitamin E supports weight loss in an indirect fashion.
Palmitic Acid (324mg), also known as hexadeconoic acid, is the most common fatty acid found in animals. It is used primarily to produce soaps and cosmetics, and as an additive in organic food products. What it’s doing in a weight loss supplement is a mystery to us. According to research from the University of Cincinnati, palmitic acid can also lead to decreased thermogenesis and lesser leptin sensitivity, which can result in significant overeating. Additionally, the World Health Organization has cautioned that overuse of this acid can lead to an increased risk of developing heart disease.
Stearic Acid (108mg) is a saturated fatty acid comparable to palmitic acid in terms of common use. Unlike palmitic acid, however, it may do some good in terms of weight loss. According to a study from Ball State University, stearic acid reduces weight gain to the tune of 13 to 38 percent. It is also said to decrease the appearance of breast cancer. However, these effects have only been tested on mice so far.
Oleic Acid (863mg) is yea another fatty acid present in both animals and vegetables. It is used mostly to produce soap, but is also said to create oleoylethanolamide, which enhances memory, promotes fat burning, and reduces appetite. It is one of the most abundant fats in the human body, and can be easily found in olive oil, avocado, fish, and almonds.
Linoleic Acid (3883mg) is an unsaturated fatty acid with a variety of uses. It is most effective when taken from safflower oil, which is effective in combatting abdominal fat that surrounds the organs. In one study, participants who took safflower oil over 16 weeks lost a significant amount o abdominal fat compared with people using conjugated linoleic acid.

How Can I Lose Weight With SafSlim Belly Fat Transformation?

Re-Body SafSlim Belly Fat Transformation is said to work best when added to a diet without trans fats and refined carbohydrates. Exercise is also recommended for optimal results.

To use, take one tablespoon twice daily before meals. It is particularly recommended with beverages, shakes, or yogurt. You should take SafSlim for 16 weeks for the best results.

Customers have said that SafSlim is easy to use and tastes good. They recommend taking it before breakfast and supper for the easiest use, though they say it takes a few weeks to show any results.

Will SafSlim Be Effective?

Re-Body has taken a unique approach to weight loss with SafSlim Belly Fat Transformation. Instead of using traditional fat burners, SafSlim uses fatty acids to spark fat burning and appetite suppression.

The ingredients in SafSlim, however, seem to be pretty run of the mill in terms of fatty acids. Some, like palmitic acid, even seem to work against your weight loss efforts. Others seem to have what it takes to help you lose weight, but are not substantiated by clinical trials.

Nevertheless, some customers have said that SafSlim has helped them lose weight, even in the abdominal area. This is probably because linoleic acid is adept at inhibiting cortisol, a stress hormone that deposits fat around your waist. Otherwise, it is impossible to target fat burning; fat burning takes place simultaneously in the cells around your body.

Other customers, however, have noticed no difference in their weight while using SafSlim.

How Much Does SafSlim Cost?

Re-Body SafSlim Belly Fat Transformation retails for $29.99 online, though there is no money-back guarantee. Nevertheless, this is a fairly inexpensive weight loss product and considering the fat burning potential you’re getting, it may not be a bad deal.
SafSlim is only available in the United States, however, so if you’re an international customer, you may need to look to a third-party website to get a hold of SafSlim.

Should I Try SafSlim?

We’re not 100 percent behind SafSlim due to some of its ingredients, but the customer reviews make us look more positively on this supplement than we otherwise would.

Though we wouldn’t recommend it outright, we think that if you’re someone who has struggled to lose weight through more traditional means, Re-Body SafSlim Belly Fat Transformation may help you out.

And for an affordable price, you won’t be out much money. Make sure to let us know how it went for you in the comments section below.

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