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Derek Peterson
By Derek Peterson
February 6, 2010

Relacore is known as “an extra maximum strength stress mitigating compound”, or in other words a diet pill that helps you look as great as you feel by reducing stress-related belly fat.

Created by a company called Basic Research, Relacore appears to kill two birds with one stone by controlling the hormone cortisol (released during times of stress) and helping you lose weight at the same time. Additionally, manufacturers would have you believe that Relacore is “nothing short of an ‘anti-aging’ miracle.”

Supposedly Relacore is so popular that it can no longer be found at local stores such as Wal-mart, but fortunately it can be purchased through Relacore’s official website. Yet despite the recent craze to buy as much Relacore as possible before it’s gone, we can’t help but wonder if it can live up to the hype. Is it really a dieting dream come true?

How Does Relacore Work?

In theory, the stress hormone, cortisol, is the true culprit behind unnecessary weight gain and insomnia. Increased levels of this hormone result in fat retention in the abdomen, buttocks, and thighs, making it difficult to slim down and sculpt that perfect body.

Relacore, on the other hand, supposedly uses clinically proven ingredients to reign in your cortisol levels to give you a trimmer and more toned physique. When used with a healthy diet and regular exercise, Relacore may even help you lose more weight than ever before while simultaneously reducing stress, mild anxiety, depression, and fatigue.

What’s Inside?

We find it unusual that Relacore does not disclose any ingredients for either Relacore extra or Relacore PM, but third-party sites have stated that both products contain the ingredient Magnolia Bark, which is an ancient Chinese plant that can suppress the release of cortisol and lower stress levels.

Additionally, Relacore Extra contains Lemon Balm Leaf, and though this ingredient is not clinically proven, it can provide an effective treatment for indigestion, bloating, and gas.

When used correctly, Magnolia Bark has the potential to be more soothing than Valium without triggering negative side effects, while Lemon Balm Leaf will calm anxieties and nervous tension. Both of these ingredients are typically found in sleep-aid formulas, which makes us wonder if Relacore extra can be used as a sedative (much like Relacore PM).

Unfortunately, neither of these ingredients will boost your metabolism, burn more calories, nor help you lose weight. In fact, we fail to see how any of the ingredients inside Relacore will help you shed those stubborn pounds.

Should You Use Relacore Extra?

Relacore Extra is based on a medical condition called Cushing’s syndrome. Cushing’s syndrome can cause high levels of cortisol, and it can cause extreme weight gain. But it will also cause severe fatigue, weak muscles, high blood pressure, high blood glucose levels, increased thirst and urination, irritability, anxiety, depression, and a fatty hump between the shoulders.

This particular medical condition affects less than 1% of the population at any given time, and it requires medical intervention. Sleep aids will not allow you to achieve this particular effect.

Overall, we are not impressed with Relacore’s claims to help you lose weight. Although Relacore appears to be a quality sleep aid, as a weight loss product, it’s a complete flop. There are more reliable products on the market which can help you shed those extra pounds whether you acquired the weight through stress or some other means.

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Jennifer | July 25, 2013

I am a 35 year old mother of three and have been looking for something for my stress and PMDD. I have tried all sorts of stuff and nothing seemed to work. I found Relacore extra and absolutely LOVE this stuff!! I have a feeling of wellness and I can go all day with out feeling the need for caffeine. I do not have any adverse effects as of yet. I feel like myself again! Will buy another bottle for sure :) Best $24.99 I have ever spent. on a side note, I do not see any weight loss or belly fat reduction. But, my wellness is worth everything to me. It is worth a try!

Yes, I recommend this product

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Deborah D | May 4, 2013

I started relacore this morning, I felt great, calmer, happier and more relaxed. I disagree with sleep aid, it actually calms anxiety very well for me, I think adding zantrex to relacore gives you the desired results with the weight loss. It does boost my mood and calm anxiety quite well, will give another review in 2 weeks. thank you

Yes, I recommend this product

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jasmine | April 17, 2013

When I first started taking relacore pm a couple years ago the active ingredients were listed and it seemed ok to my 5 senses. I took it to help with my anxiety attacks at night which I thought could be related to the belly fat. It jumpstarted my weight loss and I stopped taking it after 3 months as I reached my goal and just seemed like I didn’t need it any more. As my stress increased this year I decided to get back on it. However it smells putrid and nauseating and I can’t find any ingredients for it listed anywhere. My instinct is telling me to stay away from it so I am just taking organic sleep aid drops.

No, I do not recommend this product

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Rachel Powell | August 5, 2011

I have been trying to locate a supplement for years to help relieve the symptoms of PMDD. I suffer from moderate to severe depression, anxiety, hostility and paranoia from the beginning of ovulation to the end of my period. (The hormonal fluctuations are so severe that I am able to determine the exact time that my period ends.)

I have tried other herbal blends, birth control and antidepressants. I have a BMI of 20, eat a healthy diet of whole grains, nuts, proteins, etc and exercise 3-5 times a week. I have had multiple blood and urine tests in the last 6 months, each demonstrating perfect health. There seems to be no valid medical reason for all of this suffering I endure every month.

So far, Relacore has been the only supplement I have used that has relieved symptoms of PMDD. In fact, I noticed a difference within 10 minutes of the first dosage. This month was great: I had milder symptoms of PMS (no depression, less agitation, etc.) and reduced length and severity of menstrual cramps. I truly feel like myself again. PMDD was beginning to control my outlook on life; I wondered if I would ever find help.

I would recommend this supplement to any woman suffering from PMDD or PMS.

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Roberta | April 27, 2011

I found that Relacore had wonderful vitamins & ingredients that helped TREMENDOUSLY with my MS symptoms !! But, then the company started cutting back on the B Vitamins and changing the ingredients. It did nothing for my type of belly fat. I was more encouraged how this product had helped to relieve my symptoms of MS and thought that was a greater break through !!

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admin | March 24, 2011
I love this stuff

Just making sure nothing broke in the migration…

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loving relacore | October 11, 2010
the best

I have been taking relacore on a off for a last few years. I can say that it really calms me down. I am a mom of six children. I had so many problems with anxiety and stress. When I take relacore It does wonders. Relacore is not majic pill. you do have to exercise and eat right but it will help you not to pig out. There is no majic to losing weight you have to work at it period. But it does help stress. Oh and I itch when i take it but sinch my allergies are so bad any way I take my allergie meds at night and i dont feel it..

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Pat | May 6, 2010
Extremely Calming

I’m a divorce mother of two and I work full-time as a social worker so my stress is always on 10. I tried relacore and I was amazed at my ability to remain calm throughout my day. I’ve noticed my hair is growing also at a rate I have not seen since I was 9, lol. My tummy is shrinking as I continue to keep up with my exercise routine and diet. I like the product and I will purchase another bottle once I finish this bottle.

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Sherlonda | March 18, 2010
one month of good results

Hi everyone!
I started taking Relacore about one month ago and my results are pretty good. My waist is smaller and i feel alot calmer. I also exercise 3-4 days week for about 1-2 hours a day. My Relacore experience is going pretty good so far.

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Joanna | March 6, 2010

I started taking Relecore today. I have taken all three doses and I can honestly say, I haven’t noticed a change at all. I really hopes this works. I bought it at Costco and got two bottles of it. I will give it a week and let everyone know if it’s working.

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Elizabeth of Texas, USA | August 8, 2008
never again

I saw the infomercials and I thought Relacore was something I could use because I tend to be thicker around my midsection. So I bought it and I was really surprised after three days it worked my belly was gone! But then it started coming back and my hair was falling out. I drink a lot of coffee my heart was beating so fast and irregular I felt like I was gonna die. I had no idea it was because of the combination with the Relacore.

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Kathyrn of Georgia, USA | April 29, 2008
Belly Fat Doubled Back!

I tried Relecore in Feburary 2007 with a calorie intake of about 1100 per day and exercise; with good results. My hair fell out,my face broke out b, did not relate that to the Relecore so I continued using it for 2 more months. This time my results were horrible. The belly fat returned and it was anrgy. It was like I’d woke up the sleeping GIANT of FAT. Never has my belly looked more flabby and disgusting. R am pleading with those of you who may have only the C-section flab; please spend your money on something else. This product is not only a temporary fix, it actually seems to cause fat to return where it once never was a problem. I am now going to a boot-camp work out and have reduce my calories to 1200 per day. Unfortunately, Exercise and lots of it is the only way we are going to beat the FAT!! GOOD LUCK to all.

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