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Brian Green
By Brian Green
March 26, 2012

RigiDerm is a topical cream for male enhancement.

On the website, RigiDerm describes their product as being a better way of getting a “fast” erection than having to wait up to an hour for a pill to take effect.

RigiDerm is made of all natural ingredients, which are listed on the official website.

RigiDerm advertises that it will to take your penis from soft to hard as steel in seconds with only a small “dab” of RigiDerm.

RigiDerm Ingredients

Though the doses are not listed, these are the ingredients we found in RigiDerm:
Maca: regulates production of the hormone testosterone.
Pygeum Africanum: improves sexual performance by strengthening the prostate.
Horny Goat Weed: used as an aphrodisiac.
Oat Straw strengthens: the nervous system and increases sexual drive.
Catuaba: helps balance, and calm the central nervous system which eases nervousness and emotional stress.
Oriental Ginseng: restores body balance, both physically and mentally, aids in nitric oxide production, and increases stamina.
L-Arginine: is amino acid that helps in the production of nitric oxide, a neurotransmitter and vasodilator, which gives you a better erection.
Stinging Nettle: increases free testosterone in the body providing an increase in libido.

Other ingredients in RigiDerm include:
Cayenne is a ‘warming’ herb that promotes better circulation.
Muira Puama is a powerful aphrodisiac and nerve stimulant.
Oyster Extract has natural aphrodisiac properties and is loaded with zinc (high testosterone content).
Smilax Officinalis promotes energy and endurance.
Astragalus stimulates the immune system and increases energy levels.
Licorice increases sex drive in men and women.
Pumpkin Seed Extract supports prostate and urinary health.

With such a wide variety of ingredients, it seems certain that RigiDerm would work as advertised.

Consumer Reviews/Experiences

There are two customer testimonials that claim that RigiDerm works. We found customer reviews on other sites from men who claim that RigiDerm did not work at all. One customer said he ordered the product in September and is still waiting on it in December, he sent emails getting no results.

Another review claims that RigiDerm burns and when he requested a full refund he did not get it. Some men bought the product, their check was cashed but they never received RigiDerm.

The RigiDerm website is a little graphic in language, which makes it seem a little unprofessional. There isn’t any information about tests that have been done on RigiDerm, and even though they provide an ingredient list, they don’t list each ingredient amount.

RigiDerm PROS

• Natural ingredients
• Customer testimonies on the website
• Money guaranteed by the company

RigiDerm CONS

• Expensive product
• Bad reviews
• Ingredient amounts not disclosed

RigiDerm Price and Return Policy

One (2 ounce) jar of RigiDerm costs $39.90 plus shipping and handling fees.
• 2 Jars – $69.90
• 3 Jars – $99.80
• 4 Jars – $119.70

According to RigiDerm’s website, if you are not absolutely satisfied with the results, you can return the RigiDerm within 60 days for a full refund minus shipping and handling.

Final Thoughts on RigiDerm

The only positive reviews are the two on the RigiDerm website. All others were negative. The manufacturers say they provide a money back guarantee, but some customers claim they didn’t get it.

The ingredients are listed but not the amounts, which makes it impossible to tell how potent it will be.

Just going by the reviews, the bad ones outweigh the good one 10:1. All in all, we would not recommend this product.

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Derek Peterson | April 11, 2014

Peter, we’re just a review site. We don’t handle returns. This is something you’ll need to take up with Rigiderm retailers.

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peter reynolds | April 9, 2014

Email me a return address or this will be reported to tje better busines bureau .

No, I do not recommend this product

1 of 1 People Found This Review Helpful

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Ram | November 4, 2013

Why not offer it on a free trail for the consumer? That would generate more reviews for interested customers.

Yes, I recommend this product

0 of 1 People Found This Review Helpful

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J.Holmes | May 7, 2013

This is a total BS product. All it does is heat your privates up and make your partner say is feels icky. DO NOT BUY THIS CRAP…

No, I do not recommend this product

1 of 1 People Found This Review Helpful

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MIKE | March 23, 2013


No, I do not recommend this product

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H. Mann | September 3, 2012

It simply doesn’t work. So far, Ive tried it three times with no effect whatsoever. It was a waste of money and a waste of my time. I’m trying to contact them now to see about getting a refund. We’ll see if that works. Rating: 0/5 (gave it 1 star above just to make sure my vote was counted)

2 of 2 People Found This Review Helpful

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