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SAN Lipo Redux
Derek Peterson
By Derek Peterson
May 26, 2011

SAN Lipo Redux is a precise and popular product, in part because this cream is spread across the body, supposedly targeting trouble spots and specific areas of fat without any of the side effects that are sometimes associated with pills. It focuses on a precise 6 phase topical fat loss matrix, and it specifically focuses on insulin sensitivity.

Obviously, any skin cream could cause skin irritation and rash for some, but that’s nothing for some compared to the headaches, nausea, jitters, and insomnia that can come with most major diet pills. Creams are a little bit iffy, mostly because we just don’t understand them quite as well. However, if it can get the ingredients into the bloodstream and it has the right ingredients, we see nothing necessarily wrong with it.

How SAN Lipo Redux Promotes Weight Loss

SAN Lipo Redux uses a blend of ingredients that includes razberi-k, a stimulant free and yet potent fat burning ingredient. This ingredient has been clinically proven before to promote a thermogenic effect without the side effects and without complications for most. Technically, it has never been tested in topical form, but coffee bean has been used to fight cellulite when used in a scrub before. So logically, there’s no reason why razberi-k couldn’t do the same.

Other ingredients work mostly to improve the condition of the skin, we hope to help you to avoid rashes and skin irritation. It uses healthy moisturizers as well as essential vitamins, and it also uses coleus forskohlii root, which has been used by quite a few diet pills before to increase healthy lean muscle mass and Octopamine, which seems to release fat from healthy cells. It’s surprising just how many weight loss ingredients SAN Lipo Redux really has.

Is SAN Lipo Redux Safe?

There are some ingredients in SAN Lipo Redux that have been associated with side effects when used in pill form. Yohimbine for example seems to cause some pretty serious problems when used in pill form. However, we don’t think that you necessarily have to worry about that with it being in gel form.

SAN Lipo Redux Reputation

SAN Lipo Redux seems to have made quite the name for itself. It sells mostly through sites like, which isn’t too shabby, and most of the sites that carry SAN Lipo Redux are pretty reputable, meaning that if you receive a defective product, you can probably get your money back or make an exchange. However, in general terms, SAN Lipo Redux does not have a solid money back guarantee.

Should You Use SAN Lipo Redux?

We’re not entirely sure about SAN Lipo Redux, because we cannot be entirely sure about creams or gels in general. We simply haven’t explored topical solutions are extensively as we would like to. However, based on the formula and what we would normally expect from a pill, we’re pretty on the fact that it has a fair base.

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