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Derek Peterson
By Derek Peterson
August 22, 2011

Seaweed Natural Weight Loss Patches come as British diet patches promising a wealth of weight loss results without requiring you to take any pills or use any drinks or powders. Seaweed Natural Weight Loss Patches simply rely on the power of seaweed to help you to burn fat with a patch that will work throughout the day with virtually no effort from you. While you may have previously thought of seaweed as that slimy green thing you find in some Japanese dishes, just think about it for a minute, Japanese people tend to be skinny. Maybe there’s something to it.

The Clinical Studies & Scientific Evidence

As it turns out, there are studies, conducted by Japanese scientists of course, that show that seaweed can be used to burn fat. In fact, there are studies that show that the thermogenic effect is pretty strong with added vitamins, minerals, and specifically iodine and natural antioxidants that can improve your health. Of course, all of these studies were conducted by the labs, making us question whether or not it might be biased. However, there are still a few different studies to consider.

Is This a Good Value?

Everything costs more in the UK, it’s just the way it works, but this gets a little bit ridiculous. We understand that international shipping costs a lot, and $20 seems about right. Even without shipping, it sells for about $64! That’s more expensive than the high majority of American diet pills, and Seaweed Natural Weight Loss Patches have a grand total of 1 ingredient: seaweed. We are willing to admit that yes, we like the idea of seaweed as a fat burner. However, we are not sure that the patches actually do anything, and we’ve never seen any seaweed product selling for quite this much.

Do People Actually Lose Weight with Seaweed Natural Weight Loss Patches?

We’ve received and seen both good and bad reviews, which happens with any product, good or bad. It depends partly on your diet and exercise program and partly on your body type. The fact is that there are some people who seem to believe that Seaweed Natural Weight Loss Patches helped them to lose weight. The clinical studies so far do not support it (because of the patches), but it’s possible that the clinical studies just haven’t caught up to the facts.

Our Take on Seaweed Natural Weight Loss Patches

We’re not willing to recommend Seaweed Natural Weight Loss Patches to everybody as the ultimate weight loss supplement, but then again we’re not willing to condemn it as a complete waste of time and money. We do think that it’s a little pricy for what you are actually getting, and selling mostly in the UK, it is hard to get compared to a lot of other diet supplements, but it does provide an easier approach that some people prefer.

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