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Sexciter Liquid
Marissa Taylor
By Marissa Taylor
March 22, 2012

All of those stereotypes on television about women uninterested in sex while their partner agonizes in the background may be true. Clinical studies have shown that once women enter into a stable relationship, their desire for physical intimacy lessens while men’s desire remains the same.

Want to correct this imbalance? World Class Nutrition hopes you will choose Sexciter, their female libido dietary supplement.

However, the human libido is a tricky thing to orchestrate, and many supplements fall short. Should you try Sexciter? We’ll help you decide on the answer to this by going through claims made by Sexciter, the ingredients used in the supplement, and an overview of customer reaction to Sexciter.

What Does Sexciter Say It Will Do?

With Sexciter Liquid for Women the claims are substantial. Check these out:

• “She Won’t Be Able To Keep Her Hands Off Of You!”
• “Special Ingredients Quickly Speed up Her Desire For Sex!”
• “Helps Make It the Best Sex She’s Ever Had!”
• “Increases Sexual Stamina & Vigor!”
• “Makes Women Hot and Desire Sex!”

Sexciter says that by using natural ingredients, women will feel a quick-acting libido. And once she is in the bedroom, Sexciter Liquid will help increase her enjoyment and desire to stay there.

Sexciter Liquid for Women Ingredient List

Sexciter Liquid for Women contains only two ingredients, Yohimbe Blend (10x) 1000 mg and Estrogenix Complex (10x) 500 mg.

We were not able to find any information on the latter ingredient; it seems to be a patented blend by Sexciter Liquid for Women’s manufacturer. But the name “Estrogenix” obviously suggests it affects estrogen levels—perhaps by balancing them out? A decrease of estrogen circulating in a woman’s body can bring her sex drive down—especially around menopause.

So if Estrogenix is an estrogen balancer, this may help to restore her sex drive to normal levels.

The former ingredient Yohimbe however, is a top-rated male enhancement ingredient, which is commonly used to treat erectile dysfunction and sexual problems in men. However, Yohimbe may be beneficial to women’s libido also—in Africa it’s been used for centuries for such a purpose.

To date however, studies are inconclusive regarding Yohimbe’s effect in increasing libido in women. One test was carried out on a small study group in 2002, mixing Yohimbe with L-Arginine. You can find this study in the Aug 2002 “Archives of Sexual Behavior.

Yohimbe was found in this study to increase desire in women when used in conjunction with L-Arginine—but you’re not receiving L-Arginine in Sexciter Liquid for Women.

Sexciter Liquid for Women Testimonials

Customer reviews on Sexciter have been relatively scattered between approval and disgruntled in terms of whether or not the product works. Some claim it really did up women’s desire for sex, while others say Sexciter produced no effect.

Overall, Sexciter seems to work mostly as a mood enhancer, bringing women up to better mental places. While this can contribute to a desire for sex, it is not a direct libido enhancer.

Sexciter Liquid for Women Price and Returns

Sexciter Liquid for Women can be found on various retail sites on the web. Shop for the best price available. We found it anywhere from $15-25.00.

Based on the ingredients, we’d say buy as cheap as you can!

Most retailers will only refund on “unopened” product. If you purchase Sexciter Liquid for Women, we hope it works for her!

Should You Buy Sexciter Liquid for Women?

While Yohimbe has been found in women to reverse some of the effects of antidepressants like “dry mouth”, studies on the value of this ingredient for female sex drive are still ongoing, and there’s no proof it will work–even with the whopping 1,000 mg dosage!

We rustled up different testimonials from various sites, and Sexciter Liquid for Women seems to have proven effective for some women—but not the mature “52 year-old” woman. Pre-menopausal or post-menopausal women may not find Sexciter Liquid for Women strong and effective enough.

If you do try Sexciter Liquid for Women, please leave your comments below!

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