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Derek Peterson
By Derek Peterson
April 18, 2011

Insomnia and the prescription treatments for insomnia both have health risks. Finding the right sleeping pill for your sleep disorder and sleep maintenance difficulties with the least amount of risk is tough. Silenor is a prescription medication used to treat several varieties of insomnia. Unlike most prescriptions for insomnia, Silenor is not a controlled substance. Controlled substances run the risk of addiction, abuse, and withdrawal symptoms. Silenor helps you fall asleep faster and remain sleeping longer without you being concerned about potential dependence.

How does Silenor work?

Silenor is a dose of doxepin. Doxepin is usually used to treat anxiety and depression. As a sleep aid doxepin blocks histamine, a chemical messenger in the brain, in order to induce a deep sleep. As a prescription medication to treat insomnia, Silenor is clearly effective. Depending on your needs, 3 mg and 6 mg Silenor is available. In clinical trials for Silenor people experienced better sleep quality and longer sleep duration.

Should you use Silenor?

Even though Silenor avoids potential abuse, addiction, and rebound insomnia the sleeping pill still have side effects. Some of the minor side effects associated with Silenor include nausea, dry mouth, weakness, skin sensitivity, blurred vision, and sweating. More severe side effects include spasms, tremors, fever, rash, and irregular heartbeat. In other clinical trials for doxepin, suicidal thoughts and tendencies became evident.

Using Silenor will be a decision you must make with your doctor. Your doctor will determine if the risks of Silenor are more important than dealing with insomnia. People who suffer from an occasional sleepless night or who only need minor help falling asleep can find a natural supplement that will be an appropriate solution.

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