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Silver Detox Foot Pads
Derek Peterson
By Derek Peterson
August 23, 2011

Silver Detox Foot Pads can be pretty convincing with pictures of before and after with white foot pads and then completely brown foot pads. According to Silver Labs, Silver Detox Foot Pads are made to stimulate the digestive system to remove toxins all the way through the feet, with 10 pads in each pack.

Silver Detox Foot Pads are completely natural, and some would even say that they are organic, allowing you to “revitalize” and “enhance” the blood circulation and the immune system, all of which sounds pretty good. Looks can however be a little deceiving.

What Are Silver Detox Foot Pads?

Silver Detox Foot Pads uses a simple blend of 3 ingredients. All you have to do is apply them to the feet and then go to sleep, during which Silver Detox Foot Pads do all their work. The foot patches supposedly attract toxins, bringing them down to the foot pads, allowing you to remove accumulated toxins and waste easily and effectively, but how much of all of this is actually true?

Unfortunately, we can’t say we’re really sure. We know that Silver Detox Foot Pads has a chemical that can change the color of cloth like the foot pads, leading us to the thought that it might all be a little deceiving. We have also found that Silver Detox Foot Pads have an ingredient that can control blood sugar and another that could speed the healing of cuts, sunburns, etc. However, the one thing we don’t see is any cleansing ingredients, which isn’t the usual for the Silver line of products.

Is There Hope?

Silver Detox Foot Pads are not anything we have actually seen before, and as such, we’re not entirely sure what to do with them. We have found that Silver Detox Foot Pads have taken on an approach that we have not seen with anything before. Of course, we have to hope that Silver Detox Foot Pads have clinically proven methods of cleansing, but there’s no way to tell unless you have used them yourself.

How Much Do Silver Detox Foot Pads Cost?

Silver Detox Foot Pads typically sell for about $15.99 for 10 pads. In other words, you should use these only every few days, not every day if you would like it to last a full month. For that price, if you get a 30 day supply, it seems pretty reasonable. However, the international shipping costs can significantly increase the price you have to pay.

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