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Derek Peterson
By Derek Peterson
February 11, 2011

Six Star Pre-Workout Ignition is one of MuscleTech’s current pre-workout supplements. It’s designed, like many other products, to maximize the effectiveness of your training.
Formulated with proven ingredients, Six Star Pre-Workout Ignition is said to bolster strength, boost endurance, hone focus, and provide mind-blowing pumps.

While this sounds like everything you need in a pre-workout solution, we’ve seen other products promise the same thing. We wanted to know if there was anything special about Six Star Pre-Workout Ignition, or if it is just one more product in the clutter.

Ingredient Information

After evaluating and examining Six Star Pre-Workout Ignition’s contents for ourselves, we have to admit that we’re impressed. It contains great ingredients we’ve seen put to use in other products for superb effects. There are really no fillers and every component helps the other to form a very synergistic blend.

For strength, Six Star Pre-Workout Ignition contains creatine monohydrate, exactly what the body needs to raise levels of ATP. ATP is a molecule that serves as the body’s core unit of energy. Without it, cells can’t function, muscles can’t contract, and you can lift. Heightened levels of ATP, gives the body stores of energy to pump harder and longer for even greater results.

Additionally, creatine monohydrate causes the muscle cells to inflate, triggering a rush of fluid and nutrients to the muscles, resulting in a dramatic increase in muscle volume and strength.
Six Star Pre-Workout Ignition also contains beta alanine. This amino acid helps build carnosine strands. More carnosine serves to thicken muscles, increasing their output and endurance.

Along with this, Six Star Pre-Workout Ignition has included a dose of caffeine anhydrous. Natural stimulants are used in supplements all the time to help athletes up their energy and push through vigorous workouts.

To get through the most intense training, you’ll also need focus. Six Star Pre-Workout Ignition comes with Schisandra, a plant extract that helps the body build more neurotransmitters in the brain. These chemical messengers help delay nerve fatigue and help keep your mind fresh and alert.

Finally, Six Star Pre-Workout Ignition contains L-arginine and L-arginine AKG. Together these are used to product nitric oxide. This gas will engorge muscles by dilating veins to bring in more blood. More blood allows muscles to work harder, avoid damage, and recover faster.

Potential Risks

Creatine Monohydrate has long been the most popular ingredient for building muscles since its initial discovery as a bodybuilding supplement. However, just because it’s been around doesn’t mean that it’s perfect.

Creatine Monohydrate takes a long time to digest, meaning that much of its absorption is lost before ever hitting your muscles, and this lengthy time in the stomach is known to cause negative side effects such as bloating, gas, and cramping.

For the most part, consumers have reported that these side effects are very mild and wear off in a few days.


In all, we’d say that Six Star Pre-Workout Ignition has a very solid formula, but it isn’t really breaking the mold either. You can probably find several other products with the same complement of ingredients. When you do, make sure you compare price points as they offer the same benefits.

In essence, we’d recommend Six Star Pre-Workout Ignition if you can find it at a price that beats the rest.

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Reuben | October 6, 2013

I tried this product and took 1 scoop I didn’t fill anything through my workout the next day I took 3 scoop and still didn’t fill anything through my workout but inside of pumping me up it gave me shortness of breath heart beating fast and fluttering muscle twitching went to the bathroom every 5 to 10 minutes I been sick for 12 days couldn’t even go to work and the worst part is that it messed up my stomach wear I can’t eat anything or keep anything down do not repeat do not buy this peace of shit going on 2 weeks I recovered from everything so far but my eating habits r still not the same I can only eat small portions at a time this is the worse and I fell like I should sue

No, I do not recommend this product

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Stephen | August 20, 2013

This stuff does absolutely nothing
Don’t waste your money.

No, I do not recommend this product

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