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Derek Peterson
By Derek Peterson
March 29, 2011

With obesity rates rising in the United States, it is no surprise that the numbers of weight loss help companies are on the rise as well. But just because Slimgenics has joined the fold of companies vying for your money in exchange for weight loss assistance, doesn’t mean it is the best one out there.

We did a thorough analysis of Slimgenics to see if its services were really worth the high price and the time commitment.

What Is Slimgenics?

Originally introduced as Slim4Life in 2003, the name was officially changed to Slimgenics in 2009, seling exclusively in Colorado and Minnesota. You cannot buy Slimgenics online, because you have to consult with an experienced salesman first, and each plan is supposedly individually priced to meet your needs.

But with all the advancements in online shopping and secure payment portals, it doesn’t seem like a good business model for Slimgenics to miss out on all the capital that is going into online weight loss products… at first.

Then you see that Slimgenics doesn’t disclose a price, and judging from experience, the only thing that this means is that Slimgenics is too expensive for the average consumer. There are plenty of exercise machines and other programs out there that require you to call a certain number or go in for an individual consultation to “discuss” the price and your options. But it’s a warning sign, a major red flag.

Instead of opting to be straightforward with their price and services, Slimgenics opts for in-person sales that get you to put a lot of money down at once before you can decide whether you really want their services or not.

How Much Does Slimgenics Cost, Really?

Although there are many less credible institutions that use in-person sales to take advantage of the consumer, Slimgenics definitely doesn’t strike us as an institution that will steal your credit card number or sell you something you didn’t agree to.

However, because Slimgenics offers such extensive services as prepackaged meal plans, individual counseling, and other services and supplements, its prices can seem pretty astronomical at $2000-$3000 or more a month!

Yes, Slimgenics brags about helping you to lose 3-5 pounds per week, especially if you combine it with a healthy and effective exercise plan. But this is doubtful, and even if you do, the steps you would have to take to get there are highly suspect and unsustainable. Nobody wants to keep using expensive meal replacements for the rest of their lives, meaning you will just end up gaining the weight back.

Should You Use Slimgenics?

For some people, losing weight takes a down-payment of time and money in order to hold themselves to their high goals and lifestyle changes of diet and exercise. For these kinds of people, Slimgenics might just have the resources and programs that could be just what you need to get rid of excess weight.

However, for others that are more interested in finding products that aren’t quite as much of a monetary or time commitment, we suggest other weight loss products or programs than Slimgenics.

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Bonnie Smith | May 9, 2014

I started the Slimgentics program 10 days ago and I can tell this plan is the most restrictive program that I have ever been on. It is unrealistic to spend a year of your life and never eat a slice of cheese or have a glass of wine. One of the counselors said wine was poison, okay whatever. In addition, carrots have too much sugar so avoid those as a vegatable, same with peas etc. Drink 3 gallons of water a day, really stupid. At least on Weight Watchers you can live, you can eat anything as long as it is in reason. I hope the company goes out of business. It is also really expensive and I know more than these counselors, they are young and uneducated, this was a $400.00 mistake!

No, I do not recommend this product

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Lee | June 23, 2012

I used the Slimgenics program, it was terribly expensive and one of the staff members was extremely pushy and in fact, she would get angry when I declined buying items she was always pushing me to buy. I lost 30 lbs. and gained it back. Now I am looking to join Weight Watchers as I know so many with lifelong success with that program. I went to Slimgenics to see what it was all about and was scammed into giving 600.00 before I even knew what happened. Foolish me, I know. I just want to warn others to be very cautious before being roped in. I know several others that gained all of the weight back on Slimgenics too. Weight Watchers here I come!

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