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Derek Peterson
By Derek Peterson
February 8, 2010

Weight loss supplements made specifically for women are very popular. But not all of them are effective. SlimQuick Extreme is supposed to be a powerful solution to female weight loss.

What Are the Benefits of SlimQuick Extreme?

The best ways for women to lose weight are to control appetite and burn fat. Unless you have the help of a product like SlimQuick Extreme, this isn’t easy.

SlimQuick Extreme should make appetite suppression easy. It targets certain areas in your body and your brain to reduce cravings. Not only does this reduce your calorie intake. It also helps you make needed, permanent changes to your diet.

SlimQuick Extreme should make it easier for your body to burn fat; even if you don’t go to the gym every day. That’s because your body has fat burning mechanisms inside it. All SlimQuick Extreme has to do is effectively stimulate them and you’ll burn hundreds of calories.

How Does SlimQuick Extreme Work?

SlimQuick Extreme is chock full of ingredients. In fact, it has more than 20. The most important ingredients are Yohimbine, Hoodia Gordonii, Sesamin, Tuber Fleece Flower, Loranthus, and Pu-erh Tea.

Yohimbine is a popular weight loss ingredient because it can block your Alpha 2 Receptors. Do you have trouble burning fat even when you exercise? It’s probably because of these receptors. By shutting them down, Yohimbine increases the rate with which you can burn fat.

Hoodia Gordonii is supposed to suppress appetite. Unfortunately, research shows that it is not very effective. There are many effective appetite suppressing ingredients that SlimQuick Extreme could have used instead of this weak one.

Sesamin, Tuber Fleece Flower, Loranthus, and Pu-erh Tea are supposed to work together to increase fatty acid oxidation. This would make it easier for you to burn fat; but since these ingredients are not supported by research, positive results are unlikely.

The Facts About SlimQuick Extreme

SlimQuick Extreme does not have an impressive formula of weight loss ingredients. Even if it had better ingredients, it still might not be very effective because of the proprietary blend. All the ingredients in this weight loss supplement, except one, are combined into a blend that totals 800 mg. This is not nearly enough to be effective.

The one ingredient that is not in the blend is Yohimbine. It comes in a dose of 4.5 mg, which is almost nothing! The chances of this ingredient being effective are low.

Because it has weak ingredients and ingredient amounts, SlimQuick Extreme may not cause side effects.

Our Opinion

We do not recommend that you try SlimQuick Extreme. It does not have the best weight loss ingredients and its doses are very small. The proprietary blend also masks individual ingredient amounts so you really don’t know what you’re getting when you take this weight loss supplement.

There are many weight loss supplements for women that are better than SlimQuick Extreme. We recommend that you try one of them instead. Make sure that whatever product you choose has the best ingredients in powerful doses.

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Community Rating:
3.4 / 5.0


Robin Hill | December 13, 2012
less than 1 star

This company is not reputable and will not refund your money even if your doctor tells you not to take these pills due to medical conditions (Type 2 diabetes). If you don’t want to be taken, keep your money and avoid these pills.

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Ann L | July 25, 2012
Won't refund you. Overcharged credit card

Here’s one for the record! I responded to a trial offer for SLIMBLAST – What I got was a a trial bottle of SLIMQUICK. Figure this one! I sent emails to SLIMBLAST which is a Stratix Health LLC company to inquire about the mix up. NO REPLY but 2 weeks later I receive a Bottle of SLIMBLAST and a charge of $79.95 to my credit card. So I emailed to complain to address and my email was returned by mailer demon.

WHAT IS THE MORAL? “Let the Buyer Beware” I am convinced the only healthy way to lose weight is very hard for some so “we” look for “help” in the form of these miracle pills that I think are nothing more than updated versions of what use to be known as “Speed.” Talk to Your Doctor and when your mind is set – You will guard what goes in your mouth. Eat natural fat burners, Veggies, Fruits, Nuts, and whole grains…lean meats, lots of fish. It takes time to begin a good program of healthy eating and living and there are no good short cuts. It is Your life – the only one you have, so do your best to take care of it. FOR me – I looked at ALL the diets and I FINALLY found what worked for me is a combination … Low carbs, Low but Good fats – all in moderation. I hope this helps someone. and by the way – NEVER GIVE UP – NEVER GIVE UP – NEVER GIVE UP.

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Christine | June 29, 2012
Works great. Shop around for cheaper price

Slimquick was amazing for me, I got smulqiick naturals and lost 12 pounds in one week and I exercise 5 days a week for only 30 mins I had tons of energy, I think its the caffeine in those pills Overall good diet pill, for me.. :-))Also, get them off of EBay, it’s cheaper I paid only $10 :-))

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Carolina salazad | November 10, 2011
10 pounds down in one month

I been using it for a month and i have lost 10lbs it does work.

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lynn | May 25, 2011
awful stuff

Seriously don’t buy this! I am 27 and about 20lbs overweight and i bought this hoping the bad reviews would prove to be wrong. Let me start by telling you that i have always had a high tolerance to all medications since i was a child,if i had a surgery or dental procedure i always needed twice the meds to keep me out of pain and never felt any side effects. So because i have such a high tolerance i thought sq would be no problem despite the complaints others had with side effects. I was way wrong! It made me feel like garbage! Throwing up (i took it as directed with PLENTY of water), extreme panic attacks,shaking, and headache. I went for my normal run and felt sick and like i was going to pass out the entire run. after a few days i stopped taking it.This pill is poison! I’ll stick with a cup of coffee before my workouts!

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Jessica | April 8, 2011
waste of money

I am taking it for 2 weeks now. I lost maybe 2 pounds at most, and mostly due to eating less than anything else.
Increased metabolism??? Definitely not.
Enhanced performance? Definitely the opposite. I feel tired and feel like doing nothing.
Increased energy? No, I have no energy at all to exercise or doing anything, much less than before I started taking slimquick extreme. I feel more “energized” in the evening when the pills (I assume) stops working (5-6 hrs after 2nd serving).
Fat breakdown? I haven’t noticed it yet.
Reduced appetite? Quite the opposite, I never had a big appetite, I was never fat but the older I get the more “round” I become so most of all I want to lose my belly fat. With slimquick extreme i am more hungry than ever, I would eat all the time and I feel too tired to do anything.
So I am very disappointed.
With proper dieting and exercising I would lose few ponds anyway without spending $30 on pills that don’t help.

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kia | April 6, 2011
3 pounds down in a week

I just started the pill a week ago and I’ve lost 3 pounds…. So i happy with it so far. I will keep you guys posted! (:

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Brooke | March 18, 2011
listen to your body!

Ok let me start by say I have had this bottle for a year I was not serious about losing weight when I first got them now I am I have droped 32 lbs without the pills I am about another 28lbs from my first goal so I decided I would try them this time with proper diet and exercise and here’s what I can tell you so far the pills are an awesome energy booster in my case I can only take one or two in a day and not at the same time I workout in the evening but I take one in the morning and one after lunch. So when I do my big work out I am not worn out in 30 min so if you considering trying these pills I would say go for it but listen to your own body!

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Norma | February 22, 2011
decreased appetite

I am only on day 4 but definitely notice the decrease in appetite, bloating and energy. As any diet supplement it can not work unless there is a decrease in calories and a workout routine……I do feel that this is going to work and will report again in 30 days as to the weight loss.

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Stephanie | February 13, 2011
Lost 30 Pounds Easy

I have been taking it for over a year now. I lost 30 lbs easy. I was not an overweight girl, just a few problem areas. I started taking it 4 months before my wedding and got down to 135 lbs. (I did do sit ups every night) I still continue to take them (only 2 in the morning) , not to lose more weight but because they make me feel really great.

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Melissa | February 3, 2011

I’m excited to try this! I’ll be 35 in March & I just signed up with the Quickslim Online Challenge LOSE 25LBS! Gonna pick it up today!

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Brittany | January 3, 2011
No side effects, just success

I am a 20 year 5’6″ lady who took this pill starting off at 173 lbs. I dropped down to 139 lbs. in 4 months by taking this pill as directed and working out at least 3 times a week sometimes more than that. This pill gives you energy that maintains throughout the whole workout and throughout the day. The only side effect was that it made me super happy about life, and that’s a great side effect! It did not give me jitters at all, AND it targeted all my problem areas, so I lost the fat in my mid section, thighs, and flabby arms, but it kept my tatas at the cup size they are! I have stopped taking it due to money issues, but i miss it so much. To me this pill was a life changing experience and if someone is considering purchasing it, I would completely recommend it. It does more than work, it transforms you. Sincerely.

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