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SlimQuick Raspberry Ketone
Marissa Taylor
By Marissa Taylor
April 3, 2013

“SlimQuick Raspberry Ketone is the supplement that everyone is talking about!” declares

Just because everyone’s talking about it doesn’t guarantee that it’s a successful diet pill. Rather than just going with the flow, we’ve gathered the information you’ll need to make an informed decision about SlimQuick Raspberry Ketone.

SlimQuick Raspberry Ketone Ingredients

Besides a few added colors and flavors, SlimQuick Raspberry Ketone contains just one ingredient: raspberry ketone.

Raspberry ketone supposedly burns fat cells and increases metabolism through a powerful hormone called adiponectin. While preliminary studies are promising, research has not yet proven significant weight loss results in human subjects. So it’s probably a bit risky for a product to rely solely on raspberry ketone for weight loss benefits.

Often, raspberry ketone products pair raspberry ketone with other fat burning ingredients. It’s unlikely that the raspberry ketone in SlimQuick Raspberry Ketone will allow for significant weight loss on its own.

It’s important to note that the synthetic version of raspberry ketone is cheap and easy to manufacture. This may be why supplement companies are so excited to sell raspberry ketone-based products.

SlimQuick Raspberry Ketone Dosage

A serving (3 softgels) of SlimQuick Raspberry Ketone contains 100 mg raspberry ketone. With the recommended 5 softgels a day, you would be taking about 160 mg of raspberry ketone.

This is above the recommended amount for weight loss, but may cause side effects like jitteriness, increased blood pressure, and rapid heartbeat.

Who Is SlimQuick?

SlimQuick was once a common household name; in fact, they have sold over ten million bottles of their weight loss supplements. But their products’ popularity is dwindling. SlimQuick also has an F rating from the Better Business Bureau.

The website says that “SlimQuick Laboratories is committed to developing weight-loss solutions that are specifically designed for women.” This is commendable, but there’s no evidence that raspberry ketone works better for women than it does for men. Consequently, it’s doubtful SlimQuick Raspberry Ketone fits under the SlimQuick mission.

What Do People Say About Raspberry Ketone Products?

I wasn’t able to locate reviews on SlimQuick Raspberry Ketone. However, reviews on of other exclusively raspberry ketone based products may indicate how SlimQuick Raspberry Ketone works for customers:
• “SUPER easy to use and the product totally works! I’ve kept 5 lbs off without even trying! I can’t wait to see how much weight I can keep off once I actually start exercising.” (ciaobella0969; Pure Raspberry Ketone)
• “My wife and I took these for the last month or so and we like them. They give you energy, but different from caffeine—not as intense but you won’t feel jittery on these at all which we thought was a big plus.” (Aaron C.; Genesis Today New Pure Raspberry Ketones)
• “It is supposed to suppress your appetite. However, I didn’t notice that it did. I was hoping to lose a few pounds.” (joanne cassell; Raspberry Ketone Pure 100)
• “Tried raspberry ketones for 3 weeks. Gained 2 pounds. This product did nothing for me.” (chunkylover43; Raspberry Ketones by Nutrifrenzy)
As you can see, reviews on raspberry ketone products are very diverse. I would suggest looking at more customer reviews before deciding on a raspberry ketone product.

SlimQuick Raspberry Ketone Pricing

SlimQuick Raspberry Ketone is found for the following prices:
• $21.99: (20 servings)
• $49.99: (40 servings)

By taking the recommended 5 softgels daily, you could go through a 20-serving container in less than two weeks. This makes SlimQuick Raspberry Ketone pretty expensive. Especially when you consider that other raspberry ketone products cost as low as $6.99 at

Buy SlimQuick Raspberry Ketone?

SlimQuick Raspberry Ketone has nothing to recommend it above other raspberry ketone products, yet it is more expensive than many. Despite the promising nature of raspberry ketone, I would not rely on a product that only uses this ingredient. Instead, opt for a weight loss supplement that blends raspberry ketone with other effective ingredients.

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