Smart Pack 5 in 1 Gummy Vitamins

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Smart Pack 5 in 1 Gummy Vitamins
Derek Peterson
By Derek Peterson
December 30, 2011

You’re never too old to get your gummy bears. The manufacturer Remington Health Products designed these vitamins for adults who want their vitamins but don’t to chock on a huge pill or capsule to get them.

Smart Pack 5 in 1 Gummy Vitamins come in different flavors and are chewable. They are supposed to be specifically formulated for adults, but looking at the list of ingredients, and each amount the ingredient contains, it just doesn’t look like it will be enough for someone who needs a supplement because of their active lifestyle.

I’m sure Smart Pack might give a little bit of a boost, but when I looked up the recommended daily allowance for adults, it lacks quite a bit.

Smart Pack 5 in 1 Gummy Vitamins Ingredient List

Each packet contains 5 gummies that contain different vitamins and minerals. I don’t know why they didn’t put everything in one big gummy. Maybe this way makes it more like eating candy.

Calcium— for healthy bones, important for adult women who fit the criteria for osteoporosis.

Omega-3– for heart health and brain function

Vitamin D3– is essential for the efficient utilization of calcium by the body. It boosts your immunity and keeps you blood sugar balanced.

B6 and B12– give an increase in energy; B vitamins convert food into energy.

10 different vitamins and minerals—other vitamins and minerals in the formula help give a feeling of well-being.

Smart Pack 5 in 1 Gummy Vitamins PROS

• A multivitamin that tastes good
• Smart Pack can be purchased just about anywhere on line
• Easier to chew and swallow than a horse pill or capsule vitamin
• I guess it’s appealing to some adults who don’t like taking regular multivitamin tablets

Smart Pack 5 in 1 Gummy Vitamins CONS

• Does not have a wide variety of vitamins and minerals compared to other adult vitamins
• The price is a little expensive
• Only one packet to take a day, but there are five gummies to swallow per packet

Smart Pack 5 in 1 Gummy Vitamins Money Back Guarantee

I’ve searched everywhere for a satisfaction guarantee and can’t find any information. The only type of guarantee I can find is if you receive a damaged product in the mail, the retail store that sold it to you might return your money or exchange the damaged product. But not all the sites offer this guarantee.

Smart Pack 5 in 1 Gummy Vitamins Overall Value

I found Smart Pack 5 in 1 Gummy Vitamins for $14.99 for a package of 30. This will give you a month supply of vitamins. There are many other adult vitamins that offer more in quality for the price. I think the gimmick is the gummy bear ‘pill’ that some adults like taking because they have trouble swallowing pills or capsules.

Smart Pack 5 in 1 Gummy Vitamins are not supposed to contain artificial colors or flavors. They contain 8 grams of sugar, which is not a lot of sugar, but the thing is, the amount of sugar is more than the amounts of individual ingredients.

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