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Derek Peterson
By Derek Peterson
March 18, 2011

SnL is not the first dietary supplement to target people who are scared of diet pills. There are a lot of diet pills that can cause plenty of side effects, and there have been bans like ephedra and fen phen. But really, who couldn’t have seen those coming?

Fen phen was made up of 2 prescriptions with serious side effects, 2 dangerous supplements don’t equal one safe option. Ephedrine is actually one of the major components of methamphetamines, again, really? But the complaint that most make is actually about caffeine, which SnL supposedly avoids.

Is SnL Safe?

Generally, I address the results first. But SnL’s big claim to fame is not amazing weight loss results, it is weight loss supposedly without nasty side effects. So let’s evaluate this idea. SnL focuses first on 2 ingredients: hoodia and l-carnitine, which it supposedly overloads you with giving you pills about ¼ the body weight of the average human being. Do you really think that you can swallow 2 legs, 2 arms, maybe a full torso? I don’t.

But back to the side effects. SnL does not list all of its ingredients. But it does briefly mention green tea, which is by definition a stimulant! Go figure, it’s a form of caffeine, just what SnL supposedly avoids.

The Results

I don’t necessarily think that it’s a horrible thing that SnL uses green tea. Yes it goes against their most basic claim. But realistically, green tea is the only ingredient in the whole SnL blend that is clinically proven to promote weight loss results. The other two named ingredients have nothing to do with fat burning, appetite suppression, etc. And how much do you want to bet that SnL does not have the clinically proven 400mg of green tea? It most likely has just enough to cause side effects.

Should You Use SnL?

SnL sounds good. It overloads you with a lot of words when all anybody really needs is an ingredients list, which SnL can’t be bothered to provide. SnL mixes a few “key ingredients” into the explanation. But there are a lot of half-truths and flat out lies.

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