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Derek Peterson
By Derek Peterson
March 29, 2011

Fighting fatigue is just another symptom of insomnia. Too many people function on too little sleep, and Somnapure is a sleep aid that wants to put a stop to sleepless nights. Somnapure was designed by PeakLife with a number of all-natural ingredients that should make falling asleep an easy process. By taking a Somnapure tablet 45 minutes prior to your intended bedtime, the supplement should have time to spread throughout your system and begin to help you fall asleep faster. This product also attempts to help you avoid the groggy feeling the following morning after taking a supplement.

How does Somnapure work?

As we age, the production of melatonin in the brain that regulates sleep cycles begins to decrease. Somnapure supplements melatonin to onset the sleep cycle sooner and help reverse poor sleeping patterns. Somnapure also includes chamomile, passionflower, valerian, lemon balm extract, l-theanine, and hops extract. These ingredients combine to create key relaxing effects on the body. The combination of valerian and hops extract has been studied and proven to reduce the amount of time people take to fall asleep. The other ingredients promote sleep through calming measures.

Should you use Somnapure?

The Somnapure formula does cover a lot of bases with sleeplessness. By combining melatonin with other herbs, this formula is capable of producing results. However, steer clear of the Somnapure free trial. This free trial will put you in an auto-ship program that gives you additional product for full price plus shipping and handling without your acknowledgement. To eliminate this risk, Somnapure can be purchased at GNC stores.

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