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Stacker 2
Derek Peterson
By Derek Peterson
February 9, 2010

A high calorie diet and lack of exercise will sabotage all your weight loss efforts. But improving your diet and visiting the gym every day aren’t easy habits to form. Stacker 2 is designed to make it easier.

Using weight loss ingredients, this fat burner is descend to help you finally shed pounds for good.

What Are the Benefits?

Stacker 2 is supposed to do two things. cut cravings and burn fat. With these results, you should be able to reduce your calorie intake painlessly. The added control over your appetite should also make it easier for you to improve the quality of your diet.

Exercising is the best way to burn a lot of fat. But Stacker 2 is supposed to help you burn fat without exercise, or to help you burn more fat during exercise. It does this by increasing your metabolism so you can burn more food calories and body fat calories.

How Does Stacker 2 Work?

The main ingredient in Stacker 2 is Caffeine Anhydrous. It is a popular ingredient in the fat burner industry because it has been proven to promote thermogenesis. This is the process that controls your body temperature.

When stimulants like caffeine cause your body temperature to rise, more fat gets burned. Caffeine Anhydrous is also known for suppressing appetite and increasing energy levels.

All the other ingredient in Stacker 2 come in proprietary blends. The first blend has ingredients like Yerba Mate, White Willow Bark, and Kola Nut. These ingredients are sometimes used in fat burners because they can promote weight loss, but we don’t usually see them in the most effective fat burners.

The second blend in Stacker 2 has Green Tea, Guggulsterone, and Gymnema.

The Facts About Stacker 2

Caffeine Anhydrous and Green Tea are some of the only ingredients in Stacker 2 that are clinically proven. While other ingredient may contribute to weight loss, most of them are not as powerful as Caffeine Anhydrous and Green Tea can be.

All the ingredients in Stacker 2 are only effective when used in powerful doses. Since Caffeine Anhydrous is used in a dose of 200 mg, it should be effective. However, none of the other ingredients are used in strong enough doses. For example, Green Tea comes in a blend with a total of 25 mg and three ingredients. This is way too small to make a positive difference.

Stacker 2 may cause caffeine-related side effects because such a large amount of this stimulant is used.

The lowest price for 100 capsules of Stacker 2 is $19.99.

Our Opinion

We do not recommend that you try Stacker 2. It does not have many quality ingredients, and the ones it does have are in quantities too small to be effective. The fat burner is affordable, but it may not be completely free from side effects.

Rather than trying Stacker 2, we recommend that you try a top-rated fat burner with better ingredients and a money back guarantee.

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3.2 / 5.0


billy parker | November 3, 2014

Ive been taking these things for 15 years and never had a problem. but it does have warnings on the label and theyre not for everyone but i use them ti work out till this day and im 33 now. i keep weight off and have tons of energy! I dont use anything else and would definitely recommend this product!

Yes, I recommend this product

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rae | July 2, 2013

didnt exercise, ate as i normally do, lost 30 pounds in two weeks

Yes, I recommend this product

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Justim | May 13, 2013

I took it after dinner and worked out. I’ve never felt so energized even after working out I still feel like moving. Hard to sleep but from reading reviews it should pass within a day or two of use. I intend to post results after finishing the first bottle. See y’all in a month or so

Yes, I recommend this product

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court | April 13, 2013

I have been taking this product for a month and went from 248 to 235 in a month. no change in my diet. not working out. it does curb apetite and im just a little jittery but i am also on seizure meds and i have not had an issue with it which is amazing. I am more energetic, (it takes a minute to kick in)i have had slight mood swings but i am generally a calm person so not to much different just little things bug me more than normal. i am also in smaller pants already cannot wait to get back down to the 140 i was

Yes, I recommend this product

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JANIKA | December 12, 2012
Just started, suppressed appetite


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Victoria | November 28, 2012
Great energy, working so far

I’ve been using stacker 2 for 1 week. First 2 days were a little annoying, couldn’t sit still and lack of sleep one night. After that, I’ve felt full of energy. No rapid heart beat or jittery feeling. I did notice a lack of appetite and I don’t crave sweets at all. I did notice I would be thirsty for water every 45 minutes to an hour. Just a cup of water was sufficient enough for me at a time. So far I’ve lost 3lbs. That’s without exercise but I do feel a little more productive around the house. I cleaned the whole house in 3 hours. Usually it would take me 6 hours and sometimes more as I always procrastinated. Next week I will add walking with my new dog. So far I like it. Oh and I feel my mood better, not so depressed or having anxiety attacks. I need to lose 15 more pounds and then I will slowly ween myself from 2 pills a day down to one and eventually every other day. Hope this was helpful.

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jamie | June 30, 2012
Great for energy, not for fat burning

i have used stacker 2 for about 15 yrs. it gives me the energy i need to do. I’ve never had any problems with this product. as of energy, this is the best. fat burner? not so much. the only thing it’s good for is the energy.

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Amanda | September 18, 2011
So sick

I took mt first Stacker 2 today and I really wish I hadnt..
About 20 minutes after I took it my head started pounding my stomach started to hurt.

I feel sick and weak like I just want to lay down for the rest of the day.

This product sucks.

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david of Arkansas | September 17, 2011
Sick, shaking, rapid heartbeat

I took one pill. It didn’t mention anything on the packaging about eating before hand. I have used other products in the past that had ephedrine in them and they never ever made me feel the way this did this morning. At first it gave me a little pick me up which I needed at 330 in the am. I drive a truck and work on a loading dock into the wee hours of the morning. After about 30 mins my hands were shaking so bad I couldn’t hardly write my name or type on a keyboard. I had a hard time concentrating on what I was doing. I drove over 150 miles feeling like my heart was going to jump out of my chest. Here it is 5:30 in the evening and I still feel some of the effects of this one little pill. It twisted my stomach so much into a knot that I thought I would throw up. They worry about ephedrine killing people, someone should look at this stuff.

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Jon Napier | September 13, 2011
Running faster, working harder

Decided to try stacker 2 and didn’t mess about. Double dropped in the afternoon and felt like a beast.
Kept jumping in the air thinking I could fly and lost the ability to walk (only could run). I was unable to sit at my desk, instead I decided to do laps round the office.
Even when driving home at 100mph, I felt like I could get out and run faster.

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nino | August 13, 2011
Should be Banned!

I take 1 capsule of Stacker2 in the morning and allmost went to hospital. I m used of stimulans, I m in shape of my life, but this gave me such tachycardia (180bpm), shaking (I have to lay down for 1hour), later sweating and nausea. It should be banned. I wonder how many people yet died of it and we dont know abou it?

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Panik | March 17, 2011
I had to get a ride to the hospital during my bike ride

Hello all! Am a 31 years old male I’ve been working out for 15 years. 3 days ago I bought stacker 2 with ephedra and I was taking one pill after breakfast a day. Am a very healthy person, I make my medical tests twice a year am a bodybuilder and a muay Thai athlete. Today after having my breakfast my stacker2 pill and going to the gym I felt really bad. After I worked out for 40 minutes i sat on my bike for the way home. Half way I had to stopped my bike on the site of the road and stopped bypassers for a lift to the hospital!! My heart rate was 160 and my blood pressure was 19.2 and 11.5!!!! This was caused by the stacker2 the doctors said! Anyone had anything near that?

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