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Marissa Taylor
By Marissa Taylor
July 31, 2013

Intended for women ages 50 and up, the Grace line of skincare products from Stages of Beauty are said to make you look years younger.

The Grace line consists of skincare products designed for improving skin health while enhancing skin appearance.

The more popular products of the line include:

Treatment Cream
As the purported cornerstone of the Grace line, this treatment cream is designed to restore skin elasticity and moisture levels.

It contains monk’s pepper berry, an ingredient shown to reduce lines and wrinkles. For example, one clinical trial involving monk pepper berry shows the ingredient facilitates enzyme activity. This increase in activity resulted in a nearly 30% improvement in skin hydration and a 20% improvement in skin firmness.[1]

Neck Cream
Designed to restore firmness and elasticity to delicate neck skin, Neck Cream is said to boost collagen in the skin.

One of its main active ingredients is hyaluronic acid, which is found naturally in the deeper levels of the skin. Various clinical studies show hyaluronic acid increases collagen deposition and facilitates wrinkle minimization in skin.[2][3]

However, the cited studies focused on injected hyaluronic acid. Its effectiveness as a topical ingredient is therefore difficult to determine.

Grace Cleanser
Grace Cleanser lightly hydrates the skin while removing dirt, oil, and other matter. The product also protects the skin from photodamage.

Grace Cleanser contains green tea leaf, an antioxidant clinically proven to protect skin from ultraviolet ray-induced damage.[4] Green tea is also shown to treat erythema, the reddening of skin and even inhibit cancer cell growth.[4][5]

Facial Scrub
Containing shea butter, this facial scrub is designed to boost skin immunity and even lighten skin appearance.

Shea butter contains high amounts of tocopherol, a chemical with vitamin E properties.[6]

Vitamin E is a popular skincare product that protects skin from photodamage.[7][8]

So Are These Products Worth Trying?

I would say yes. Stages of Beauty, the company behind the line, has a reputation for solid products. Also, the products’ ingredients are proven to improve skin health.

If you’re interested in learning more about the Grace line, I suggest visiting the company’s website and read some user reviews.


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