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Tava Tea
Derek Peterson
By Derek Peterson
August 25, 2011

Tava Tea is a fat burning, heart health promoting, tea based miracle, or so they say. According to makers of Tava Tea, it is the most potent tea product with 3 separate types of tea, all based in Asia of course. The right kinds of tea have been tried and true, and while green tea is the most famous, there are other teas to consider if you want a diverse blend that includes more than one tea.

As long as it comes from the camellia sinensis plant and is not decaffeinated, there is no reason why the right amount of a given tea would not promote healthy weight loss results. However, we’ve seen other products try to trick us with other types of tea before. We are looking for specific and limited names.

Which Teas Does Tava Tea Use?

Tava Tea uses just 3 teas including Oolong tea, Sencha, and Pu’erh tea, each of which is actually known for clinically proven weight loss results. Oolong tea is the most clear name, representing a dark tea that has plenty of fat burning caffeine. The other two are just slightly different forms of green tea, which nonetheless are known for promoting clinically proven fat burning results.

What Benefits Can You Get with Tava Tea?

Tava Tea uses ingredients that can be used to promote weight loss results. The caffeine in these teas can promote some pretty powerful thermogenic benefits on its own. Combined with the healthy antioxidants, many find that it can also promote healthy cholesterol and blood pressure for a healthy heart, which is understandably attractive.

Does Tava Tea Have Side Effects?

Tava Tea uses caffeine based ingredients. All 3 have fat burning benefits that are entirely based on caffeine, what do you really expect? You can expect jitters, in part based on your personal tolerance. However, depending on the person, it may be a little more serious than that.

Should You Run Out & Buy Tava Tea?

Tava Tea is a gamble for some, but we can see how it might help you to lose more weight. We can see how Tava Tea might be strong enough to promote fat burning, and we don’t see any inherent death on the horizon. However, with teas all being somewhat the same in their approach, we don’t think it would kill Tava Tea to use an approach that was a little more diverse.

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