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Derek Peterson
By Derek Peterson
February 9, 2010

T-BOL is said to be a “maximum strength testosterone performance enhancer” and is advertised as the perfect solution for achieving “fuel intense workouts” all while burning fat, building new and harder muscle, gaining increased strength and sex drive and improving sexual performance.

According to the manufacturer T-BOL “is the most comprehensive and powerful natural testosterone boosting formula ever developed” and “works synergistically with your body’s own endocrine system to naturally increase testosterone levels.”

All of this sounds great but, more often than not, supplements are developed on theory instead of results. The best way to determine if T-BOL can help you achieve the benefits it promises is to evaluate the ingredients.

Under the Lid

The ingredients that make up the T-BOL complex are listed as Alatusterone T. Alatus, Divanabol Urtica Diocia, Testveratrol Giant Knotweed Rhizome, Testfolia Eurycoma Longifolia, Lectosrob Lecithin, Forskobolin, BZATD , and ResoProtect Bioperine.

These “patent pending” complexes may look impressive at first, but it’s the manufacturers’ way of stating the ingredients without actually giving you any reliable information about the product, casting a shadow of doubt on the effectiveness of T-Bol itself.

From what we can tell, T-Bol uses small doses of Eurycoma Longifolia, which can increase testosterone levels in rats (human studies are still being conducted) and may be able to increase muscle strength and libido.

Additionally, T-Bol utilizes the ingredient Coleus Forskohlii, a thermogenic herb that may be able to increase Cyclic AMP to boost energy levels and increase muscle strength and power. The recommended dose of this ingredient is 100-250 mg twice daily in order to produce results, but T-Bol provides on a small 40 mg per serving – which isn’t enough to produce any long-term results.

As for Bioperine, this ingredient has no effect on testosterone levels or metabolism in the least. Instead, it is simply used to increase the absorption of the other ingredients found in the product, so your body can make better use of the formula.

The rest of the ingredients inside T-Bol may work, but there is not enough clinical information to compensate for T-Bol’s over-the-top advertising.


So does this formula equal the “androblic pull” that T-BOL promises; the ability of “lifting the unliftable”? It is somewhat difficult to determine this when T-BOL uses the names of complexes instead of listing exactly what make each blend work. Our only recourse in a situation such as this is to go straight to previous users of the product to see what they think of it.

Unfortunately the word surrounding T-BOL ended up being that this product is more hype than help. Most consumer reviews that we came across claimed that they found this product “unsatisfactory” and that they saw little to no difference in their workouts and ability to build muscle.

Overall we find T-BOL to be an unimpressive offering from ThermoLife, and we think it would be in your best interest to find a testosterone booster that can actually deliver on the promises it makes. We do not feel compelled to recommend the purchase or use of T-BOL at this time.

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3.0 / 5.0


shaneomakiaveli | February 11, 2013

i am 28 years old and 200 lbs. i take tbol with some test freak and milk thistle. i have done this cycle twice and had great strength and muscle gains both times. its been over a year since my last cycle and i kept almost all of my gains. im starting my third cycle now and couldnt be more excited.

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Charles | November 3, 2010
Muscle hardness

I noticed a great deal of muscle hardness and endurance with Ebol. I was hoping more for explosive gains in size and strength but that is not what my body and that supplement had in mind. Don’t get me wrong, Ebol is a great supp and I really enjoyed using it but if I were to use it again, I would use it on a cut or recomp. I can see it being very beneficial during those times.

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J | July 4, 2010
go with MHP T-bomb II instead

Try MHP T-bomb II instead — it’s wayyy better for quick, noticeable gains. FYI, this product will make your farts smell ridiculously bad, to the point where you have to leave the room just to ‘relieve yourself’ It makes you a stallion in the bedroom but not good for weight training or digestion! I’m just pissed that I paid $100 at a Naturally Fit store for these placebo pills.
I’ve tried prosteroids and natural boosters, so I know what the gains should be with a product like this, natural or otherwise..
“Unfortunately the word surrounding T-BOL end up being that this product is more hype than help. Most consumer reviews that we came across claimed that they found this product “unsatisfactory” and that they saw little to no difference in their workouts and ability to build muscle.”

…enough said.

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Chris of New Mexico, USA | November 28, 2009
Terrible Product and Company

Their are other test boosters out there that I got much better results from then this T Bol product. Testabolan V2, Novedex XT, Blue Up and Diesel Test Hardcore are just a few of them. If you need any Customer Service from this company you can forget about it as well. I had to e mail them 3 or 4 times everytime I needed to ask them something, and if they tell you they are going to send you something you can forget about them doing that as well. This is a lousy company that lies to it’s customers and could care less about Quality of Service even though you are spending your hard earned money trying their products. You will be very lucky if you even get somebody to answer a Customer Service issue by e-mail, and that includes sending to everyone in their company.

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Emidio of Ontario, Canada | June 29, 2009
Superior product, superior results

Okay, I’m 6’2, 235 lbs, 32 years old. I’ve been taining for a good solid 10 years. I’ve tried many supps in this category and this is by far the greatest IMO. At first I was skeptical about the advertising claims, but I tried a month’s worth and was awesome. I’d take 3 caps in the am and 3 caps in pm…at first it takes a few days to kick in, then the hammer comes down in the gym. I felt stronger with touch of aggressiveness. The weights feel lighter, the pumps are great and overall mood is positive. When taking T-bol was Thermolife I feel the drive and focus…geet that warrior feeling in the gym ready to combat the iron that’s waiting for me day in day out. In 1 month I’ve gained approx. 9-10 pounds of solid muscle…my diet was considerably good but by no means perfect. My sex drive was through the roof as well. All the claims for this product IMO are real, no BS like many other companies do to fool consumers in wasting their hard earned taxed dollars on bogus products. Thank you Thermolife for this golden product and keep’em coming. BTW I’m not a sales rep for this company, I’m just a regular guy in pursuit of lean muscle and this product gives true tested results.

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