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Testforce 2
Derek Peterson
By Derek Peterson
June 14, 2011

Testosterone boosting formulas have been reinvented several times over the past few decades, and they have remained extremely popular.

In the early days, a testosterone booster was just a syringe full of synthetic testosterone hormones. Once those were banned, T-boosters moved on to pills that contained prohormones. With those banned now too, many bodybuilders have moved on to all-natural hormone aids like tribulus terrestris and eurycoma longifolia to safely and naturally increase testosterone levels.

Some experience great results with these extracts, but some want more, waiting for the next reinvention of the industry.

TestForce 2 is advertised to be that next step in testosterone supplementation. Much can be learned about effectiveness, side effects, and overall value by examining new and innovative products. We wanted to see what exactly TestForce 2 has that allows its manufacturers to advertise that it is a safe and effective T-booster.

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TestForce Ingredients

When we sat down to examine TestForce 2 we found that it contained D-Aspartic Acid and Sarcosine. These amino acids are starting to become more and more popular by the day. Some have claimed them to be the successors of trib and long jack.

This is because there are clinical studies that suggest DAA and Sarcosine have quite a bit of potential. According to an article by the FASEB Journal, researchers found that injections of these two ingredients into rats resulted in higher levels of luteinizing hormones and growth hormone.

Raising levels of these hormones could yield incredible benefits. Boosting growth hormone levels is controversial but it has been proven to help build muscle tissue and improve athletic performance.

More luteinizing hormones has also been shown to encourage the production of more testosterone, a hormone with well documents anabolic effects. However, clinical studies have yet to show DAA and Sarcosine can do the same thing to humans as it does to rats.

Consumer Reviews

The reviews we found on TestForce 2 were a little mixed. Some found great benefits from the supplement while others did not see any change. Also, many mentioned that TestForce 2 was about as expensive (around $30 per bottle for 1 month’s supply) as other types of boosters but did not have as consistent or high an effect.

There are no reported side effects with using TestForce, which speaks well for the natural ingredients that they use, but results may take longer than other types of supplements.


With a less than enthusiastic consumer opinion and lack of clinical research on the effects the ingredients have on human subjects, we recommend waiting a little bit longer to see whether the manufacturers can improve the formula of TestForce. Though there are no reported side effects, it is difficult to determine how a product will react with the body.

If you do try TestForce, we recommend starting with lower dosages to see how it will affect your body and then working up from there.

It is hard to recommend a supplement whose ingredients are not backed by clinical evidence. Without a concrete clinical research on whether or not DAA and Sarcosine work, we suggest looking into something else that has been formulated with proven ingredients.

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