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TestoJack 100
Derek Peterson
By Derek Peterson
September 2, 2011

The TestoJack 100 is not so much a muscle-enhancing or testosterone-building supplement as it is an energy booster and sexual performance enhancer. Created by the company, NOW Foods, this diet pill is first and foremost, designed to increase sexual performance and health while acting as a testosterone pump on the side.

The TestoJack 100 is also an all-natural herbal supplement that includes a bevy of various ingredients – all of which serve their very own unique purposes. Here is a list of several of the ingredients found in this product:
Tongkat Ali – This ingredient is mainly a testosterone booster that looks to increase production of testosterone in the body.
ZMA – This ingredient is a mixture of both zinc and magnesium, and severs its purpose by upgrading energy levels and boosting immune systems.
Tribulus Terrerstris Extract – This ingredient acts to increase sexual performance and drives.
Vitamin B6 – Vitamin B6 serves a host of different purposes for the body including the regulation of a body’s metabolism.


Along with helping men with their sex drives and energy levels through its organic ingredients, TestoJack 100 can also be used by women who are feeling like their intimacy levels are low.

Also, a money-back guarantee on this product is offered by NOW Foods. If you don’t feel like you’re getting the results you were looking for with the TestoJack 100, you can always return it and get a full refund.

You can find and purchase this sex-enhancing drug for just $14.49 online as well, which makes it a good bargain in comparison to some of the leading competitors on the shelves today.


Although the TestoJack 100 can definitely talk the talk, it hasn’t really walked the walk for many users. Mixed to poor results have been reported by previous consumers of the product who haven’t seen an increase in sex drive or energy levels.

This finding is very concerning. Not only have consumers realized that there is a definite lack of results with this product, but its makers have as well. Due to TestoJack 100’s inconsistencies and failure to live up to its billing, NOW Foods has actually come out with an upgrade of their product – known as TestoJack 200.

Also, and as noted above, if you’re looking for major gains in muscle and fat-burning, you’ll be sorely disappointed with this supplement. Yes, you will see a spike in your testosterone levels if you take TestoJack 100, but not enough to notice a major difference in muscle gain. The testosterone boosters found in the TestoJack 100 are only there to primarily boost your energy levels in order to increase your overall health and sex drive.


In conclusion, it seems as if the TestoJack 100 always had the potential to be a good product, but according to many previous users of the product and by the simple fact that the company has already made an “upgrade” for it, it seems as if this diet pill has fallen short of its own expectations.

Due to the uncertainty surrounding the TestoJack 100, we do not recommend this product to anyone currently looking for a sex drive and testosterone boost. If you really are interested in Now Foods and their products, you can always check out the TestoJack 200 to see if it’s truly an upgrade from its predecessor.

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Community Rating:
2.5 / 5.0


Crazy Testo | August 20, 2012
It worked too well for my husband

I’m not sure about anything else this product claims to do but it will increase your sex drive. My husband already had an active sex drive (a lot more than me) then he was told he should take testojack 100 to level his testosterone out. Over the past week I’ve noticed he has been very tired (from work) but horny as hell. He also started complaining about his heart. He said it felt like his heart was speeding up so fast at night he couldn’t sleep. I wonder if it will increase me sex drive to keep up with his natural sex drive? But I don’t need any heart issues.Has anyone else had any heart issues?

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