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The New Lifestyle Diet
Derek Peterson
By Derek Peterson
May 25, 2011

The New Lifestyle Diet is far from being the first of its kind. It focuses on 2 popular approaches to weight loss: the liquid diet plan and the high protein diet plan, which is meant to promote healthy nutrition. We’ve been using liquid protein supplements for years, mostly as snacks. However, the idea behind The New Lifestyle Diet is that these liquid supplements will make up the majority of your diet.

It’s Probably Effective

When we think about it, it’s pretty obvious to us that this kind of approach will work. It’s like Slimfast, and just about everybody who was old enough in the 90’s to understand dieting knows at least one person who lost weight on Slimfast. Liquid supplements pass through the body at a more accelerated rate, allowing you to lose weight more efficiently.

The Catch

There is one big problem that we first noticed when Slimfast was a big deal. Most dieters understandably have trouble keeping it off. Unless you have certain medical disorders, you are unlikely to stick to a liquid diet or even a high protein diet like that for the rest of your life. Therefore, you are likely to gain at least some of the weight back when you are left on your own to figure the whole healthy living process out with real foods or even restaurant foods you may want to eat along the way. However, we could see it as a quick but temporary way to lose weight.

How Does the Cost Compare?

The cost is pretty comparable to other similar products and other complete meal replacement plans. Makers do recommend one healthy meal a day made up of real foods, mostly so that your jaw does not weaken and you do not become entirely dependent. A real meal also gives you nutritional value that the drinks do not at times. For what you get, you won’t be paying more than you would for virtually any other supplement.

Should You Use The New Lifestyle Diet

It depends a lot on your body type and your personal weight loss goals as to what we would recommend. There are certainly more sustainable approaches, but some need an extreme approach, at least to get them started. We have seen people who have certain needs when it comes to weight loss, and we are not discounting that by any means.

Most people can easily lose weight without going on extreme diets, especially if using a valid product such as Decatrim for example, our number 1 pick. However, if you have tried all other options and you feel that this is the only kind of thing that will work for you, then you are absolutely welcome to try it and see how things go.

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