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Derek Peterson
By Derek Peterson
November 23, 2010

Thermobol is a unique weight loss pill that they say will eliminate excess fat to promote greater health and wellbeing. It allows you to “get a leaner, more defined body faster than almost anything you have tried.”

When combined with a sensible diet and exercise program, this UK diet claims to melt away body fat to define developing lean body mass. When combined with other supplements in the Promax line or with the Promax diet, Thermobol promises optimal results.

How Does Thermobol Work?

Thermobol has a relatively common formula. They rely largely on caffeine based ingredients such as the caffeine and green tea. These are incredibly popular ingredients. But for those with caffeine sensitivities, they are not always the most desirable option, causing uncomfortable and inconvenient side effects.

They also use bitter orange extract, which has an active derivative called synephrine. This chemical cousin to ephedrine is extremely effective in fat burning, appetite suppression, and energy. And it comes without the more serious side effects of ephedrine such as heart attack, stroke, renal failure, and death.

Do Vitamins Burn Fat?

Thermobol has other ingredients such as capsaicin, which is proven to promote a mild and stimulant free thermogenic effect. But other ingredients like guarana have been clinically proven to have no positive effect on weight loss or fat burning. B vitamins can also promote greater energy and healthy brain function. But they have no positive effect on weight loss.

Is Thermobol Effective?

As you may expect, Thermobol does not have the clinically proven amounts of the active fat burning ingredients they do. When using stimulants such as this, they are still capable of causing side effects such as jitters, a racing heartbeat, insomnia, and other issues. But unless they have at least 400mg of each, they do not burn fat. Thermobol has approximately 100mg of each.

Should You Use Thermobol?

Thermobol is by no means unique. It is sold in the UK, and while it may eventually spread to the US, it is based only on the caffeine found in most major diet pills. Thermobol uses a standard and underpowered approach, which seem to cause side effects for most consumers. But there are no clinically proven results.

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